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Ghosts and soap prevented a disaster at the dam. They stopped moving. You need to do the same with Far and Alex. We will you and Graves are on the same team. John, don't forget that I don't forget anything about looking good, boys. We are a go-for pre-check. We're a go-for. Shadow, Gold Eagle, the actual Shadow, is on station Shadow.

One ground team is at Rally Point Boneyard. You'll provide air cover while they locate the chemicals and hundt down the copy act. Shadow, one ground team is holding at RP Boneyard to the west. We're marked with I roads. The visual copy stands back. Gunner confirms visual on the ground, team marking ground team, we have visual on you copy our targets are the two hangers we move on your signal marking threats in the Boneyard ground hold position we'll clear the area Gunner lay down to cover the fire.

Take out those threats at the trigger time to get to work. Trigger direct contact. The shadow shifts into contact and calls for fire now. Shadow copies—we're on it; they thought they were taking. Cover ground team, you're clear to move copy that we're moving up. Cover them shadow copy enemies pushing in a good attack.

Mark there, miss. Look at him; he knows what hit. Airborne crew, let's get on it. He gets airborne; we have a big problem that destroys air superiority. Shadows are pushing across the tarmac ground in multiple Cony on the tarmac get to cover we'll clear your path copy ground team is holding Southwest good sh keep that ground team secure do not fire on the hangers can't hide from the eye in the sky, that got done action the ground team give me a sid What is a dry hole?

Actually, there are no chemicals. Our Intel's solid Makarov's entire chemical stock pile is on that base. If they're not in that hanger, they'll be in the next one. Just be sure before you push on copy. We keep searching the hanger. Shadow, keep us covered. We're not going anywhere. Kilo, all stations are negative on chemicals.

Hanger One is a dry hole, and the team pushed us two Shadow keeping cover, gold we got you ground C moving the, water fires incoming from the Northwest. Gunner Target those mortars, take them out, take out their mortar team, fucking backov, he destroys his whole base to keep those chemicals they'll be in the next hanger, he might be too fired coming from the hanger H those RPGs pushing to hanger.

Gunner hit him with a, Miss, let me some quick triggers. Enemy vehicles are incoming; let's get on. He gets airborne. We have a big problem. They thought they were taking cover jets off. Gunner, take out the jet. Let's right, motherfuckers, jet number two is down. I'm green; I can't hide from the eye in the sky at all stations.

This is actually true. Sig confirms Marov is on the base; he's going to make a play for the chemical ground team. Are you ready to assume that negative chemicals are still active? We need more time to copy that to keep him secure. Graves maintain OverWatch. You see Marov. You put him down. Check out Gold Eagle, Shadow.

One's ready there, the enemy hero is coming down. We got your ass look line and fucking Saker all stations. The enemy bird is down. Vladimir Marov is ekia copy that chemicals render safe pushing out of the hanger now. Graves Once the ground is clear, have your man drop a missile on that hanger and bury Maon with his fucking chemicals.

Copy that shadow one ground team is cleared level hangers Gunner sent it. Good effect hanger's down; that's how we get her done. Shadow Don't be down, Vladimir. There are three things you cannot outrun in this world, folks: death taxes and my pleasure doing business with you boys and girls. The actual MRTB is out here.

Roger, that shadow—that's some big league work out there. Blue guys, son, appreciate the assist shadow. Six to all stations that kill are not confirmed. I say again that the kill is not confirmed. We need to search the site for p on Mackerel. Gold Eagle According to all stations, your orders are to stand down.

We have nothing but fire and brimstone out there, and that's all the confirmation we need. Go to one. Go for six. It's over, John. We nailed that bastard to hell, and we were gone. Yeah, that's what we said about your little shadow. Graves, yeah, Marov is dead, Captain. Don't let him live inside your head, eagle.

Out, Shepherd only sees what he wants: his name on a win, another medal on his chest. What do you see? It's what I don't see that worries me. If he's alive, he'll let us know where and when. We owe a debt of gratitude to our task force and to the Ulf for our success against Vladimir Marov and his private army.

Much has been said about the Ulf, Farah Kareem, and her soldiers, a terror organization no far K is and always has been an ally to the United States and our Western Partners in the region. How did Commander Kareem obtain American armor for nearly a decade? I sent weapons to Commander Kareem to support her missions against Alcat and Russian incursions into Ekhan.

Were those shipments legal? No, in order to save lives, I commissioned illegal shipments with fun ones I approved. quiet, please, General Shephard. In October 2022, did you authorize Shadow Company to fire on a task force under your command in Las Mañas, Mexico? No, I did not, Mr. Graves were you given orders to use lethal force against TF.

141 yes, I was quiet in this chamber when I gave you those orders. General Hel Shephard, did you act on those orders, Mr. Graves no, absolutely not, sir. Quiet fuck me. I stabbed each other in the back, still saving their own skins, every man for himself. That's a difference between us, and then we're going to let this stand, boss.

The best way to end the war is to win it. No, prisoners hunting Commander, you too, Captain Nick, take fire back. Just prep for Xville; we're going

Shadow Company assisting ULF and Task Force 141. Gigachad Graves moment.
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