News - Call Of Duty Warzone 2 (2023) Pc Full Walkthrough Part-11 : Simon. Ghost. Riley

Marov aims to finish what he started in fans; he's ordered Con to strike the Gora Dam at nightfall; he blows the dam; it'll wash away the whole city; careless lives will be lost if he follows the Playbook; he'll pin it on far in the west; unless we stop it, you handle the D. Alex and my soldiers tracked Con to an air strip in northern Urzikstan.

We believe it's Makarov's forward operating base. I'll be heading up an assault there in the morning. Yours just can't go out alone; they won't. Shadow will provide air support; we can't let the fire danger close to farewell troops. I trust Shadow overhead. You told me to put Graves on a leash, and that's what I'm going to do.

Keep it real short, General; you really do want to win. You're damn right; I do. Guys, and I deploy with fire soap and ghost. Take the dam Rog Nick will provide. Transports don't get compromised. We won't, sir. Keep your guard up and stay sharp. Good luck, everyone. Watcher 1: Bravo! At our primary set points, the advised Cony personnel are grouping near multiple locations below your security for the demolition teams.

Safeguards in the bombs are finding the charges and getting them disarmed. Too many lives are at stake to fail. Watch out; I'm moving on. PowerHouse, we're literally chasing the fuse here. 07, keep pushing, moving south to the catwalks. An explosion here would be [__]. The powerhouse and support structures all collapse; we can't let that happen.

Ston, enemy enforcement. Clear Ral 71 to Watcher one go for Watcher we've got a problem up here got gas can in the water don't makarov's going to poison the water supply makarov's not just flooding the sea he's lacing the water, you two are the only ones standing in his way right now, get to work ghost they're sweeping the area stay out of sight, brak's over LT let's.

Go, 07 You're closing on the bridge. Coney activity is high; expect contact. The bridge controls the water flow; they blow it, and it'll put a billion gallons over the desk. You flood the whole sea and kill everyone in here. The bridge could be a target ghost. Search the area for explosives. Watch yours spillway is clear, all bombs are disarmed, and we're good up top.

Reservoir is a secure, solid copystand by Yankee. This is Watcher one requesting immediate xill for soap on the secondary hlz. Ghost, behold tight, and copy one inbound now. Move your ass. Nick We got cargo to load, Roger, on make

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III is a 2023 first-person shooter video game developed by Sledgehammer Games and published by Activision. It is a sequel to 2022's Modern Warfare II, serving as the third entry in the rebooted Modern Warfare sub-series and the twentieth installment in the overall Call of Duty series. The game was released on November 10, 2023.
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