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best mw2 pdsw 528 class

Today we're going to take a look at the PDSW here in Modern Warfare 2 season 5. I have an updated build for you guys. It packs a punch at those longer ranges, has a fast time to kill, and you can be aggressive up close and get those high kill games. 25, somewhere in this area right here I like it at point 22 or increasing that damage increasing.

That range is good, and then for this left bar, you can choose either recourse diagnos or aim walking speed, so it's really up to you on how you want your weapon. If you're going to recall steadiness. I suggest putting it about 0.27; this is as far as you really need to go, and then for mobility, for the aim walking movement speed, we're going to knock this down.

If you want to copy this, we're going to put it about Point 16, making this weapon really fast. I like more mobility than recall steadness anyway. Moving fast around the map, aim-down sights feel like having a stalker on, which is really good here. Now for the laser, it's going to help to increase that aim-down size speed and sprint the fire speed, so we're going to be adding on the VOK 7 mw.

best pdsw 528 class

Laser aim down side speeds print the fire speed, helping us be more aggressive. have that running gun type of play style, and since we are running the iron sights for this build, the aiming stability is going to help out a lot, so make sure to have this on as well now. For the tunes on this attachment, we're going to set the aim down side speed first on that bottom bar, and we're going to increase it just a little bit here at 21.18.

The main thing that you're trying to do is just get a three-tick handling on that bottom bar, and then for that spread, the fire speed, we're going to bump it up just a little bit here at Point 28, so we have an increase in that handling. We have three-tick handling now, which is really good. For the stock, we're going to be adding on the hollow extended.

This is the only stock you need to be using for the PDSW here in Modern Warfare 2 Warzone, or DMZ. You have faster movement speed while aiming down sights and, of course, movement speed in general, moving fast around the map, getting more engagements, and getting more kills, and that's what I want for my build.

best pdsw 528 class mw2

Now, for the tunes on this attachment, we're going to put our aim walking speed, and we're going to bump it up just a little bit at 1.21, and then for my aim John size B, we're going to bump it up just a little bit at 2.54. Again, just try to get as close as possible. You don't have to be exact, but if you want to be exact, make sure you have a mouse.

If you're on a console, just plug it up to your console, or if you're on a computer, of course, use your mouse. Now for the comb we are going to be using the tat comb we're getting some more handling aimed on size speed and Sprint the fire speed just having more an aggressive play style helping us be more aggressive aim down slice lightning quick shoot faster off your Sprint which is good The tunes on this attachment were going to the aim down side speed; we're going to bump it up till we get a two-tick handling at Point 12, and then for the left bar, we're going to bump it down to the aim walking speed just a little bit here at Point 26, so we do have a little bit more handling now.

best pdsw 528 class setup

For our final attachment for the rear grip, we're going to be adding on the step 40 grip for that recoil control. I feel like this attachment is needed for this build just because I want the weapon to be really smooth, but also since we have a lot of attachments that help with handling, it's really not going to hurt anything.

We still have a fast aim-down speed. This class looks really good. We are using the nine-millimeter Damon pistol build I've been using for about a week now. They're really nice and really easy to use. We have the stone grenade and the frag grenade. My nuke package is double-time scavenger resupply, in a bird's eye, and I'm running dead silent, but copy it down.

What was your highest kill game, and do you enjoy the build? Okay, nobody's in there; he's there, and I'm about to say hello to them. Hello, all right. I'm going to get out of here so they can start playing some more objective games. Give this guy a flank. I almost just got killed, yeah, and that's, I mean, that's how I'm going to die.

best pdsw 528 class setup modern warfare 2

All right, let's give this another go here. Hello there, buddy. Yep, I'm there; we are. I got nine bullets all right there. I'm feeling i actually feel nice about this build. There, we are perfect. Snaps are good, even though I'm running this like a huge ass. Barrel, this was only like one thing I was worried about with the P90 is the aim down side speed, but I'm actually quite shocked about the handling I'm still getting with this attachment, so this is nice and makes it feel really smooth at those longer ranges as well.

I'm not really getting those weird recoil patterns after that, like the 12th bullet. I'm going to go ahead and call that UAV in. Let's see where he is. He's going to jump out of this window. I'm sure okay; we're chilling now, but, like, was it? We have the beta in like 17 days, and in 10 days, I believe we have season six, so far, you know, Call of Duty, like, we're not going to really have any, like, crazy.

best pdsw 528 class setup mw2

There is really no time to wait for this next Call of Duty because we have season six, which should get us there. I mean, I feel like Call of Duty did great. I mean, I'm glad we're getting a sixth season. You know, last year we didn't get one, so it was kind of boring for just a little bit. I was quite surprised when Call of Duty said that.

Well, originally, we were only going to get, like, I think we were only supposed to get, like, five seasons, but they definitely surprised me. All right, where's this guy? All right, perfect, a little relentless, we're going to take it. Yep, I wish my veto would have given me that kill, but we're chilling.

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All right now, we need to try getting our nuke, and I do want to kind of play a game of catch-up for a little bit. I don't want to go too crazy, because if we start going too crazy on ketchup, I mean, it's going to be that we're just going to have a lead, and it's going to go bad all right. I'm going to throw that nade over.

cod mw2

I have eight bullets, so I'm quite nervous. I'm going to try chucking a Nate over to see if I can get a kill. I got eight bullets. I really can't do much. I don't have much there; we go well; we got at least two mags here all right; a little 25 streak will take it, and these servers have been really messed up here lately on this game, so I'm kind of hoping that the servers don't just go bad in this game.

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