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I figured at some point we'd update this top five list. Let's get into this now. Keep in mind that my list is completely subjective. I go buy what I perform best with and try to share my weapon attachments in my tunings with you. Your list could be completely different, and that's completely okay.

Your play style could be different than mine. I'd love to hear what they are. I'd love to see what your setups are. Maybe I could possibly try them out and review them for the article, so I'm going to start in.

Honorable mention

an honorable mention spot with the ISO Hemlock. It's a stunning weapon with low recoil and is extremely satisfying to get kills with, but we can all agree it was kind of overpowered, so they've reduced all of the damage ranges on the weapon so it's not exactly the most overpowered.

best class mw2

Choice anymore; I would put it on par, I suppose, with something like the cast-off 545. But just a smidge better because that recoil is still almost nonexistent. But at the end of the day. I still think it falls within one of the better weapons in this game, but it's not going to be in the top five, so we're going to go over an honorable mention class setup here, so the season three ISO.

Hemlock class setup is going to be starting here with the Slimline Pro optic. I personally do not like the iron sights; it is a preference, so if you like them, feel free to run them. Personally i like to run a reflex site, so feel free to use whatever one you're comfortable with tuning here at negative 2.32.

Towards aim downside speed, we got negative 2.25; towards far, that's to reduce the visual recoil. Now for a stock, you want the RCOM S4 to increase the mobility of the weapon. It gives you sprint speed, aiming walking speed, crouching speed, and aiming down sight speed. Yes, we are sacrificing a tiny bit of aiming stability and recoil control, but based on all the tunings and all these attachments, this weapon still has virtually no recoil whatsoever.

And that's by far the best stock to increase your chances at close range tuning: negative 1.55, towards aim down side speed negative 1.32, towards our aim blocking speed now down here in the rear grip, you want the x10 grip for even more mobility or I suppose aggressive type attachment and Sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed tuning is now plus 0.29 towards recoil steadiness and negative point 3-0 towards that Sprint to fire speed down for the underbro, you want the Commando 4 grip for a little bit of recoil stabilization and aiming idle stability to help us hit our longer range shots tuning is going to be negative 0.59 towards aim down sight speed and negative 0.19 towards a walking speed, and the last attachment is the RF Crown 50.



In pro matches, some pros have actually pulled this out during their CDL qualifiers, and I expect to see it at some of the major tournaments as well. the major tournaments, that is by far an underrated weapon, and I think it deserves the number five spot. We're going to start right here with a stock where we have the demo rxt stock that's going to be for crouch movement speed, sprint speed, and aim down side speed to help the overall aggressive attributes of the weapon.

This is definitely one you want to get up close and personal with, so losing some recoil control isn't a massive deal. So that being said, tuning is negative 2.32. Towards your aim down sight speed, then we got negative 1.78. Towards the aim walking speed for the underbro, we have the schlager soldier grip again to help the aggressiveness.

best class setup mw2

Sprint to fire speed name down sight speed is gained here tuning is going to be negative 0.39 towards aim down sight speed negative 0.25, towards the Sprint to fire speed all the way over here to a muzzle you don't need an underbell on this one you want the brew and pendulum for vertical and horizontal recoil control to help your medium range fights just because it's an SMG and just because it's an aggressive option doesn't mean you're not going to be forced to take some fights in uncomfortable ranges so keeping the recoil down is.

a positive in that sense but it's not a priority but the broom pendulum does a very good job at shooting across the map tuning is going to be negative 0.34, towards aim down sight speed plus 0.35 towards, the gun kick control for the barrel D schlager l203. Barrel damage, ship fire accuracy, and bullet velocity, while only sacrificing a tiny bit of aim-down sight speed and hip recoil, give you control now.

Like I just said, just because it's an aggressive weapon doesn't mean you're not going to be forced to take some gunfights outside of the weapon's preferred range, so the damage range is going to help it in those categories, so tuning is going to be a plus. 39, towards recoil steadiness, and negative 0.29 towards the aim-down sights.

Being our last attachment, it's going to be the Vok laser, 7 milliwatt, here giving you aim-down sight speed, aiming stability, and sprint-to-fire speed. I'm a little confused as to why it took off my tuning, but we're going to do that very quickly here, and we're going to have it right about here.

We're negative 0.29 towards the Sprint of Fire, and then we're going to get our tuning for the aim down, so I see negative 26.58. Like I said, this is an extremely underrated choice of weaponry here in Modern Warfare 2. If you have not given the MP7 or the Vel46 a try, definitely jump in the game with this setup, definitely go into the fine range, and give it a try.

You won't be disappointed in any way. I've had some crazy gameplay with this weapon.



At number four. I have the cast-off 70 for you, a weapon that only got nerfed once back in season one and, in my opinion, didn't get nerfed enough because it doesn't hold an assault rifle like statistics say; it's more or less an SMG. Statistics but i think people have learned to use the other weapons to compete better with this weapon so it kind of falls on the list I don't see this weapon nearly as much in my matches as I do for example the attack 56 the M4 or the vasnav so that being said it falls down my list this season but it's still a very good weapon nonetheless, so we're gonna change it up a little bit and we're gonna start here with the laser with the FSS oledv, like I said this weapon is definitely more of an SMG G than it is an assault rifle even though it's in the assault rifle category, you want to build this thing out like an SMG to find the most success you want to play extremely aggressive with it because of the high damage and decent fiery so the FSS Olo olev.

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