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So today, guys, what we're going to talk about is that, basically, inclusivity in the political game has pretty much been ruined. Gaming So welcome back once again, guys and girls, to another article. So today, guys, we're starting to smash 100 likes very easily, so once we've got 150 likes on this article, we'll do a Call of Duty topic-based related article.

We're continuing to smash it, so thank you to each and every one of you. Inclusivity Now, a lot of people think that everything that's inclusive is good, and it kind of isn't skill-based matchmaking. When I play a article game. I don't mind getting dominated because I know eventually I'm going to be put into a lobby through the laws of probability, a lobby where I'm the best player, and then I can have my fun.

What happened to the whole concept of you playing a article game? The more and more you play it, the better you get at it. What has happened to that philosophy instead of the game development teams? Publishers, developers, whatever you want to call them, shareholders, whatever. Education, that's all they're going to do their entire life; they're going to be 60 odd years old and flipping burgers at McDonald's; that's ultimately what they're going to do because they're not going to be well; they're not going to aspire to be anything better than that, and you could take that same philosophy to gaming.

Years ago i used to play games. I used to get on COD 4: Modern Warfare 2 in the early days. I used to get absolutely addicted to those games because I was a noob. I was a new player in Call of Duty and even used to make fun of new players by saying happy hunting Christmas Noob. Time-based games should not have skill-based matchmaking.

A game years ago used to be something you played to get better at, and then you enjoyed it eventually. Once you're decent at the game, there's always going to be somebody better than you, but games Now. I don't know so much about Halo because I've just started going back to play Halo, and I'm enjoying myself at the moment, but Call of Duty, especially, is something I'm more than qualified to talk about.

Every single person complains about the sweatiness of this game. It doesn't matter if you're a low-tier player, a high-tier player, or the best of all. Those games are incredibly repetitive. Every game is sweaty. You've got to use meta loadouts. There's no fun anymore in Call of Duty, where you're going to use some stupidity and have a laugh with your friends.

There are even people who can't queue up with friends because they're in a much higher skill bracket than their friends, so when they play with their friends, their friends get on, and it's fun for nobody. Ultimately, skill-based matchmaking should only be in ranked playlists. And for all the people out there saying, Well, why should I get on all the time?

Well, if you're worried about getting on all the time, why don't you just go into a skill-based, ranked lobby, and then it's going to rank it against other players anyway? I don't care what anybody says; Ping is king. As Robert Bowling used to say many years ago, skill-based matchmaking is ruining article gaming, and I don't understand why, especially considering now how Call of Duty's got the lowest player count, you know, in recent history.

Well, pray of all times, guys, but we haven't got access to those metrics, so I can only assume. If that's the case, I don't understand why they continue going down this skill-based matchmaking route. They don't really want to at least put a playlist in as a one-off limited-time mode and remove skill-based matchmaking, and then they can look at the metrics, they can look at the statistics, and many people are playing this game mode and enjoying it, and then they can make a decision from there.

So guys, the question is, would you actually come back? and at least give Modern Warfare 3 another chance. If they added a playlist with no skill-based matchmaking. I definitely would, but obviously I can't speak for everybody; I'm just one person on the internet with a pretty outspoken opinion, but again, we've got to have some kind of opposition, haven't we on the platform?

Because, like everybody goes on, you just make Cod articles for Mo. Well, why don't those same people just say to the positive influences out there that there's at least 100 positive influences for one negative out there? Why don't you go and say to those people, Why are you overly positive all the time?

Why are you never critical of the game at all? Go and ask them that question instead of coming on my channel and just going, Why are you negative all the time? Again, somebody's got to speak out for the disgruntled Call of Duty players, and there are a lot of them out there. Unfortunately for all of us, it keeps on getting delayed again and again, which isn't great, but Mark Ruben, one of the old developers you know from when Call of Duty was good, wants to actually release the game in an absolutely fantastic state.

We've just realized—well, we've just actually been told by Mark and the rest of his team there at the studio he works for—that mine's gone blank and that at least they're working on it. There's a prestige system for the game, so it's going to be like an old-school card in real life. In regards to the prestige system, there is going to be seasonal stuff as well for you to work towards, but there's going to be a complete one, the prestige system, in the game, which is amazing; there is no skill-based matchmaking.

You are being clear about that a bit of Lobby balancing, which isn't terrible; even if it were me, I wouldn't even have that in, but again, you know it is what it is. It's a no-brainer for me. I've got no idea, M. I love you all, Cherio. Bye-bye for now.

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