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All right guys, we are breaking point on once again compiling the best pro-class setups currently available in Modern Warfare 2. These are the gentleman's agreement-approved ones the pros use day to day, but there are also some even better versions that you might want to try out in ranking. As with our previous ranked play lowdown articles, the pros still use these two variations of the TAC 56 as the base guideline for their builds.

The only difference is the change of stock from Cardinal, the strafe stock, versus the ad stock, the TV X line Pro. However, recent findings from Cod scientists, exclusive to Ace, have discovered that the high velocity attachment is a detriment to the attack 56 around the 40 to 60 meter ranges, with the barrel alone having a better velocity to reach a 60 meter target at 44 milliseconds compared to the high velocity and thunder barrel of 57 milliseconds.

best cdl mw2 class

On top of this, the range is below 40 meters, which has zero impact on the bullet velocity with high velocity, so it's safe to say this attachment is a waste as most maps in the game do not have 80-meter gunfights like Warzone or you might find in ground war. By using these two classes as our foundational loadouts, we can now measure what the major Ford Champions have decided to remove and swap out to fulfill the roles of the main AR and the flex.

For instance, let's dive into the Major 4 MVP, octaneers, who drop the high velocity in favor of a joint horizontal and vertical recoil control muscle called the FJX fulcrum. This is a great choice for the dual recoil control properties, followed closely by the second tread 40 and the Komodo Heavy, the two replacements you can equip in exchange for the fulcrum.

The second tread 40 is for the vertical and horizontal, with the vertical having the majority of recoil assistance and the Komodo Heavy for great horizontal. Control only: all of these muzzles are great for consistently ranged battles but do add a 40 millisecond ads penalty, so we may recommend the use of a flash hider and Commando foregrip as these attack threads have seen a drastic reduction to their radius penalties with the recoil and aim stability benefits only slightly worse if not similar to a 40 millisecond ads recoil control muzzle, as we'll see later when we talk about the van snev and the MP7.

For this, we suggest dropping the shark fin for the Commando foregrip and only increasing the ads by 13 milliseconds. With a three percent increase to both recoil and gun kick controller, after which we can swap out the high velocity for the Corvus Slash Gen 2, which already hurts SP by 15 ms and 25 milliseconds. Less than any recoil control muzzle for around 10 to 15 views, and gun kick recoil control is not far off something like the FJX Fulcrum Pro, so before we go on to the vasnif, the following Tac 56 classes on screen are what you will generally want to use for the rest of season 3 and what we will see pros like Octane still using going into major 5.



Known to many in the community as the best shotgun in Modern Warfare 2, the Vassanev 9k has also seen an update to its meta-class setup previously. Equipped with the Bruin pendulum muzzle, this is a 40 Ms recall control muzzle of both vertical and horizontal, but it's been replaced by the quicker 15 Ms, ads, spiral V 3.5 flash, and hider with season 3 muzzles.

Flash hiders and foregrips gained a great speed buff and have been translated into the Meta SMG loadouts. The flash hider is 25 ms quicker than the Bruin muzzle, with only a 10 percent decrease in its recoil control properties in comparison. The only suggestion we may make for those who still struggle with a vasnav is to maybe swap the foregrip 2 to the Commando 4 grip, gaining similar benefits as the TAC 56 with a 13 Ms, an ad penalty, but better aim stability at around a three percent increase to recall control as the shock fin only gives us the aim stability positives.



Season three has given us a potential challenger to the vastness Throne garnering, increased movement speed. ABS speed, and damage range, but to its attachments, the Vill 46, commonly known as the MP7, is a great choice and could be the potential meta if any other nerves come across the vas net in the next major update.

The gun was popularized on stream by Schottzy during some recent ranked play sessions, showcasing its prowess in Fire 8. We call it control and movement speed. Here's how to build the spiral V 3.5 flash hider. The Edge 47 grip Commando or shark fin demo rxt stock schlager Soldier grip and the 30 round mag: those final three attachments are vital for maintaining the superior movement and speed that they have to offer over the vasnet.

The 30-round mag recently received a buff to make it even faster than in the previous season. Try it out in your next ranked game.



The X12 is the go-to meta pistol for Modern Warfare 2, as it boasts incredible mobility. With its lack of recoil, the pros only use two attachments for the X12 as they have the G8 fire rate trigger, but with this being Cod-ranked, you can bet this stuff will always be in use.

We suggest using this class setup on screen. The XRK lightning fire trigger and the XRL ventor muzzle can be added to combat. The recoil control deficit comes from the Cronin Lima grip and the Luck 9 barrel attachment.


Once again, the sniper rifles have been butchered by the pros' gentlemen's agreement with all attachments, which are banned in professional play.

best mw2 m4

Screw that, though; let's boost those bullet velocities and speeds. The Lab and SPX are the two go-to rifles in professional play. Use these two attachments for the stock and rear grip to combat the slow 400 to 600 millisecond ad speeds and high velocity for a 30 to 40 percent increase in the bullet velocity to assist in better hit registration and lessen the need to lead your shots at range.

The optional choice is the speed bolt, which chambers the round faster at the cost of aim stability during the chain animation. Having said that the lab and the SPX are the go-to signals, Signal 50 did see some love during Major 4 from the likes of celium and beans. As the zoom for the base sniper scope is clean and the ability to pop shots off twice as fast due to it being a semi-auto sniper, we can see why it might be on the agenda for pro play.

Mobility and handling are not so great, but with these attachments, I think we can make it work for the stock. the so inline, for ads speed in the rear grip, you'll want the sa finesse grip for the Sprint to Fire, and for ads speeds in the underbarrel, the shark fin for aim stability and high velocity on your ammunition.

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