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Free multiplayer access

Free multiplayer access

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we have received a brand new update, and along with that, there's a bunch of different patch notes, so I'm going to cover everything that you need to know about today's brand new update. The first thing that we have received is free access to multiplayer as well as zombies, so right now all you need to do is get the game downloaded, and you'll be able to play it.

New playlist update & zombie access

I also received a brand new playlist update, and that brought in Rustman 24/7, which is also free access; MH Pit and Highrise Me Afghan; and Terminal, which's also available for free access; and then all of you as well as you have Grease 24/7. As long as you can get it done in these next couple days, then you should be good to go, and this is going to go all the way up until the 18th, at 10:00 a.

Mw3 multiplayer patch notes

modern warfare 3

M pacific Standard Time, but let's talk about the patch notes that we ended up receiving, so they separated them into two different blog posts, and we'll go over both of them. The first one we have is for multiplayer. It means global stability and performance. It addresses an issue experienced by some players that caused items previously unlocked to become unavailable to equip for weapons and attachments.

The ARs, the Ram 7, and the Speedway V5 short barrel attachment are now available to equip in the gunsmith for equipment. The breacher drone improved impact detection to prevent inflicting more explosive damage on players than intended and for customization. The Crimson Fate and Carbon Fate laser attachment skins will no longer appear as default skins when equipped with shotguns, and players who purchased the GG Easy Weapon Vault bundle will not be able to use customizations for the On the Hound eye integrated optic attachment.

modern warfare 3 1.36 patch notes

Animation emblems are now properly rewarded upon reaching prestige levels 1 through 5 in the coming days. Grant these items to players who met the requirement prior to today's fix. Storm Ender's Priceless and Interstellar reward emblems will now display the correct emblems. Art, and then for multiplayer, they also did some bug fixes, and the kills column on the scoreboard will now chalk properly in the war mode conversion kit attachment slot for certain weapons will no longer appear locked despite requirements being met.

Exiting a blueprint preview will no longer kick the player back to the multiplayer menu when using a controller. Hovering over the Santa Sligh Ground Battle pass sector will no longer kick the player back to the multiplayer, and menu clicking on the View bundle button on the battle pass bundle in the Operators tab will no longer kick them either, so it's just a bunch of different issues that they saw, and they ended up fixing progression challenges that require enemy equipment to be destroyed.

modern warfare 3 1.36 update

They will now progress upon the destruction of the following field upgrade, so ACS Scrambler Deployable covers Med Box Munitions Box portable radar and the rest of these, so now it's not only claymor you have to worry about, but you can also take care of these and it'll help you with your challenge as well, which I think is a really good thing, and then weapon and attachments, the ray gun, implemented measures to prevent illicit usage.

Outside of the support mode, people are running around using the ray gun in multiplayer, for which I'll be making a article and discussing why that is and how you'll be able to get it yourself, but other than that, let's talk about the map and operation. Spearhead War elimin El Minated eliminated an atam map exploit in which players were able to access an unintended rooftop, eliminated an atam map exploit in which players were able to get underneath the map, and then for the modes gunfight and private match, the split screen will no longer cause a dev error.

Search and Destroy address an issue causing unintended XP rates for various match events, and for the playlist, increased TDM kill confirmed score limits, so now 12 V12 will be 150. 10 V10 will be 125, and small maps will be 125. Private matches with CDL rules-enabled restrictions are now accurate to the competitive set settings 1.0 specification.

A training course has returned, allowing players to learn basic movement and combat skills for the perks. The ghost TV C players can now be stationary for 2 seconds before anti-radar effects are disabled.

Mw3 zombies patch notes

Mw3 zombies patch notes

And now we're going on into zombie mode, so act for dead signal adjustments to the escape defeat. gorm-gint step of the dead signal Mission: Light-armored zombie enemy types have been added during this step to provide a source of ammo for players for the gameplay contracts.

The ether extraction addresses an issue that would eliminate players who attempted to overload an ether extractor as the contract's time runs out and for the zombies. ether warm addressed an issue that allowed the gry LM to instantly die when spawned and addressed an issue where getting eaten by the grey L and grabbed by a mimic at the same time could cause the player to get pushed under the map for the UI changes.

Weapons addressed an issue that displayed incorrect Brewin MK9 attachment unlock descriptions in the aftermarket report, and they did some stability fixes to resolve a PC-specific crash encounter at the start of season 1. This fix was released on Monday, December 11th, and added various crashes and stability.

Warzone patch notes

modern warfare iii

Fixes for the war zone side of things Here we go. We got the game play for Battle Royale strongholds. A black side key will only be rewarded the first time a stronghold is completed. Subsequent captures by other squads will not reward a key for resurgence redeployment; the resurgence redeployment mechanic will now be disabled at the end of Circle 3, and for public events, public events have been disabled in circles 1 and 2, reducing the chances for a public event to occur later in circles.

NEW MW3 UPDATE 1. 36 Weapon Nerfs, Free Multiplayer Access, MORE! Modern Warfare 3.
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