News - The "one Shot" Mtz Interceptor Class Setup Is Elite Warzone 2. Best Mtz Interceptor Loadout

best mtz interceptor class setup

The MTZ Interceptor is one of the best long-range weapons in Modern Warfare 3, and it is not close. It outperforms most sniper rifles at distance because it has a one-shot kill potential that goes to an ungodly distance, and even at close range, it is one of the best guns in the game because you can hit two shots by accident and the enemy will no longer be with us.

The worst part is, I think the MTZ interceptors got a Nerf since the last time I made a article on it, and that has made the weapon worse at all. Absolutely not this thing is still ridiculous. Talk about the class in a sec. starting off today with an attachment that I don't necessarily think is really necessary, but it definitely makes the gun more fun to use the 20-round magazine.

best mtz interceptor loadout

You have 10 by default, which doubles your ammo count. Next up for me is going to be the optic slot I have on the SZ SR7. You can pick whichever optic you like realistically. I think this one is the best one for this style of weapon considering it's not really a sniper but it's not really an assault rifle either to the laser I have on the FSS, oldv laser aim down sight speed and Sprint to fire speed are necessary here because there aren't really a lot of attachments on this weapon that do either of those let alone both so this attachment is really good plus the aiming stability with a Precision weapon is elite, under Barrel is going to be the dr6, hand stop again this is another attachment where we get both aim down sight speed and Sprint to fire speed and this is one of the better choices for the under Barrel because you don't really need a lot of recoil control because this gun's fire rate is so slow, and the final attachment I'm running is the MTZ.

Black Thorn Barrel bullet velocity and range and aiming idle sway This is the better of the two barrel options because, if we come into the stats, it increases the effective damage range of the bullet velocity by an insane amount, and it doesn't really hurt your handling, which is what I was really worried about as opposed to the other barrel, which doesn't do as much good and actually hurts you more.

best mw3 mtz interceptor class

Some of you might not like the fact that the laser shows up whenever you're ad, so if that's the case, take off the laser, come into the stock, and use the Brew and Arcangel Mark I stock; it is the only other attachment I can really recommend that does any amount of benefit that would be noticeable, all right.

We're revisiting the MTZ Interceptor today because it's just about that time, but the game tonight has just been super. I don't even know what the correct word would be; the game has been annoying the hell out of me tonight, but I guess I deserve it. Whatever, the MTZ Interceptor is honestly one of the best guns in the game, although I do think it got a nerf at some point.

Point, still one shot to the head though, which is. Nice, are they going to spawn? Teamate, you guys are getting a little too Agro. Come back, guys. We're going to put them in stupid places. They're going to spawn in dumb places. Now, guys, come back. What's going on, guys? Editor, tuck here a little bit.

mtz interceptor

After that exact part, my microphone audio started going a little goofy because I guess it wasn't plugged in completely, so there were parts that you could hear fine; there were parts that you couldn't hear at all; and then there were parts that were going in and out like someone was lagging in a Discord call.

Basically, the only thing I really went on to talk about in this game was the MTZ and how it's still a two-tap kill even after the Nerf I think it got. I didn't fact-check that. I still haven't fact-checked that. I think at some point it did get a nerf, but it didn't really impact the weapon. I talked about how if you hit a headshot, it's just stupid and it's the best sniper rifle in the game, and then at some point I went on like a two-minute rant about how people still use MCWS and pubs every day and don't get bored by it, which is just insane to help me.

mtz interceptor build

I get bored using the meta weapon in ranked play every day, and I just don't understand how people do it in pubs every day, but here we are, so that's basically how the rest of the article would have gone if you could hear what I was saying except for the points where I was going on streaks and I had them in spawn traps, and I was talking about how I was hiding from them while I reloaded because I was scared and I needed an adult to help me.

Beyond that, you didn't really miss much, like my talking points on how the MTZ is just stupid; it's really good, and then yeah, just don't flip spawns on highrise; that's really all I had to say anyway. I just wanted to put that out there so you didn't think I just completely stopped talking, but no, we're fine.

I'll talk to you in the next article.

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