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Com You can get absolutely anything from bot lobbies over there to camos to schematics to MW3, MW2, and stuff. It's unreal they've got tons of reviews on their website on Trustpilot as well. Use code neon for 10%. So for the first glitch I'm going to show you, I need to explain the Tier 3 contract.

Okay, you're probably going to think, What the hell do you mean, explain the Tier 3 contracts? It's easy to explain, trust me. If you don't listen to this part, some of you are going to waste so much time, and not only time; you're going to waste resources as well, such as crystals, dog bones, and stuff like that, if you have them.

Different zombie games seem to have different rotations on their Tier 3 contracts, meaning, for example, if I pick up the Spore Control contract, it's going to spawn in the same area. Again, after I've either completed that contract or canelled it, it's going to spawn in the exact same location. This Outlast contract, right here, spawned at the top side of the tier-free zone.

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Now that I've spawned at the top side of the tier three zone, it means I'm never going to get one at the bottom side of the tier three zone for the whole game, and that's what we're needing. We're needing an Outlast contract at the bottom side of the zone, and if you think you can go in and do a bunch of contracts and cancel them and think that it changes the location of the actual contracts themselves spawning, then it doesn't all that will do is make new contracts spawn, but there'll always be in the same locations, no matter what, but there'll be different contracts.

Now that I've explained all that, you can go into a game of zombies and bring in all the loot you want; it's completely up to you. It doesn't matter if you don't need the op loot; it just makes your life 10 times easier. The scorcher itself is very useful for traveling. It's also going to be good for one of the glitches I'm going to be showing you later.

The dog bone is also going to be very useful for another one of the glitches I'm also going to be showing. This article is going to contain tons of nice, awesome glitches that you've probably not seen before, including unlimited Essence from a glitched-out Tombstone. Also, op loot is very useful for this as well, so if you have the Tombstone glitch, then good for you.

modern warfare 3 glitches

So I'm now in a game, and before I use all my good loot, I'm going to check the map and make sure that the contracts are where I want them to be, for example. This bounty is now at the bottom side of the map, and we also have an outlast at the bottom side of the map, meaning every game they're going to spawn at the bottom side of the map now, and that's the rotation for certain contracts.

The reason I'm going through all this and going straight into details is because this one Outlast, Contract, is so beautiful. A beautiful Outlast contract is going to be what's going to cause all of these glitches. It's very good that I'm going to be showing you this article when you activate that certain Outlast contract.

modern warfare 3 weapon xp

It's going to spawn the actual Outlast itself. In the building in the middle of the red zone, that big, massive building, that's where it's going to spawn, so you want to get in and you want to claim that contract before anyone else. Just go over and activate it. You don't even need to go over and do anything to do with the contract; just make sure you pick up that little phone device and activate that contract before anyone else in the game does, so you've secured it.

Now that that's done, you're fully set up. You can go get yourself, all of the perks that you want, pack-a-punch, all your weapons, and just get yourself fully set up. Bring up a weapon that you want to get weapon levels on; bring that into the game with you as well. It's completely up to you and what you want to do, trust me.

I know that it seemed like there was such a long way to set up this glitch, but it wasn't; it's mainly just trying to explain how it works so you can go in and do it the quickest way possible. When you know what you're doing, it is very quick. If you want to do this the easiest way possible, you need to get yourself an LTV, a flatbed, or a truck.

modern warfare 3 xp glitch

If you have to scorch, you do not need to get any of these at all, but it does make it easier if you get them, and if you do not have the scorch, then you have no choice. Look at what this mimic did to my truck, by the way, but this itself was just weird, and I just couldn't believe that happened because that's never happened to me before.

Once you have a truck, you want to go in and activate the contract itself, the Outlast, inside the building, and then you want to do the unlimited zombie spawn glitch by going in and out of the area that the Outlast is in, so go in and out and shake it all around, and you just kind of do it over and over again until it gets to run about 133% and above, and then you leave it alone and go out of the area.

This is why it's good that you have unlimited Essence from the Tombstone glitch, because you can buy a bunch of monkey bombs at this point and distract all the zombies with the monkeys while you do this part of going in and out of the area to make it so you have the unlimited zombie spawns. You'll know you've done it correctly.

mw3 camo glitch

If you let the thing go down to 0% on the left-hand side, a bunch of zombies will still start spawning, and you have unlimited zombie spawns. That's the first glitch and now I'm going to show you how this truck is useful so yeah that's is your typical unlimited Outlast contract Zombie Glitch that you can do at any Outlast contract that I've shown before but the stuff I'm about to show you now I've not shown before so I've done tons of testing with this and there's multiple glitches that I need to show you so for an example once you've got the unlimited zombie started, this is where it becomes fun, you can either go under this Digger I've shown that before and that obviously will make the zombies pile up you can go AFK with a dog bone if you want or if you use the truck and come over to this location right here you can actually jump inside of this wall, and when you're inside of this wall you can go completely.

mw3 glitch

AFK as long as you have a dog bone and have your own dog, the dog will go around and kill the unlimited zombies, and the zombies will not hit you whatsoever. And if you've got a healing aura on, you can activate that, and the dog will just completely. Just stay alive for the whole game, and you will get tons of Tier 3 zombie kills for you, and you can get an unlimited amount of kills and XP.

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