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Surprise mw2 update patch notes

Surprise mw2 update patch notes

Welcome back to a brand new article. So today we got a surprise Modern Warfare 2 update. We got the patch notes, so that's what we're going to be going over and covering. We also had weapon balance changes and things like that. There's also more information on the MW3 beta, so I got you guys covered with all today's news.

If you find the article informative or helpful at any point, don't forget to sub, but let's go ahead and let's jump into it. We got a downloadable update; it really wasn't that big; I think it was like 300 megabytes, so a smaller update, but it did have a lot of patch notes, and let's go over them. So it says right here, operators, adjustments: The Gaia operator Nova skin has been nerfed; they added V effects to the base skin that reflect the same level of visibility as the black cell skin, and then they also improved the visibility and compensation.

cod mw2 update

It was a pay-to-win skin for a very long time, especially in the war zone. You could run around people who wouldn't even see you; you could stand still, and most of the time people would run right past you if you were wearing that outfit. This is what the operator skin looks like in the locker now.

After the update, honestly, I really can't tell a difference. I thought they were going to add something like that see-through type of thing that they said they did with the black cell skins, but it doesn't seem like it has that; it doesn't even have that glow to it unless you put the black sell variant on.

This is currently what it looks like for me. What do you think about these changes? Can you see a difference, or does it look exactly the same? But anyway, we also got some bug fixes that we ended up getting that are global. They fixed an issue that can kick players back to the main menu when viewing some finishing move selections.

cod mw2 update patch notes

They fixed an issue that could display incorrect unlock criteria for some finishing moves. They fixed an issue where a random spawn skin could be equipped in the Operators tab after the player selects one of the spawn skins in the Showcase tab, and then they fixed an issue where selected operator finishing moves could become reset.

The next section that we have for the war zone is going to be the weapons. We have the weapon balancing, and this is going to be the ARs. The cast off 545 was buffed with the mid damage increased, the cast off 762, close damage decreased, mid damage decreased, neck damage multiplier increased, and upper torso damage multiplier increased, so it's like a mix of a neutral change, you can say, and then the castoff 74u.

The close damage range has been increased, and the close mid damage range has also been increased, so that saw a buff. The lockman 5.56, close damage increased, close mid damage increased, headshot damage multiplier decreased, neck damage multiplier increased, and the upper torso damage was increased, so overall this got a pretty big buff, but the m3b ended up seeing a Nerf, and the Clos damage range has been decreased.

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The tr76, Gist, has been decreased as well for the Clos damage. The neck damage as well as the upper torso damage, and then for the SMGs, the iso99, Mm got the damage decreased so small that the lockman sub got a neutral change. Closed damage has decreased, but the head damage multiplier and the neck damage multiplier were raised.

The lockman Shroud got the burst fire neck damage multiplier decreased, as well as the upper torso burst fire decreased as well. Then we have the miniot; the close mid-damage range has been increased, so a very small buff. The mx9 got a close mid-damage increase, the close mid-damage range decreased, and the neck damage multiplier increased, so neutral changes And then there was also an attachment change, which was for the lock with 3.00.

The mstom dual trigger close damage range has decreased, and the close mid damage range has also decreased, so that means it's probably not going to one shot anymore, and I guess it wasn't intentional. I'm not sure if it's still going to be one shot after these changes, but they ended up nerfing that as well as like the tr76.

Gist and all these other weapons. But anyway, we ended up getting some small changes in war zone rank. They said to close a senior exploit. All F4s will continue to monitor war zone rank play to maintain integrity and stability. They also did some bug fixes where they fixed an issue that could prevent players from changing and customizing operators and DMZ when using a controller, and they fixed an issue where equipping a new finishing move does not replace a previously equipped finishing move in DMZ, but these are all the patch notes that you need to know in regards to today's brand new update there.

How to download mw3 beta early (pc & xbox)

How to download mw3 beta early (pc & xbox)

There are other topics that I do want to discuss and talk about. One of the major things is that the Modern Warfare 3 beta preload for your Xbox and PC players is going to go live, so now you can start downloading the beta. It is going to go live tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time: Last time around, they said 10:00 a.

M it ended up going up an hour early, so there's a chance that it can actually go up at 9:00 a. M pacific Standard time, which is going to be around 12:00 p. M eastern If you haven't downloaded it yet, here's how you can do it. If you are on Xbox, you're going to want to go to your War Zone in the store and click on Manage.

cod update

The add-ons find the multiplayer pack that has the Call of Duty logo in the image, which is going to be around 28 GB, and then download and install that multiplayer pack; it doesn't specifically say Modern Warfare 3; it'll just say multiplayer pack, and it's going to be around 30 GB, so if you end up getting a download that's around that file size, then you know that this is actually the beta, unlike in PlayStation, which would literally say MW3 beta; this one doesn't say that it just says multiplayer.

So just start that download, and you will automatically have preloaded the beta, and we'll be ready for it to go when it launches. If you are on PC at Battl Net, it's simple; all you have to do is go to your Call of Duty. Click on the settings icon. When you click on it, go to the installed files that you have and then make sure you uncheck and check the MW3, beta pack, and then it'll start the download for you, and that will be around 30 GB once again if you are on Steam, which is what I'm on.

cod update mw2

It randomly started for me, but I did mess around with it a little bit where I would go into the installed files and uncheck like all the MW3. Ones and then I would recheck the MW3. Ones, but I don't think that did anything; it just automatically started on its own, so just have Steam open. That should help you out, but you can download it now to prepare for the beta that's going to go live tomorrow.

NEW SURPRISE MW2 UPDATE PATCH NOTES! Lockwood Nerf, Skin Changes, MORE! - Modern Warfare 2 surprise update patch notes.
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