News - This Is Broken. Easy Br Wins And More. This Need To Be Fixed. Warzone 2 Stats Glitch Mwii Glitch

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Today we've got an awesome one for you stat monkeys that like to get stats easily, and well, it's a bad one for those ones that like their stats and don't like the stats to be wrong, etc. Now guys, there's an exploit currently for you to be able to boost your Battle Royale stats in another game mode, which is absolutely broken, so we should make this article to get it exposure eventually.

It will get fixed, but right now, if you like that and you want to abuse it, you can in the meantime, so get in and do it right now. What this is, guys, is lockdown mode. When you play lockdown, that stats that from that mode count as a battle royale game, so yes, as you see down here, I have the highest kills in a battle royale game.

My stats say that I've gone on long, and I've gotten a 29-kill Battle Royale game. That's a really big difference from going along and getting 29 kills in Von Del's lockdown mode, guys. Well, my Battle Royale stats from Vond Del are my Battle Royale stats, so I've gone in, and as you see right here, if we come in and we look at here, we've got Battle Royale, and we look at our last matches.


And then we come through here, right? V into lockdown this was lockdown mode and we got 29 operator kills and lockdown, and then we come into our Battle Royale stats and that's counted under our Battle Royale stats as 29 kills so you absolutely beasts out there you can go into lockdown and get 80 kills in lockdown, and then your Battle Royale stats will say that your highest Battle Royale game was an 80 kill game so this is absolutely crazy for people that want to absolutely just have cool stats for their Battle Royale stats, and well obviously it's going to be a problem for the people that want to have True Battle Royale stats because now me myself I'll never know my True Battle Royale stats because they're messed up with all of the lockdown stats so I don't know my true, my Battle Royale KDs and average kills and all of these stats are all wrong because they're actually all affected by the lockdown, and I don't as you can s see here I don't actually play Battle Royale much all these games played I'm a DMZ player if you see here I've got I'm a m DMZ player I don't play Battle Royale so as I see these 94 games are major mainly lockdown.

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And well i've gotten a win, and I think the wins also count, so lockdown wins I think also count, so that's why you'll see these quads wins because I haven't played a battle royale quads, so this total wins here must be from lockdown, guys, so you can even get ble royale wins. I believe through lockdown.

Test that out, get a win in lockdown, check your wins, your Battle Royale wins first, and then go and get a win in lockdown, and see if your Battle Royale wins go up. I'm pretty sure it will, and this is an easy way to get Battle Royale wins because lockdown is easier to win than a battle royale. You can boost your wins, and you can boost your KD.

You can boost all your stats if you like to boost your stats in lockdown, guys. The mode that I'm talking about here is this mode here, lockdown, and it's currently quads. That's why you can get a quads win, so you can get Battle Royale quads wins by winning this mode here. Just go in and play lockdown.

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And you can boost your wins in Battle Royale with your stats and everything, guys. If you come into your challenges—your calling card challenges—for your games and your war zone ones, this will also count your lockdown wins, and stuff will also count towards your battle. Roy L Mastery calling cards, for I think it is the kill masteries and stuff like that, so this one here for Battle Royale kill masteries, this will also count in lockdown as well, so you'll be able to get this mastery and lockdown as well, and everything guys, so if you're taking anything away from this, it's that your Battle Royale games are all aspected by your lockdown games, so those also those people that want to plummet their KD, you could do that in lockdown and Drop your KD in lockdown and make your Battle Royale games easier, possibly for bot lobbies and stuff like that.

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It's all sorts of stuff, but those two modes are actually linked under stats. But that said, have an awesome day. Asra, one enemy operator is tracking that weapon case as you move to extraction. Now, the actual ultra-1 ISR confirms the warlord Al Nar code name Pyro is near your location; he has a contract on his head; take it if you want.

This glitch is how you can get super easy battle royale wins and calling card challenges unlocked. this needs to be fixed as it can be used to get easy br wins but also causes issues with trying to keep true stats. this is how to effect your battle royale stats by playing a different mode. CHECK OUT MY OTHER FEATURED VIDEOS.
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