News - The Sp-x 80 Is The Best Sniper Warzone 2. Gun Guide Ep. 41

One shot kill zones & ranges

And in today's episode, we're going to be moving into the last of the sniper rifles, and this is the SPX 80, , and starting it off as always let's have a look at our body multipliers and ranges and as you can see here from 0 to 44 meters we have an incredible one hit kill potential anywhere in the body aside from the legs so even in the hand it's a one shot kill just like with the lab 330, however it is worth noting with the lab this, maximum damage range is only 35 meters so the xpx has a very noticeable Advantage here but then from 44 meters to 51 meters this is where we lose that elbow down one shot kill potential so forearms and hands will yield a hit marker then from 51.6 meters up to 59.7.

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Meters this is where you lose all of the arm multipliers so now it's just anywhere in the Torso neck or head for a One-Shot kill and, then finally Beyond 59.7. Meters this is where you have to hit them in the upper torso neck or head if you want to maintain a One-Shot kill overall, this gun is incredible in this area while the lab does beat it out with its minimum damage range so it doesn't drop off to that upper torso one shot kill until 71 meters like I said earlier our maximum damage range from 0 to 44 meters that's going to cover most of the gunfights in 6v6 and, therefore you should see very few hit markers with this gun unless you're shooting through some form of cover or aiming for the legs after a rate of fire this is the fastest out of all of the bolt actions at 50 rounds per minute so a re-chamber time of one thousand two so a re-chamber time of 1210, meters per second and, our aim down sight time is also the fastest in the entire sniper rifle category by a large margin at 531.

Ads & sprintout time

Milliseconds this is incredibly fast for a sniper rifle in this game at least, and then finally here we have our sprint out times, which are about average for a sniper rifle. Realistically, these sprint out times aren't going to come into play unless you're hip-firing out of a sprint after.


That said, let's have a look at our bullet velocity, which is pretty standard for a sniper rifle in this game at 780 meters per second, and ; then let's have a look at our hip fire, which again is just standard here; it's just tied with all of the other bolt action sniper rifles, so no surprises there; and then let's get into our default sniper optic comparison here, and it's worth noting this actually uses the exact same optic as the lab330.

Scope comparison

And, what that means is that it's actually a variable zoom optic, and we can zoom in with this if we choose.


As a recoil, it is worth noting that this is one of those sniper rifles that doesn't recenter at all after a shot that you fire, so you will end up kicking right up to the sky if you don't manually correct for.



And now let's talk about mobility. Our base movement speed is best in the sniper rifle category; as you can see, there's definitely a trend throughout this article, and it's the same story with our sprint speed, which is the fastest in the sniper rifle category, whereas our aim walking movement speed, while well above average, is just slightly beat out by the signal 50, Next, let's have a look at our reload ad time, which is tied for the fastest in the sniper rifle category with the Lab at 2.07 seconds, and if we use the eight-round magazine on this, that will slow our load ad time down to 2.23 seconds.

Unique attachments & ads time

Let's have a deeper look at the attachments and how they impact our aim down sight speeds, and as you can see here, we have three barrels that improve our aim down sight speed and only one that hurts it, which is quite a bit different than most of the other sniper rifles. We've only got one rear grip that helps aim down sight speed by 12 milliseconds, and then both of the stock attachments actually improve our aim down sight speed as well with this gun, so there's lots of room to improve your aim down sight speed with this compared to many of the other sniper rifles after That being said, let's have a look at our bolt attachments that change our rate of fire.

Bolt attachments

Barrel ranges & velocities

Barrel ranges & velocities

The first bolt will be reducing our rate of fire down to 46 rounds per minute, whereas the FSS St87 bolt will increase our rate of fire all the way to 59 rounds per minute, which is very solid for a bolt action sniper rifle , but then finally for the stats of this gun: I did want to take a deeper look at the barrel attachments and how they impact our ranges as well as our bullet velocities, and, as we can see here, all of these barrels will be hurting our range values, but to varying degrees.

ranges from a six percent reduction all the way up to a 17 percent reduction, so you may want to keep these in mind while creating your class setups, and it is worth noting that even though all of them reduce our ranges, one of them actually improves our bullet velocity by a fairly noticeable margin, and that is the 22-inch Cavalry barrel.

Aggressive build

which you generally shouldn't be doing unless your Point Blank Range, and then finally, our muzzle velocity while it is reduced it's not reduced by a large margin This is still very solid, at least for 6v6, at 729 meters per second, so there we go, that's the first build and by far my favorite build with the SPX 80. I love using this because you can be really aggressive and quick-sighted like crazy, and it's also just really versatile because you can also take on fairly long-range fights.

Long range build

Long range build

This one's designed much more for things like ground war or invasion, or perhaps even DMZ or a war zone, and with this, we're using the Schlager Pack Box 4 laser, so we don't have a visible laser beam but it still helps noticeably with our aim down sight speed.

We once again have the PvZ-890 tack stock. We now have the Bruin Lynx grip, which helps with Flinch resistance, and that's really nice to have on this. We're once again using that ST87. Bolt for the faster fire rates, and I'm also using high-velocity ammo since this is designed for the really long-range fights.

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We do want it to feel like a hit scan, and with this, we once again have that improved rate of fire obviously with that bolt. Our aim-down sight speed is not quite as fast as my aggressive build, but it's still incredibly fast for a sniper rifle at 481 milliseconds, and our bullet velocity is incredible at over 1100 meters per second, which means you really don't have to leave moving targets a whole lot or account for bullet drop unless you're at ridiculously long ranges.

Welcome to Modern Warfare II Gun Guides! This is the series where I dive deep into the stats and best attachments for every gun in the game. In today's episode, we're breaking down the SP-X 80 in great detail.
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