News - Call Of Duty Warzone 2 2023 Full Campaign Walkthrough Part 3 (no Commentary)


When Backov escaped, he mobilized his army on multiple fronts. The Cony group hit the Ukhan port before sunrise. Far was there; she hurt Negative, her team engaged, took casualties, and left Cony with a kill count of her own good on NE. What they get from the port is a shipment of American missiles; Cony's got their own missiles.

We need to find out. I'm tracking them now, and once I get a fix, I will take action, as you said, on multiple fronts. Well, give us a target. Coney forces are converging on a nuclear power plant in Zstan. As we speak, was the plant active and abandoned when the Ulf beat Barkov? Then what's there for all four of you?

As soon as you can, Rog, Ghost, and I will wreck the plant. Soap and gas secure the perimeter. If macaros go into nuclear, we'll stop him in his tracks. Solid copy; let's get after a Bravo 1. Watch your one to Bravo. ISR is overhead; be advised, Con has three hilos on the ground locations marked with orange smoke extract points for the nuclear material affirmative.


These hilos are your primary targets; destroy them, and we can keep this threat contained. Roger is moving to OverWatch. He has eyes on you, Captain. I'll relay what I see from overhead. Thanks for the assistance. Watch up mov means all hands on deck. Target all stations. We're seeing Coney patrols on the outer perimeter.

They're searching the area. Stay on them. No radiation GE doesn't add up. They could be after more than just nuclear material. Stay on them. I got their attention, C reinforcements, and the incoming captain is still not picking up any radiation. Johnny Garrick Anything that goes is corny; there's no radioactive material.

What's the con after staying on it? Over Bravo Con's on the Move Lots of radio chat could be the ex they're looking for. Their eyes look like they're converging on the reactor, and that's where we need to be. Bravo weapons hot push to the reactor headed to your making, Entry: sign I've got an enemy Hilo overhead; it's at the reactor deployed by ROP Bo Soften, bringing that secondary extraction.

call of

We have to stop them, [__]. Hell, all the station's con's are extracting chemical weapons, and con's are taking the gas out on that Hilo. We're going to lose them. Watcher, can you track them? The onic ghost stands by. This is six reactors's seal. I'm logged in to ISR shows. Personnel entering the reactor: I can't stay up here; that's on cover point where you can.

Sir Easy Cap, you beat the gas, but he still needs some time to recover. I'm fine; I got a headache, and always he's good. I was worried your face was going to make Mel all play those other poor bastards. You ask me if it's an improvement. Con got away with the chemicals, affirmative Rob has been out of prison for 6 hours, and he's already ahead of us.

The [__]] is in the gas remnants of Barkov's program's highly concentrated, far more lethal one. POG contaminated the whole area; they made off with enough to kill the whole country right now. It's in Pharaoh's backyard; we've got

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