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Today's article is going to be a little bit different with MW 3's beta coming out today; it's released next month, and the new war zone update is in December. I think now would be an awesome time for us to have a conversation about the future of DMZ. There's been so many people who have said this is going to happen or that's going to happen, and there's no basis to what they're saying; there's no actual information to what they're saying for the last couple months, and honestly.

I'm tired of a lot of content creators who have just said. Hey. DMZ is going away, sparking this fear. Inside the community, when there's no basis for what they're saying, they're just whipping things out of it. Hey, I saw a leaker say this. We've really heard very minimal information from Activision over the last couple months about the future of DMZ, so in today's article, we're going to talk about five things: The state of the DMZ today What we know about DMZ in the future What we don't know about DMZ in the future what I expect to happen to the future of DMZ and then also what my personal plan is going forward with DMZ, so I'll be honest.

I just have a couple notes written down, but for the most part, this is going to be me free-flowing just my ideas that are in my brain, so I can't necessarily speak for everyone, but I know there's a decent amount of DMZ community that is bored specifically after the season 6 update; we didn't really get any new missions and stuff like that.

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The six-man change was good in one sense and bad in the other, as the pace, especially with Al Mazra, has slowed down a lot. I feel like there's just not as much excitement every time. I get into a fight because six men's made the game so difficult, and it made it so rewarding whenever I was able to actually complete my mission in the game.

Now, I know it might surprise you guys, but I am 100% complete with all my missions. Everyone just yells at me; all you do is PVP. I actually love doing missions. I finished up my missions maybe two or three weeks ago, so six men's is really the only thing that gets me excited now. We got some Challenge articles coming out that are different and nobody's ever done in the DMZ community, so I'm really excited about those, but talking about changes, the buy station change was massive, like the fact that we can only buy one UAV, and it's almost 10 times the price of what it used to be.


It makes it really difficult to find players, and fights are just a lot slower now because of it. While I understand why the change was needed and I don't necessarily disagree with the change itself, I think it was a little bit overboard, for example, $80, 000. For a UAV, I don't know if that was necessary.

Someone in my chat yesterday gave this idea: instead of just doing this $80,000, why not have it be incremental, based on the number of people on your team? So for a solo, maybe it's 40, 000; for a duo, it's $80, 000; for a trio, it's 120, 000; and if you were a six-man team, it would have been $240, 000.

Just for UAV, and I think I'm going to be kind of all over the place when it comes to some of these things today because of the six-man change. I don't necessarily know if the way they did it was the answer; like, platoons were a problem, yeah, but I don't think that making it for four men on Almazar was what should have happened.

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Four men on Vond and Asik Island could 100% understand it. On Asik Island, we all know there was a massive problem there, but when it comes to Al Mazra. I think what we had a couple months ago where the team that killed you couldn't pick you up was a good change from what we had, unfortunately. And the buy-station changes were good.

I think they overdid it on both ends. That said, when it comes to the state of DMZ today, we didn't get any new missions with the last season, and that makes me kind of bored. I do enjoy doing missions shockingly enough to a lot of you guys, but luckily we do expect some new missions and some new stuff to do with the haunting event to come in maybe a little bit more than a week's time.

That said, I think it's perfect for us to talk about what we do know about DMZ's future zombies. This is not a replacement for DMC. I'm tired of this idea and this notion that they are. Somehow shifting from DMZ to zombies, it literally does not make sense. They are made by completely different companies, so if you did not know, zombies are made by Treyarch, the people who made Black Ops 1, Black Ops 2, Black Ops 3, and Black Ops 4.


In the Cold War, they were the ones who created zombies. Now they have just stepped into the space of Modern Warfare 3 and are creating zombies there as well. Modern Warfare Zombies are not made to replace DMZ. It is just similar in an aspect of the fact that it is an extraction shooter and that there are missions; that's it.

Modern Warfare Zombies isn't the next step of DMZ; it's just the next step of zombies. They've gone away from this round-based zombie mode that has been there year after year, year after year, to an extraction-based zombie mode, and some people might go well; there's missions now. If you didn't know there were missions and a story in the old zombies, you might not have known that, but there was, and then I see a lot of people saying we want PVP in zombies.


No, you don't, because then they cease to be zombies. The people who say they want PVP in zombies just want DMZ in Modern Warfare 3, which I do, but let's not try to hide behind the fact that we want DMZ in Modern Warfare 3 with Modern Warfare zombies now. Thankfully, I think it was a week ago that we did get confirmation that we would be able to play DMZ.

In the future, we'll be able to continue to infill Almazar, Ashika Island vondo Building 21, and Koshi Complex. This is good news because, at the end of that announcement, they said we would give you more updates as season 1 approaches, so from what I understand, from now until December When the War Zone update is made too, we get to keep on playing DMZ, and when season 1 of Modern Warfare 3 comes, there will be more information.

That's all we know now. There are people speculating all over the place, left and right. Will we get Mon Warfare 3 movements with DMZ? Will we get Modern Warfare 3 guns with DMZ? The answer is that we don't know yet, and that's okay. We will be able to continue to play DMZ. A lot of people might think the DMZ community is going somewhere, but it's not.

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No matter what, I truly believe the DMZ community is here to stay. It might not be as big as it is now. I don't know about you guys, but I have truly fallen in love with DMZ and not the PVP. The aspect of DMZ is truly the PVP. I love doing missions. I have a six-man roll-up on me, and my heart just starts racing.

the mw3 beta has arrived and i think it's time someone sat down and talked about the future of DMZ moving into the new call of duty. so here ya go.
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