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Enter here in binding or huaji, and welcome back to another article of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 season 2 reloading. As you guys all know, with each update that comes to Modern Warfare 2, some guns rise to the top and some guns, you know, drop a little bit. I thought for today's article that I would show you guys my top five fastest guns, killing guns in Modern Warfare 2, and their best-class setups.

I want you guys to be equipped to go ahead and shred your opponents and go crazy on some Modern Warfare 2, and you guys know me; we've got class notes on every gun in the game. Lastly, shout out to the Notre Dame gang for always holding me down. Your comments are the absolute best, and just know that I appreciate you with all of my heart.

With all that being said, let's go ahead and start things off with the vastness of 9K. For the massive 9K. I like using the muscle of the AVR T90 compensator, you know, because it's going to give us that horizontal and vertical recoil control to make this gun extremely accurate for longer-range kills when it comes to tuning this attachment's left slider.

best class mw2

You're minimizing the con—you know, the loss of the negative attribute, which in this case is adsp. We're losing the least amount of ad speed because of this particular point, which is really going to superpower our guns, so definitely stay tuned—no pun intended—brother, this guy stinks, and use all the future Tunes moving forward, we got the bottom slider of the gun kick control at a point of 30 inches length, maximizing our control and making this gun more accurate across range, and we don't lose that much aiming stability for the second attachment.

We got the FSS OV laser, and this is going to maximize the ad speed, aim stability, and switch to fire speed, allowing us to bring up this SMG a lot faster and win more gunfights, giving us a faster time to kill when it comes to tuning. Less side is going to be spent to fire speed at negative point 11 ounces weight maximize, your sprint to fire speed, so we can bring up this SMG faster and have a faster time to kill plus we don't lose how much aim.

best class setups mw2

Milwaukee Stability's bottom and sides are going to have added speed and negative 21.39 feet of zeroing, maximizing distance. Our ad speeds would be more snappy with our aim, and, you know, we'd get our sights down on our opponents faster and have a faster time to kill. Plus, we don't lose that much aim because of stability when it comes to the stock.

We're rocking the options odd stock, which is going to give us aim walking speed and sprint speed. Sprint speed to move around the map faster to run into opponents or run away from them, and aim walking speeds to strafe left and right a lot more quickly and win more gunfights. The left side is going to be ads for the negative 2.97 ounces of weight maximization.

Your ads speed, and we don't lose that much aim walking sand that's bottom side is going to be aiming for stability at 1.94 inches, maximizing length. Our stability means we have less sway on the gun, which means we're going to be better at longer-range kills, plus we don't lose that much aim walking speed for our next attachment.

best classes mw2

We got the demo X2 grip rear grip, and this is going to give us a ton of recoil control, so combining this with the mods we talked about earlier allows us to be super accurate across range. The left cider tuning is 80 sp to negative 0.35 ounces of weight, maximizing your speed and your ad speed, plus we don't lose so much recoil sadness, and the bottom side is going to spin to fire speed at negative 0.10 inches of width.

Max Magnus pins his fire speed for a faster-sounding kill, and we don't lose that much aiming stability. Also, keep in mind that with all the tunes that I'm showing you guys today, if you can't get through these precise numbers, it's all good as long as you're one, two, or three off. You should still basically receive the maximum.

Benefits But yeah, those are all the attachments that we can tune, and for our last attachment, we got the 45-round magazine to have as much ammo as possible for multiple opponents. I still love the bastard of 9K; everybody still uses it in a ranked Play everybody's, but still use it in public matches because it's just that freaking good.

best cod mw2 loadouts

Use it for yourselves, and especially with this class, season two reloaded will be a breeze for you. I'm going to go over my general class setup really quickly, and then obviously we can get to the other guns, but for a secondary, I'm typically using the X12 Kimbos now. The attachments that I run on the X12 Kimbos are the Ft.

Steel Fire Muzzle, XRK 109 Trigger Action, 21 mW, Pistol Laser 24 Mile Magazine, and the Inbox 12 Rear Grip. Here's the tuning for the muzzle Here's the tuning for the trigger action, and here's the tuning for the laser. The Ikkoku X2 is a really common clutch, and they're very effective at taking down multiple opponents, so definitely rock them.

I also typically use stem shots for faster healing in drill charges for those pesky campers. So for our first attachment, we got the muzzle, the f-tac castle cop muzzle, which is going to maximize horizontal and vertical recoil control, and once again, our left side of tuning is going to be recoil civilization at 0.41 ounces weight maximizing.

best gun in mw2

Our stabilization so the gun can be as accurate as possible and we don't lose that much speed on the bottom and sides is going to be gun kick control at 0.28 inches at 0.28 inches length maximizing, air control for longer ranges, and we don't lose that much aiming stability. Our second attachment is going to be the laser of the Ephesus OV laser, which is going to give us a ton of speed and an invincibility instrument to fire speed, making this gun super snappy and allowing it to even take out SMGs.

The left side of tuning is going to be sprint to fire speed at a negative 0.31 ounce weight, maximizing our sprint to fire speed and not losing too much in Walking steadiness on the bottom side is going to have an ad speed of -47.71, feet zeroing distance allowing. We're very snappy with this gun, and we don't lose much aim because of its stability with a special attachment.

NEW TOP 5 UPDATED Best Guns After MW2 Season 2 Reloaded MW2 Best Class Setups Loadouts Builds.
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