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Pdsw 528 class setup

Pdsw 528 class setup

In today's article, we're going to cover my super aggressive PDSW build here in Modern Warfare 2. So what I've done is given it a bunch of aggressive-type attributes, but on top of that, I've limited The Recoil in order to take some farther fights if need be. Let's jump into some attachments, Fuel Energy.

In Call of Duty, G Fuel is the drink for you. Even better, you guys can use code salty for 20 to 30 percent off your entire order over on {213}. I'm going to switch things up a little bit today, and I'm going to start with the muzzleware of the Bruin pendulum for vertical and horizontal recoil control.

I'm sure if you've used the PDSW, you know it has a little bit of a kick to it, so that's to cover the recoil side of things. Tuning is going to be negative 0.31 towards your end-down sight speed, then we got plus 0.15 towards our gun kid control down here. We have a rail, the Gr33. That's going to give you overall movement speed.

best pdsw 528 build

I just prefer this one over the other ones. I would say this is a preference attachment, but when you're going for an aggressive build, I highly recommend this one. Tuning is going to be plus 0.26 towards your recoil steadiness, then plus point 35 towards our recoil stabilization for the rear grip.

You're going to want the Brewing Q900 for Sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed to help the aggressive attributes of the weapon. is that side-to-side shake; it's not really the vertical recoil control that's quite easy to control, but when you start shoving it from side to side, it's a little bit hard to track your kills.

The tuning here is going to be negative 2.32. Towards your aim down sight speed; negative 1.24. Towards our aim walking speed; and our last attachment, the Vok Laser 7 milliwatt, to further help the aggressive attributes of the weapon, it gives you aim down sight speed, more aiming stability, and also Sprint fire speed, where the tuning is negative 0.23.

Towards your Sprint to fire; and negative 13.16. Towards the aim down sight speed, so we're going to be heading over to my gameplay. A.k.a outback or Fortress. I featured this thing absolutely flawlessly. I am absolutely sprinting at everybody, featuring the weapon to the best of my ability. It's a must-watch, for sure.

Pdsw 528 gameplay

Pdsw 528 gameplay

As always, let's get into the gameplay. I hope you guys enjoy

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