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Hey boys, it's your boy Semy back here with another article. Today is a different kind of article; it's going to be a war zone article, and I'll be showing you guys how to level up your weapons insanely fast and max level in one or two games. So that all being said, make sure you guys watch all the way to the end so you can see all the tips and tricks that I show in this article and to make sure to get as much XP as you can.

So with that being said, let's get straight into the article. All right, so now come over to the class setup that you want to be using. Is your primary weapon that you want to upgrade, which in this case is the DG58, LSW for me? Your secondary will have to be a knife so you have faster sprinting time across the map, or you can get to contracts faster.

Whenever we get into the article, I'll actually be explaining what contracts are better and how to do the contracts. If you're a new beginner player, For the tactical Just smoke and thermites to try and get away from enemies. You don't want to get into any fights because, obviously, you have a tier-one gun with no attachments on, and you don't want to be getting into fights because you'll have a disadvantage.

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Now, coming to the perk package, you want to be running a custom perk package. So edit this first slot you want to be putting double times so you increase your tax Sprint across the map so you can get to bonuses and what not faster or contracts faster. For this one battle. Harden or. EOD both work, but I run battles with myself, so, at your own risk, do any of those two.

For perk 3, you want to go on payout contracts and pay out more in cash. So whenever you complete a contract, you'll get more cash, and I'll get into that later on in the article, but basically, with cash, there's another method to get weapon XP. So you always want to put this one on so you get extra cash per contract you finish because you'll do a lot of contracts, And lastly, I don't have it.

But if you do have it yourself, run high alert so you can see if somebody's running or aiming at you, and you can run out of their line of sight and cut their angle that they have on you so you can get away fast. All with that being said, that's a class setup that you want to be running for leveling up your gun as fast as possible, so let's all be right.

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So one thing I didn't mention before we got into the plunder game is that you want to be playing plunder, of course, plunder quads, and also take off Squad Fill. You do not want to have teammates because they'll be running a contract across the map and doing contracts too, and if they hit a contract across the map, you're going to have to go finish that to start another one, so they're just going to be in your way.

So, your teammates for this game are all right, so let's get straight into the plunder game. All right, so what you want to do whenever you get into the game is you want to look where there's the most, most wanted, and also the upload Intel. You want to go to a spot that there's a lot of, so I'm going to be going over here.

All right So when you get to the rec or the upload, all you want to do is. Collect it and go to the point where it marks you on the map. All you want to do is ping that and start heading over there with either a car or just your knife, and when you make it there, all you want to do is capture the point.


I'll cut to the point whenever I get over the point. All right, so when you get to the contract, you want to begin uploading, so press square. It'll put this device into the computer. You'll type in the code, and you'll have to sit around here for a little bit. Until it goes off, it'll put a flare up into the air, but don't worry about that; it won't really draw attention to you.

But make sure you sit here with your weapon of choice to upgrade, or you won't get any XP. If you have your knife out, it'll upgrade your knife, and if it's already at Max, then it won't upgrade anything, so make sure you do have your weapon of upgrade in your hands at all times whenever you're doing these contracts.

Cont, All right So near the end of the game, you want to be going to any buying station around you. All you want to do in here is go to sell, first of all, and sell all your items that you found across the map. After that, you want to go to Gears. Buy a credit card for $10,000. Make sure you have that, because you get 10% of your cash back when you buy something.

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And then all you want to do with your weapon that you want to upgrade is have it. Out Buy a whole bunch of plates. Just spam your X button and buy a whole bunch of plates. It'll just fall behind you, but it'll give you XP in the background, as I'll show you after I'm done clicking X for buying a whole bunch of plates.

This is also good, so you don't get pinged on the map as a most-wanted earner. As you can see there, I just got 2,500, level XP, for my gun that I'm leveling up. Make sure you have your gun in your hands while doing all these tips, and hey, you are still watching my article. Thank you i greatly appreciate you.

That is the end of the article. I hope you did enjoy or learn something and are upgrading your weapons faster now with these tips and tricks, so with that being said. I'll catch you guys in the next one. Peace out, boys.

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