News - The Best Snd Class Setups (2023 Udpate) Warzone 2 (warzone 2 Best Class Setup)



Everybody home is here today, and I'm bringing you guys a brand new article on Modern Warfare 2. These are primarily made for surgeons to destroy, and though they're going to be very good weapons, usually with lower recoil and higher mobility, this can help you get the edge in all the gunfights that you're in.

I'm going to go ahead and give you five guns, starting with the fifth-best all the way to what I think is the first-best card in the game. So without wasting any more time, let's get straight into it.


Also, I'm going to go ahead and put my settings at the end of the articles. I'm going to give you the five class setups and then my settings at the end of it with my bindings if you guys are interested in that.

So starting off that fifth spot, we have the Fennec, 45. The Fanning 45 is actually a decent weapon in this game. With its high rate of fire, pretty good damage, and low recoil, it's super good for close-quarters engagements. If you look at the attachments that I use, I have the VLK laser (7 milliwatt), the Chrono Mini Pro, the Fenix stippled grip, the Phase 3 grip, and the Laserta compensator.

I'll look at the tune for each one and show it to you if you want to screenshot it quickly. Here's a tune for the compensator. Here is the tune for the phase 3 grip. It's the optics. There's no tune for the laser. I'm sorry, and here is a tune for the stippled grip tape, and if I take this gun over to the firing range, you'll see that it actually has a very good grip, and recoil is pretty low.

Now that you're shooting a target that far while defending, you deserve to die. I just want you to know you don't really want to take anything past mid-range weapons. This weapon is very good for close to medium range; anything past that and you are asking to lose the gunfight, but just because of how good it is in close to medium range gunfights is the reason why this is in the top five of the best guns in the game, especially for multiplayer.

Lockman sub

Lockman sub

Moving on to the number four spot, we have the Lockman sub.

I actually hate this gun. I'm not going to lie to you because the iron sights on this are just abysmal, and I think they killed the MP5, but I can't deny that this weapon is really, really good. I have the Fort Mobile stock of the Lockman TCG10. Grip the phase 3 grip under the barrel again with the laserta compensator and the VLK laser (7 milliwatts).

Let's go ahead and take a look at the tune. We have the tune right here for the compensator if you want to go and take a look at that here. This is a tune for the phase 3 grip; this is the under barrel; and then here is the Fort Mobile stock tune; this is for increasing areas and aiming stability for sustained shots; and this is the lockdown easy TCG, 10 grip, tune.

This gun is actually really good now. It's three to four shots consistently, especially at short to medium ranges. It's going to really excel against most guns in the game. There are only a few guns in this game that can really outdo this weapon. I think the Fennec is a pretty good one if the player that you're going up against has a really good shot, but this gun is consistently more forgiving than defensive, which is why I put it in the number four spot.

It's very consistent, has better recoil, and the fire rate isn't as fast, so you're not going to be finding yourself running out of ammo as much, Do. You see here, you. As you can see here, the MP5 or lockerman sub in this game (not the MP5 in this game) shows that the recoil really isn't all that bad.

The 80s speedy jump shot is still pretty quick, and this is an all-around reliable SMG. I would honestly prefer the fennec over the other if I had to choose between the two, but they're both definitely in the top five.



Top five in the SMGs, moving on to the number three spot, here are the attachments that I have for the chimero again: the VLK laser, seven milliwatts, and the Corona Mini Pro This is my favorite optic in the game. It's very slim, and it adds just that nice visual effect. It's clean, it's small, and it has the blue dot.

It's way better than the other optics in the game. I think this game has a useless amount of optics, and what we have is the TRX56. Stock the d37, grip, and then the phase three grip again. This one I won't put a barrel on because I want to keep these 300 Blackout suppression rounds. I like the suppression barrel, and I kind of want to keep it suppressed because that's kind of like the personality of the chimera.

best m4 loadout mw2

I don't want to get rid of the personality; here's a zoom for the phase 3 grip right over here if you want to take a picture of it, and the vehicle laser does not have a tune like always here. Is the optic tuned? This is what I found to be the best medium for this attachment; here's the TR66 stock.

The reason we're using this one though is because we get the aiming stability and The recoil control boost This gun does have a little bit of recoil, and then we have the recoil control grip as well. This is a tune that you want to use, and it's going to really help make this gun an absolute laser beam.

has a little bit of recoil, but this thing is still very good, very good, and medium. Even in small, close-range gunfights, because of the speed of the weapon, which isn't too slow, you can actually win a lot of these gunfights if you're even slightly aware, have a little bit of awareness, even if you have an idea where the enemy is.

Let's say it takes you by surprise if you're if you're if you're on top of it, you should be able to still kill him. There are very few guns that were able to kill you in closer, and shotguns really, maybe defending maybe that Lockman sub, but this gun consistently will outperform those SMGs, especially after the medium-long medium range. If you start beating people from long range, you most likely will be able to kill him with.

Tag v

Tag v

This weapon, which we have on the number two spot, is the attack V. Now, the type 56 is the one that I would use if you want a little bit more Rico control, but the tag fee is, in my opinion, like the cr56, AMX with stopping power if you played the model for 2019.

This thing is like a two- to three-shot machine that works consistently. It has a 20-round magazine, so you're going to have to be a little bit more careful with your shots, but the good thing is that it takes so little to kill them that it shouldn't really matter at the end of the day. This is the class setup that I'm using.

I have the FSS, the OLED V laser, the Cardinal stock, the combat grip phase 3 grip, and the Ty LR8 muzzle. Here's a tune for the muzzle. Here is the tune for the phase 3 grip, and here is the tune for the Cardinal stock. The reason I use this stock is because it offers a little bit more mobility.

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