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Taq-56 loadout (cracked setup)

I went ahead and made my own class setup with stats behind it because this setup gives us the perfect balance between faster aim and outside speed and some good recoil control. For my muzzle. I'm using the x10 ported 90 here, and then for my underbarrel, we got the FSS shark fin 9-0 and the high velocity rounds for ammunition, and for my rear grip.

I'm using the demo clean shot grip, and for the stock, we have the TV X line Pro. Now I do want to talk about the FSS Shark Fin 90 barrel real quickly here, mainly because a lot of people will ask you what the point of using this attachment is and why pros use it. You know whether it's even worth it, so the short answer is yes because it has zero cons when you're in ranked play.

So basically, what that means is that when you're aiming down sights and you're not firing your weapon, you do notice your ironside swaying left and right. So basically, that's what aiming for idle stability does. It just helps stabilize the weapon in that sense. All right, so we're just going to do a quick demonstration of the TAC 56.

So the TAC 56 is a pretty fast ttk assault rifle, albeit it wasn't the most all-around assault rifle versus the 762 because you had a very consistent ttk of 200 milliseconds all the way out to about 45 meters or so, and also the headshot on the 762 was insane; it was about a hundred milliseconds, time to kill, so when it comes to the TAC 56, why it is next in line for the most all-around weapon in the game for ranked play is because it is great at longer ranges.

Kastov 545 loadout (fastest ttk)

Kastov 545 loadout (fastest ttk)

And here are my attachments that I do recommend: the x10 Havoc's nine-zero muzzle Now, the reason why I chose the X10 Havoc is mainly because it gives us a good balance between horizontal and vehicle control. However, this attachment is actually horizontal recoil and control dominant, so I wanted something with a more horizontal recoil dominant attachment, mainly because I want to be able to control that side-to-side bounce that you get when you're firing your weapon.

So it all came down to the f-tac castle comp and the x10 Havoc, and if you take a look at the stats that the x10 Havoc actually has Just a little bit more bang for your buck as far as horizontal recoil control You know. All right, so for the underbarrel, we're rocking again with the FSS shark fin 9-0, and then for my ammunition, I'm going with the 545.

High-velocity rounds, and then for the rear grip I went with the true tag grip, and for the stock I went with the drama cast, so you know when it comes to trying. To select which attachments you want to use, just put yourself in the situation of ranked play, where stats matter. Every gunfight matters, and it all comes down to who has the fewest cons in their setup.

So the reason I went with this specific attachment is because we literally get no cons. I know the only con here is aiming for stability. But that's a physical thing, you know, and it's not really within the state of the attachment itself. If that makes sense, I'll put a screenshot here of what I mean.

As you can see, there are actually no cons. The actual weapon performance is good, so aiming stability is something that you're really not going to notice too much because it's maybe just a visual thing; however, we do get some pretty nice aim walking and sprint speed.

Vaznev 9k loadout (meta smg)

Vaznev 9k loadout (meta smg)

All right, pros here all right, next up. I have my updated Vasniv9k class setup, and the reason why I say updated is mainly because I changed my stock here, so we'll talk about that in a little bit, but first for the muzzle, we have the Bruin pendulum now the Brewing pendulum.

I actually did a test back when rank play just came out because I wanted to see the difference between using the brew and pendulum and just using no muzzle at all, but the bruin pendulum actually does help you out in longer-range gunfights. I know it's an SMG and you're not supposed to be using a longer range, but there are going to be situations, especially when you think of something like Search and Destroy when it's a 1v1 and the gunfight is very important and you need to win that gunfight at range and you have no choice but to interact, where this will help you out in those kinds of situations.

best cdl classes mw2

The recoil control is going to kick in the second half of the magazine. Now for the Thunderbird again, we have the FSS shark fin 9-0; for the rear grip, we have the True Tech grip; and for the stock, I'm using the Marquee R7 stock. Well, this is the broadside FCT, so if you take a look at all those pros, it looks really nice and attractive and all, but if you actually compare it, it's the marquee and the broadside FCT, side by side.

You'll know that the marquave actually just gives you better bang for your buck, and when you use the broadside fct, you're pretty much sacrificing slower aim downside speed and also reducing your tactical sprint to fire speed as well. Just a little bit better recoil control than the Marquee R7. Again, I'll leave a screenshot on the screen just so you guys can look at it.

Pause the article if you need to or if you want to compare them. But that's why I went with the Marquee R7 stock because it just gives us the best bang for our buck. Now, you could also go with the Ultrazat stock; this one offers the least amount of cons. The only con here is the aiming stability.

So these next three class setups that I am going to go over with you guys are the Vel MP5, aka the Lachman sub, as well as the MX9, and the main reason why I'm choosing to put these as pretty much novelty guns is because the Festive is just simply the best you know as far as mobility range. It's just so good that's why pros use it now.

Vel 46 (novelty class)

Vel 46 (novelty class)

As far as all three of these go, they do have certain differences, pros and cons, and we'll get into that in a little bit, so for my bell class setup, this is what I do recommend using: the FSS shark fin 9 under the barrel, the Bruin cubic comp for the muzzle, and the 30 round for the magazine, as well as the zlr, combat grip, and the assault 60 stock.

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