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best mw2 class

Everybody from home is here today, and I'm bringing you guys a brand new article. Today's article is going to be about my favorite weapons to use in season two, as well as my favorite settings and my favorite perks and equipment to use with them. There's a lot of nerfs and buffs and a lot of changes that made certain things viable and others that used to be not so volatile anymore, so it's going to be a little different from the list that I made last time.

For example, the m13b is in this article. That gun was really not viable, but I got a huge buff in season two. You guys will definitely enjoy it if you do consider dropping a like. I hope you guys have articles every day though, so let's get straight into it. So, starting off with season two of M13B, I got an incredible buff.

This included an increase to damage at mid-range and also an increase to upper-torso damage in general. The M13B is better than it ever was. The class setup that I like to use is the Komodo heavy muzzle. VOC laser seven milliwatt the ravage 8 stock d37, gripping 45 round magazine I'm going to go show you the tunes for each one right now.

Here is the muzzle. Here is the laser. I left the laser at zero, and this is honestly where I feel it's the best—the Ravage 8 stock tune. Here is a D37 grip tune, and then we have the 45-round magazine. I really like the iron size for this, but if you don't like the iron sights, you can always swap the magazine for a set of optics.

best mw2 class setup

This thing might honestly be my top three favorite guns in this game alongside another weapon that's going to be on this list, but next up we have on this list is the 300 Blackout, ISO. Hemlock This is with the ammunition conversion. If you go ahead and check the ammunition, it's going to be toward the back; it's just the basic one.

You don't need to unlock any of these; you can't even unlock them right now, nor any of these. This is the one that increases, damages, and removes the enemy's skulls when you kill them, so the teammates have no idea where they died. The class of Dell I like to use is a Komodo heavy with 300 Blackout rounds, the FSS oil EV laser, an optic, and a Raid 90 stock.

Now I do have a version of this weapon without the optic and a rear grip for it instead; I believe I have the Sprint with the fire grip for a little bit more versatility, but I really would recommend using the optic because Ironsides are kind of difficult to use, especially if you're not used to the weapon.

best mw2 guns

This is what I have on the Komodo. This is how I've tuned the laser; this is how I've tuned the Cronin mini-pro optic, which I think is the best optic, by the way; and this is how I've tuned the stock. When you take the rounds that have no tune into the firing range, you're going to see that this gun has a slower fire rate than the base ISO, not by a lot, but it definitely has more damage to make up for it.

It's a gun that I do think was a great addition to Modern Warfare 2. It definitely has a lot of personality and characteristics that remind me a lot of the ICR and the ACR, and it'll mix with a little bit of the Mana War too. It's definitely a cool weapon, and I'm very glad they added that to season two.

best mw2 weapons

Next on the list is one of my favorites in the game. This class setup has so little recoil and such fast mobility that you're going to dominate no matter what game you play, and honestly, I think this is better than the Vasna. I think this is one of the best SMGs in the game, even better than the Fennec in my opinion.

I love it, but here we got the AVR T90 comp, the Phase 3 grip, and the Vok Laser seven milliwatt Chrono Mini Pro in the Lockman TCg10. Looking at the tune for the Lockman TCg10, here is what I have: foreign. Pro This is the tune that I'm using for the croon, and then we got the AVR T90 tune; this is for the muzzle, and now we're going to take it over to the range, so let me show you what I'm talking about with sprint speed.

good ads While I'm jumping fast and standing still very quickly, take a look at the recoil. The next weapon on this list doesn't even need attachments; it's the KV broadside. All right, please stop using this weapon. Moving on to the next weapon, we have the Chimera. I kept the integrated suppressed barrel because I wanted to keep the identity of this weapon kind of intact.

best season 2 guns mw2

This is a subsonic, integrated suppressed assault rifle for very close to medium-range engagements; at long range, this thing will still shred, but I really, really recommend this gun for mid-range fights. Mid-range, mid-range This is one of the best mid-range guns you can use in the game. The class app that I have is the Phase 3 grip, the Vok Laser Seven Milliwatt, the Corona Mini Pro, a trx56, stock, and then the Brew and Flash grip.

Now I'm going to show you the tune for the under barrel and then all the rest of the attachments, and then we're going to get in the firing range and show you exactly what I mean. It just shreds, but then when you start going long ranges, it's kind of difficult because of the recoil. If you want less recoil and this is not the class for really aggressive players, I would recommend this one.

This one has the Tylar 8 muzzle; here's a tune for it; that one has a 10-inch SA Phoenix barrel; here's a tune for the barrel. Hunkered down lock, down no recoil, kind of slow on the ads, not like the more SMG, mid-to-close range version; personally. I would use the other version; but this one is for people who want to play a little bit slower.

modern warfare 2

I would definitely recommend it now that we have the beloved cast album for you. It's an insane weapon. It's always been good in this game, especially in Model for Two. Even in Cold War, a lot of people who played Cold War are familiar with this setting, but in this game, we have the Komodo Heavy and the Phase 3 Grip FSS.

Ole Laser, the Marquis R7 stock, and the True Tag Group bring it all together to make this insane weapon. I'll show you guys the firing range in a second. Let me go ahead and show you the tunes for each attachment for the Komodo heavy we have. The tune for the True Tech grip, and then the tune for the Phase Three grip, which I kept in the middle, and then I kind of touched into the Amy Auto Stability moving, on to the firing range, we have the cast-off 70 for you, very quick mobility, good ads, very good damage range all around, and a very good AR should be an SMG in my opinion, but it's technically an AR, a foreign weapon.

modern warfare 2 best class

Moving on to the perks I like to use, I like to use the double-time bomb squad fast. Some of these classes don't like to change around, like, for example, this one, where I have a double time tracker, cold butter, and bird's eye, which is more of a stay. This is a pretty solid set of perks, as well as double time.

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