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I have decided to make the most updated and detailed Tombstone glitch tutorial on YouTube. This is going to show you how you can go from nothing to absolutely everything, so as always, everyone, make sure to do me a huge favor and drop a like on this article. Let's start 2024 off with a bang. Now in that zombie chat, you will see there's a bunch of people in there that can actually help you.

The guy is the limit with this server; they can drop your backpacks. Essence points, schematics, everything you could possibly want within zombies—they're there to help my zombies. Discord Community is insane, so definitely check it out. So this is indeed a St. move absolutely, nothing whatsoever, so we want to go into a zombies game to start this off.

Obviously, if you want to get a large amount of items, then you need to go over and get a large backpack first. That's the main priority at this location right here on the map; that's the best place I have found personally to get a large backpack. Even if you want to skip out on the grinding part and you have Discord or all sorts of places to get things given to you right away, you need to get a large backpack first.

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If you're wanting to get tons of items and unlock a bunch of schematics, let's pause real quick and have a quick word from today's sponsor. This article would not be possible without them. Are you too lazy, or do you just need all your weapons? Max rank on MW3, or what about the interstellar, camo, or zombie camos as well?

It's completely up to you. If you want any of these camos, then I'm going to show you how you can do this instantly. It's the same as zombie schematics as well. If you want them instantly, you can go to {420} to get them. Not only do they do weapon camos and zombie schematics, they do bot lobbies as well.

It gets better and better; they even do MW2, unlocks such as Ayan Camo, and so much more. If you want MW2 unlocks, they've got tons of reviews on Trust Pilot. They're 100% legit and trusted. Okay, where were we? Yeah, so this location is right here. If you go to this location on the map, you can get yourself a large backpack very easily.

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Now the chances of one spawning are very high, so if you go in and up the stairs, there's a bunch of these lockers you can loot, And try to find yourself a large backpack in here. Not only will you get a large backpack in here most of the time, you will also get a three-plate armor vest or a two-plate armor vest, and a lot of the time you will end up finding medium backpacks as well.

If you don't find a large backpack in there, go through this door and take the exact route I take. Now I'm going to show you a location where there are a lot more lockers that you can use. There will be this big, massive open area, and if you go down the stairs and through the door, you will see there's more of these lockers that you can access.

So let's say you get over to these lockers inside the building as well, and there's no large backpack. Then don't worry; there's one more space you can check. Go outside, and you'll see a digger. Past the digger, there's another little warehouse with two lockers in it, and you can try and find yourself a large backpack in there now.

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Unfortunately, in this game I did not find one, meaning I'm going to go to an x-fill Chopper and come back in the next game and try and find one again. You could if you wanted to go over to the Tier 3 buy station and buy a large backpack, but that costs a lot of essence points. It's quicker to just X filling coming back in and coming back to this location to try and find one, so guess what?

That's what I did. I went up the stairs, went to the lockers, and boom, I found a large backpack. I very easily took that large backpack, and I also managed to find myself a free plate armor vest in these lockers as well. Now I'm going to show you how you can duplicate things solo, so to obviously start this off, you want to go in and put all the stuff you want to duplicate in your backpack.

Get yourself a large backpack, as usual; it's very important. Then put in all the stuff you want to duplicate. Within this large backpack, leave one slot free, because we're going to leave that slot for another large backpack because, obviously, you're going to be killing yourself and leaving the game again, so I also recommend putting on decoys and a thrown knife.

modern warfare 3 xp glitch

This can help you in some sticky situations. Go into a new game and try and find yourself a large backpack while you've still got all the stuff on you just go to the location that I showed you earlier, once you have done that you want to do a contract to get yourself enough money to buy yourself Tombstone, from the machine itself once you buy the tombstone you now want to down yourself from a zombie just make sure you have no self- revise activated because that will mess it up and then you won't actually be able to do this part but you now want to give up once you down yourself from the zombies and leave the game once you've left the game you want to go into a brand new game and you'll have nothing on you you'll have nothing at all you go over to your Tombstone and you'll see you've got a small backpack, that's why I told you to put a large backpack within your Tombstone, cuz you can use that and collect all these items now you want to go over to a mission Chopper and close your application.

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When you're on the Mission Chopper. I'll talk more about that, how the Choppers and the missions work, and all of that good stuff soon, so if you want to know how that works, just wait a minute or so. Okay, so now when you go ahead and come back to the game, you'll see that you have all of the stuff in your inventory.

Now all the stuff in your inventory you can do the unlimited stash glitch with, so you click on the item you want to do the unlimited stash glitch with, and you go over to your rewards section and swap it with a reward. Now on the reward you want to click unequip, and it will automatically put that back to your reward section, and then all that stuff will be in your stash now, so you've got an unlimited amount of stash that you can use, which is very useful.

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Once you've successfully stashed all the stuff that you brought out with you, go into a fresh game, and you'll notice your Tombstone logo will be on the map. Go over to the tombstone. Simply open it up, and all the stuff will be there. You can loot it again. Now the large backpack's going to be useless at this point, so you can just drop that.

Now I'm going to show you how you can use the portal to take the stuff out with you, activate the portal to go into the dark ether, and just make sure you open up your map to vote. Yes, for now, once it counts down, and as soon as it goes to the screen where it's going to start pulling you in to the portal, you now want to quit your application, so that's how it works when it comes to the xils.

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