News - 3 Best Working Glitches Modern Warfare 3/warzone After Patch 1. 41. Free Heavy Metal Camo

free blueprint glitch mw3

So let's go ahead and get right into it. XP 5, 000 XP If you guys have one of these operators equipped with the Scar King bundle, let's go ahead and look at the heavy metal camo here from Modern Warfare 3. It looks really nice. I already have this, but you guys can get one of these bundles in the store. If you have this equipped, you guys will get 5, 000.

First trick method!

First trick method!

XP bonus every single time that you play a game, that's also a nice addition. You need to equip your decoy grenades. You need to make sure you have this modular assault rig equipped, so make sure you have this unlocked because every time you walk over somebody who's dead, you can replenish your decoy grenades when you walk over dead people.

I want yall to take down this best-class setup for the tempered Razer back because this shit is so fucking op and hardcore. I only play hardcore, so you guys can see I'm going off with this gun right here. Shout out to Faze Santana from the Nuke Squad with this build because he came out with this, and this was yesterday.

He made a tweet about it, and I had to use it, and I had to rank up this gun because I didn't have it ranked up, but Double XP is live, so I said hell, let me go ahead and rank this up, and this gun is absolutely a fucking beast. But these are my three top favorite glitches and tricks, whatever you want to call them, here in Modern Warfare 3 and also in War Zone.

If you don't want to do the tier skip for War Zone, just play Rebirth Island over and over and over, and you guys will get a lot of tier progression, or if you're at work, you guys can basically just go AFK. But if I helped you out with these methods that I've shown you here today in my article, make sure I drop a fat like, make sure you share with your friends and family, and I'll catch you guys on my next article.

Second glitch

Second glitch

Let's Go ahead and get right into it. I'm going to be showing you guys how to get any blueprint variant here in Modern Warfare 3 for free, and you guys can save them as a custom mod. Now I do want to make a note. Okay, if you don't have the new DLC weapons unlocked, or if you don't have the weapons unlocked, this will not work.

Okay, no matter what you do, it will be locked, so please, please make sure you guys get the sectors where the new weapons are. Make sure you get them unlocked, and then you guys will be good to go, and you guys can use those custom mods that you guys saved. Now, the first thing you need to do is go down to the war zone, so let's go ahead and do that right now.

Now that we're going here to a private match, it's loading up here in the background; it may take a couple of seconds for it to really load up, so we're waiting for that. All right now that you guys see create a private match, go ahead and do that. Select any mode, and it'll say connecting the server.

free bundles mw3

Once that is passed, you guys can go ahead and join the squad and then go to your weapons. This is where you need to basically put the weapon that you guys want to have all the attachments with, so if you have the Moors and the new FJX. Horus SMG, you guys can basically have that at level one, and you guys can basically put any attachment without having to level the weapon up at all, so you guys can see right here.

I got the fjx horse already done, and I got the more sniper saved as a custom mod blueprint. And you guys can see I'm deleting it and I'm going to just remake it again, so I'm putting all the attachments right back onto that gun, so you see me doing this right now. All the attachments are done; save it as a custom mod.

mw3 camo glitch

Now that that's out of the way, go back into the war zone out of private match, and then we're going to go and set up a class right here. You go to the gun, and you guys will see it is unlocked. Now you see that it's locked for me because I don't have the more sniper unlocked on this account, so if you have the gun already unlocked, you will have that custom blueprint, now this one right here.

I don't have the black cell from the battle pass. I'm going to show you right now how you can get this from your friends. If one of your friends on your friends list has this gun, go to a private match in Modern Warfare 3 that you're seeing right now on the screen. Now that we're here in a private match, what you're going to do is click the menu and go to social.

So right here, we're going to go to social. Whatever gun they have, I'm going to see what gun this guy has. He has the black cell battle pass, so I want Mo's black cell. Blueprint variant that you're seeing right here, we're going to expect it, we're going to go ahead and view it, and then you're going to save it as a custom, Mod.

mw3 camo glitches

That's all you have to do, so now if I already have the mo sniper unlocked through the battle pass, you guys will be able to use it; you don't even have to get the black cell bundle. This is why this glitch is so goddamn good because you can unlock any camo, so if this guy has a parallax or interstellar camo, it's going to be saved as a custom blueprint, so yeah, you can get camos attachments.

You don't even have to rank up the new weapons that you guys have unlocked. This goes for any weapon in Modern Warfare 3. It doesn't matter which one, so we're going to go ahead and back out of a private match. Okay, I'm doing that right now. I'm going to walk y'all through this so you know what to do.

We're going to go ahead, and I play hardcore a lot, so we're just going to go into this game mode, so let's go ahead and click on that, and when you click on the game mode that you guys are in for Modern Warfare 3. I'm just going to back out because I don't want to look for a game. Go to your weapons and go to your loadout, as you guys will see right here.

mw3 glitches today

I'm going to go to my class. You guys will see the blueprint that I saved from the social menu when I view that gun that he had from the black cell for the Moors. Sniper, you guys will see that now in the FJX. I saved that gun in a private match as a custom mod. It's here if you have the gun already unlocked, you guys will see it there.

It will be unlocked. I just don't have these guns unlocked within the battle pass; you have to get them through the battle pass, but I saved the more sniper black cell from my friend, and it's right here. You guys can get any blueprint variant, even the new Godzilla King Kong. Blueprint variant weapons, that I showed in the beginning of the article, you guys can get that shit right now, so this is a very fucking op that you guys can do and take advantage of right now, so this is really awesome, so make sure you leave a like.

Make sure you leave a comment. I will reply to you guys if you need help joining my Discord. If you guys want to get any services from me, you can. So with that being said, I think I did everything well in this article. You guys know how to do this. Get it done.

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