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Welcome back to another DMZ article with Lando. Today I'm going over the best insured weapons for season 6 of DMZ. In the description below, I'll have time stamps for each category. You can go in there and find the exact gun you're looking for. Let's get right into it.



So starting off with my number one spot in the assault rifle category, we're going to have to use the M13 B. I think this gun's an absolute beam, and it kills pretty quick, so right here are the attachments I'm using on my build. I do not have the tunings for the FTE Ripper 56 because they have tunings turned off for the underbarrels currently because there's a bug in the game, but I'm using the Har Harb Dinger D20.

I'll show you the tuning for it, so I've got this at 0.81 toward recoil smoothness, and I also have a 0.45 toward bullet velocity. I think this is one of the better suppressors in the game right now. You can also use the Zulu 62, but I think I like the Harbinger better. It gives a little bit better recoil than the Zulu, but it does slow you down a little bit when you're using assault rifles.

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It really doesn't matter if you're going to be slow. I have the 14-in barrel; this is a necessity if you're using the M3B. This gives you that range. I've got the 0.50 toward recall steadiness, and then we've got the 0.14 toward damage range. Like I said, this gun is pretty good at range. It's an assault rifle, so obviously you're going to be shooting people, probably out to about 50 meters.

At 50 m, you're going to have to switch over, probably to a u-sniper, just because you're going to lose the snipers past that distance. We're going to use the aim of the V4. Obviously, it is up to you to use whatever you want. I'll show you the tunes I have for mine. I have a 0.48, which is negative toward aim-down sight speed, and we have a negative 1.7.

best weapon builds dmz

So far, this is one of my favorites because it gives you a good amount of range with that sight, but if you want to throw on something like a red dot, you personally I mean you can use whatever you want sitewise. I think the other stuff is pretty much a necessity, so obviously if you need to be using the 60-round mag, you could go with the 45, but I think the 60 is just going to give you that more ammo that you're going to need, and like I said, the FTAc Ripper 56 is going to give you that recoil control.

There's maybe a couple other options you could use, but I think the F Ripper 56 is probably just the absolute best under Barrel across the board for an assault rifle. So this is the build right now, and I'm going to show you what it looks like in the firing range and how it shoots all right. So now we're in the firing range, and this is the exact same build.

This gun is an absolute beam, and it kills very fast. I'll put three plates on them so you're seeing what people actually look like in DMZ fully plated up. I mean, it kills very consistently over fast distances. Obviously, I think in this game you're really not going to be shooting past 50 m with an assault rifle.

I think at that point you're going to need a sniper rifle, and we'll go into that later on, and I'll give you my suggestions on what you need to be using for sniper rifles, but as you can see here, it's very consistent in the way it shoots, and it's very accurate at 50 m, and you can easily use this.

I think this is the absolute number one AR in the game right now for the assault rifle category in season 6.



Okay, In the number two slot in the AR category, we're going to be using the TR76. Gist, this gun is a newer gun; they just recently added it. This is going to be a gun you want to use, probably closer up, so less than 50 m for sure. I would say the sweet spot for this gun is going to be from 20 to 50, and then I'm going to be using the brew and a brindle 60 barrel on it.


I've got a 0.37, and toward recoil steadiness, a 0.32. Toward damage range and I'm going to be using the S thread 40 muzzle for 0.49, toward recoil stabilization and I've got a 0.20, toward recoil control and we got the a op V4, obviously the sights are completely up to you if you want to throw a red dot on it if you want to use iron sights you can completely do that like I said this gun is more for the closer range not super close but probably like 20 to 50 m this is going to be your sweet spot so obviously if you want to throw on like a cron and mini dot or something like that go for it I'll show you the tunings from this amop V4 I've got the one negative 1.16, aim down sign, and we've got ative 1.01, toward far; that's for the Amo pv4; we have a 45-round mag on it; and then I've got the high velocity ammunition; we've got a 0.52, toward damage range; and we got a 7.26, toward bull velocity.

I'm going to jump right into the firing range and show you guys how this gun shoots. Okay, guys, now that we're in the fire range, I'm going to be showing you the TR76. Gist, this gun, like I said, is really good, probably in that 25 M range, so that would be that second target that's really where you want to be using this gun.

I definitely would say that when you get this close, it's is going to be kind of gun battles versus SMGs, but this range right here is definitely The Sweet Spot for this gun at 50 m you want to be kind of pushing it pretty far just because this gun does bounce pretty well and I can still hit my targets pretty easily, but like I said, this range right here is definitely where you want to be fighting people with the gun; it's really solid, and I think I would rather use this over the AK or the 7 762. Just because this gun's more accurate and I really like it , I've got the M4 in my third slot.



I know this is going to be a big surprise to a lot of people. I'm using this over the tag 56. I feel like this gun is definitely faster in that medium range. This is the build I've gotten out of it.

I've got the high tower 20-in barrel, the Harbinger D20 suppressor, the Ftag Ripper 56, the 60-round mag, and the Am Op V4. Obviously, you know me, you can use any site you want on this. I'm just using the mop V4 CU. I like it, but I've got the high tower 20 barrel; we'll do the tuning for it, and then obviously, with the SES, you can use whatever you want, so if you want to use something like a car and mini dot, or maybe if you like the recharge site, you should definitely go with those, and then we'll jump right into the fire range.

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I'll show you guys how this G shoots, so now we're in the fire range with the M4, and like I said, I think this is right here. This dummy Target right here is definitely where you want to be shooting with this gun, and that's where this gun shines the most in that medium range. Target, like right here, is definitely too close.

Here are my favorite DMZ-insured weapons for DMZ season 6 that I actually use and enjoy. . M13B - 013 - 239. TR76 - 240 - 421.
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