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best class setup

I'm talking about, like, close range or long range. I haven't made a class for the Chimera in a little bit, and hopefully I'm saying the name right this time because last time I did say the Chimera. I'm not even joke, like maybe 50. There are probably 50 or so different classes for the Chimera, and this is the best tuning I found for it, which makes it really fast and really accurate, and there's barely any recoil.

So before we actually get into the class setup, I want to show you guys quickly right here on the actual firing range. I want to show you the ads; they're not that bad. The sprint to fire again is not that great, but it's not that bad either; it's an AR, so it's not going to be that fast, but if you actually go and shoot, you guys are going to notice the lack of recoil.

This weapon is really, really nice, and that, I have to say, has a lot to do with the tuning. So let's get into the class setup. We got the usual—I mean, we got like a knife; we got the Sim shots; we got a claymore. I started running that recently; don't ask me why I just die in from the back a lot, but I realized putting a claimer behind me if I'm going to stay in a certain area for more than 10 seconds is a good idea, and it does get me a lot of kills.

chimera best class

I definitely ran that, and then for the perk package, we got double time scavenger, cold-blooded. And bird's eye—I like bird's eye a lot more than ghosts—and then Dead Silence, of course, but let's get into the actual class setup now and the attachments, and the most important part is the actual tuning for all of these attachments.

So the first attachment we're going to throw on this one is not going to be a barrel that gives us ads or anything like that; we're actually going to throw on the 10 inch SA Phoenix, and this one gives us damage range, bullet velocity, hip fire accuracy, and recoil control. Now it does take away hip recoil and movement speed, but it's not that bad.

I found that if you put the recoil stiffness up to 0.11, it is really nice. If you guys look at the actual graph, the circular graph here, once you start moving it, the mobility becomes really, really bad. But right here, around 0.10 and 0.11, the mobility jumps up and the recoil doesn't go too far in or anything like that.

cod mw2

It's almost exactly where it should be, so this is a really good number to throw it at because it's actually going to It's going to feel really nice; did I just stutter? I feel like I did well anyway, and it's going to play really well, and then for the ads, we're going to put it at 0.14. Because if you max it out, it doesn't make much of a difference, but it does take the damage range down.

Next off, we got the Rage 8. Stock up now; this one is really nice. It does take away recoil and control, okay. don't really care for the accuracy all that much because the gun is already accurate and once you actually bring this all the way up that is where the handling and the mobility is actually maxed, out for this tuning, so I definitely threw that all the way up, and then we got the minus.

101 for the aim walking speed, and you're going to see if I change this the graph starts to look really, really ugly and the mobility and recoil go really, really down. The accuracy is a bit lower, but the shot still hit, so I wouldn't really worry about that too much. We're focusing on this attachment's handling and mobility, and that's what I did there for the tuning on that one.

cod mw2 best class

And then the final two attachments are the 45-round magazines, and this is the one that takes away the Sprint to fire speed, okay. Like you guys saw with the sprint to fire speed, it probably wasn't the best sprint to fire speed to have on a weapon, but that's the firing range when you're in game.

It's honestly not that bad, but this gives you only a higher magazine, ammo, and capacity. That's it it takes away way too much stuff, and there's no tuning for that one, and here's the class, as you guys can see on the screen right there. Now let's get into the last attachment on the list and talk about the tuning for this one too.

This one is a really important one, so it's the Bruin flash grip, which gives a Sprint to fire speed and ad support. Now normally in the past I would say throw the Sprint of Fire all the way up; it's the best; it's actually not the best because if you look at the accuracy, it goes really, really in and stuff, and then if you bring it out to, like, somewhere around here, it's the best.

cod mw2 top 5

The handling is really bad, so somewhere around here I'd say it is perfect. 0.22 it gives you a decent amount of accuracy, and the handling is really nice, and then we got 0.52. I didn't know all that for a little while. I'm going to be honest with you guys. I never watched the tuning article on YouTube.

I didn't know that it wasn't linear; I really thought it was, and I thought the graph was just there as, you know, a Cod graph sometimes or not, like if you look at the bottom of the damage firing range and all that, the fire rate, and all that in older quads, they weren't accurate, but in this one it seems pretty accurate, and the gun seems pretty well, but anyways, yeah, that's going to be it for the article.

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