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Pdsw 528 class setup

Pdsw 528 class setup

So, I wanted to take a more low-key and, I suppose, medium-range approach to the PDSW one. Of the biggest things lacking with the weapon, it's going to be the damage range, but with the correct attachments and the correct tunings, you can have an absolute monster on your hands. The only downside to that is that you kind of have to build it out to be a bit slower, but the fast and fiery nature kind of makes up for that in certain situations, so let's jump over to these attachments.

All right, let's start here with a muzzle where we're going to need the AVR, T90, compensator for horizontal and vertical recoil control, and the main recoil. The pattern with the PDSW is going to be side to side, which is exactly where horizontal is going to come into the picture, and vertical is just an added bonus.

best pdsw 528 class

Now tuning on that one is going to be set at -0.49 toward that aim down side speed plus 0.35 toward your gun kick control for the barrel. You're going to want the 17-inch Corvus Pro range, which gives you bullet velocity, damage range, recoil control, and hip fire accuracy. You can see that big drop off in the handling that I was referring to in a little bit of that intro there, but that damage range is increased an absolute ton, and you really do notice it on the map, so tuning on this one is going to be some negative 0.16 towards your aim walking speed and 0.19 towards your aim down sight speed for the laser sight of the VOK laser at 7 milliwatts.

For some reason, it's saying it's not tuned there, but it is. It gives you aim down sight speed, aiming stability, and sprint to fire speed, and what I'm going to do here is I'm going to show you exactly how I tune my weapons, so you're going to be looking for the sweet spots there so the accuracy bar is barely moving, but now that it's starting to move more, you're going to find that sweet spot where it's no longer moving, so it's going to be about their negative 0.22, and then our aim down sight speed is going to make the accuracy bar move a bit, but you can see our aim down side speed is no longer really increasing, and it's only the accuracy bar going down, so it's 13.4.

The tuning on that is negative 1.16, towards your aim down sight speed; negative 0.85, towards your aim walking speed; and our last attachment is the Step 40 grip for recoil control, where again. I don't know why it's saying it's not tuned, but we're going to be tuning this one towards your aim down sight speed here because we just took away some with the recoil control 0.5.

There is looking like the sweet spot, and then with the sprint of fire speed, you can see that our accuracy bar is starting to move, so you're going to be setting it about 0.21, so obviously this is not the most aggressive approach to an SMG, obviously, but I think it really helps the overall attributes of the weapon, keeping our recoil low and making it so we can take more than just extremely up-close and personal gunfights.

Pdsw 529 gameplay

Pdsw 529 gameplay

Without further ado, let's get over now, bagger fortress, and I hope you guys enjoy it, I saw Pete getting some love on Twitter from some people, and I wanted to share what I'm working with. I built out sort of a target area that confirmed a slower build, if slower build is the right way to put it, but focusing more on recoil control and damage range because this weapon does not fall into the damage range

Best PDSW 528 Class Setup Best PDSW 528 Class. How to make the "PDSW 528" UNSTOPPABLE in Modern Warfare 2! -MW2. Timecodes.
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