News - The M13b Is "broken" Warzone 2. Best M13b Class Setup

best m13b class

So in today's article, I have a 39-kill solo and quads gameplay with the M13 hero and Chica Island. Alright, let's get into the class setup for the first attachment, the muzzle. You want the harbinger, D20. It gives you sound suppression, velocity damage, range and recoil, and smoothness for the tuning of the muscle you want.

Plus 0.50 ounces for recoil and smoothness, and plus 23 points for bullet velocity for the barrel. I was running the 14-inch Bruin Echelon, which gives you damage range, bullet velocity, hip fire accuracy, and recoil control for the barrel length you want plus 0.44 pounds for recoil steadiness and plus 15 inches for damage range for the under Barrel I was running F-TAC grouper 56.

It gives you idle stability, hip fire accuracy, and recoil stabilization for the underbelly tuning you want. You're going to leave the left slider at zero, and you're going to do plus.31 inches for Amy Goddal's stability in the magazine. I was running the 45-round mag, and for the optic, you want the Cronin Mini Pro for the optic, tuning you on minus 3.00 ounces for ads, speed, and minus 2.25 inches for far.

Okay, this is the M13 class set that was running in today's

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