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It works on Warzone as well, but there are a few changes you might want to make to it. This thing is overpowered, it's fast, it's disgusting, and it's going to drop enemies fast. Part 2 article, guys. Before we get into the class setup, you can drop a like on this article. We're going to go for 2,000 likes; that would be amazing if we could hit that goal.

Now that it's nerfed, it's still one of the best SMGs in the game, but if you're using it strictly as an SMG, you're using it wrong. I'm going to tell you that right now, what you want to do with this class instead is actually use it for long-distance mid-range. Close range and every range possible—you want to build a class that's going to do well in all of those ranges.

On multiplayer, there are a few perks I'm running. I've been playing around with different perks recently, but I always come back to the same ones, and that's double-time scavenger and cold-blooded. And in my opinion, those are the best perks to use. I like them, but I know perks are like, it really depends on your play style and stuff, but for my play style, those are my favorite perks.

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Then we got stem shots, we got thermite, and we got dead silence. The secondary weapon doesn't matter too much; just have whatever you like, but the actual class for this is really good. This is where the gun gets amazing, so the first thing is not going to be a muzzle brake. Normally I run a muzzle on this gun, but I actually went for a barrel instead, and that is the forge attack ninja.

What you get with this is sound suppression, bullet velocity damage, range, and recoil control—all great things that you want for this class. These are going to help you get those kills at longer ranges, but this gun also has barely If you notice the gameplay in the background, I'm shooting this thing.

ADS, hip recoil, control, and movement speed, but we're going to fix that; that's no issue right there in the tuning. That's going to actually work better in your favor for the ads we're going to work on different attachments, because before the barrel, the barrel is the best one to get the range, so that's what I recommend doing for the tuning.

best class setup

There After that, we got the laser, which is the VLK laser at 7 megawatts. Now, this one is great. Ever since you're able to tune lasers in this game, it's been so much easier to actually run lasers than it was before, so this one right here is great. What you're going to put on or what it gives as a pro I should say ADS: speed aiming, stability, and sprint to fire speed.

Now, the aiming stability doesn't matter all that much; we don't really care for that, but the ads and the Sprint of Fire are what you really want. The only con with this, luckily, is that your laser is visible when you're advertising. If you are actually using this, you don't get any recoil cons, you don't get any damage range cons, you don't get any of that, so it's actually pretty to me.

It's a bonus attachment; it's a free attachment to get ads and sprint to the fire. The only thing is that the enemies will see your laser now that you've done the actual tuning for this one for the Sprint of Fire, and you're going to put it anywhere in between. 0.29 and 0.35, that is, going to keep the handling at the highest while also leaving the accuracy pretty high as well, and then for the ads, you're going to put it at minus 16.45.


I found this to be the best number. You don't have to max it all the way out. The ads are really fast with this, and the accuracy is really nice with it as well. Now the next attachment on this one is going to be the F-TAC, X Command Stock. This one is really good, and I recommend running it on the war zone class as well, but we'll get into that in a minute.

The F-Tac X Command Stock: The pros are recoil control and nothing else whatsoever, but, Crouch, your movement speed. Now, I'm not the type to crouch and walk around the map too much, so I don't see that as a con at all, but if you are one of those people who play in that style, I don't know why you would do that.


There's no recoil tuning on this one because normally, when there's a recoil tuning, it's tied to the ads. Luckily, on this one, it's aim walking steadiness, or ABS, that you get to choose on the bar on the left, and what I did here was I put the ads at minus 1.55, and that actually gives a nice amount of ad speed, at least a boost, for this attachment, where you do lose ads to begin with, and then for the aim walking speed versus the aim stability, idle stability.

I put it towards the aim walking speed at minus Point 85, and it's really nice there. After that, we got the fourth attachment for this gun, which is going to be the rear grip, the fennec rubber grip. Now this one's amazing because again, the only con is recoil control, but if you're watching the gameplay in the background, you already know that this gun barely has any recoil, even at long distance it's not, so you get Sprint to Fire and, you get ads, don't worry about the recoil control there normally.

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When it comes to a con on the rear grip The recoil control, if it is a con, isn't something too crazy, so I would really recommend running this one right here. For the actual tuning on this one, you're going to put the ABS at 0.71. And the sprint to fire at 0.13, don't actually put it higher than those, don't max it out or anything; it actually makes the gun worse if you put it towards these ones right here; you're going to get the fastest sprint to fire and the fastest ads for this class.

Now we do have one free attachment remaining on this gun, and I don't want to run an underbarrel. I can't run a muzzle because my muzzle is locked to the barrel, and I don't want to run an extra magazine because when you run the bigger magazine, the Panic. Mag 45, there's a lot of cons and there's Sprint to fire ads.

Reload quickness and movement speed—those are too many cons to lose, in my opinion, for 15 bullets, so what I did was actually run an ammunition test. Now, I normally don't do this, but I put the 0.45 in auto, over-pressurized. P plus P gives you the target of Flinch. So when you're shooting at your enemy, they're going to flinch a lot more.

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You barely lose any at all, but you do make your enemy flinch, which could help you in those longer-range gunfights. So definitely throw that on once. Someone starts shooting at you if you're hitting your shots; they're going to flinch a lot more than they should, and it's just going to be easier for you to get the kills now if you're playing Warzone.

Let's get into that class quickly. Here's what you're going to want to do instead of running the ammunition: Actually putting on an optic, and why would you put an optic on the fennec if you're using this for close range Like I said, this gun is very good for mid- and long-range shooting as well, so I would focus on trying to get the Slimline Pro-Pro optic.

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