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best mw2 pdsw 528 class

So in today's mall for two article guys, I've got you an updated build for the PDSW 528. But anyway, guys, let's hop right into it. Now that we're getting into our first attachment here from our PDSW build, we're going to be using the spiral V 3.5 flash hider. I've been using this attachment a lot on my SMGs; it's a very good attachment that's going to help with muzzle flash concealment, which is helpful in some ways, but I really don't care about that right now.

The only thing I'm concerned about is that reclose and steadiness; it's going to help my weapon be more steady, and you will see in today's gameplay how much this attachment helps when getting into those gun fights, keeping my weapon steady and helping me get easier kills. Now for our next attachment, guys, we're on the VLK 7MW Laser.

Now that this can help with aim down size speed, aiming stability, and spreading the fire speed, this is going to give us a little bit more handling and accuracy. Now that the PDSW itself, with no attachments, has some good handling, this can make it a lot better and help you be more aggressive. Now for the stock, you want to go with the CQB.

best pdsw 528 class

Light rail now this can help with movement speed and also it does change how the iron sights look they're more flat and it's just really easy to see out of so I think this is a very helpful attachment. For our final one now for the tunes I used for my build today I'm going to start with the muzzle here and we're going to put our gunky control at Point 21 in our aim down size speed at 0.35, these are the best spots the weapon won't kick up as much and also you are getting more aim down side speed like I've mentioned in previous articles recluse.

Means it doesn't do absolutely nothing in a Call of Duty war zone or anything like that. Make sure whatever closes, the moon is just tuned for the other side now. For my laser, we're going to put our aim down speed at 14.81, and our spread the fire speed maxes out at 0.50, which is giving us the most handling and aim down side speed.

Most of the time, the fire speed is a little bit more aggressive. Now for the stock, we're going to go ahead and put our Milwaukee movement speed at 0.93 and our aim down size speed at 1.29 or 1.30. These are the best spots. We'll also keep the weapon balanced, not taking too much recoil, control, or accuracy away.

best pdsw 528 class mw2

We're moving faster when aiming on sites, and our aim-down speed is going to be lightning quick now. For the rear grip, we're going to put our sprint-to-fire speed at 0.26 and our aimed-out size speed at 0.39. Now I'm going for more handling on this build just because the recoil control in this weapon is already good, so if I bring it down a little bit, it is okay.

As always, you guys stay safe, and I hope you enjoy. All right, let's get it. We've got to get something cooking here, and I just got barrel stuff from, I guess, Bear 50. I thought the same person killed me again, but the movement speed on this sniper-up sniper on this SMG right now is nuts, and I have people jumping in front of me right now, and I don't like this.

All right, I do want to get the OverWatch. Let's keep this up. I know these guys are mad at me. We do have resupply on now, so go ahead and chuck these out. Keep this up with fast movement speed and hardly any recoil. I mean, this weapon is it. I do need to call on my helicopter, though, real quick.

best pdsw 528 class setup

He's in there, all right. Let's keep this up. My God, I'm dead. I'm dead no, I'm not. Dear Lord, what am I doing right now? There might be attributes, you know, the different ones, like one you can be more aggressive with, one that's more accurate, etc., but I don't know what I think is better.

They're both great builds so far, and Yeti just kind of sniped us, and Yeti got us again. I just think it's so odd when I see people sniping this in a more spawn-trapped way right now. Yeah, we're getting spawn trapped by LMGs right now. Let me tell you, teammate, you are terrible. Like when I'm in the when I'm in the Moment Like, especially right now, it's hard for me to count my bullets, and I don't really like to look down, I should say, because this guy just got cooked.

best pdsw 528 class setup modern warfare 2

Where's this guy? He got up. Okay, now we have UAV; the lockman sub did that, and the lockments up did that for 131 kills. You know what the free-to-play shipment is? There's a guy down there. No, hold that. That didn't work. Just dodging rockets. That's me i was trying to reload. It actually sucks to like cow like people report people now because, per se, one does better than the other.

Like, we live in a world with weird people now, and just because I'm better doesn't mean I'm cheating, which I think 99.9% of the people on Facebook (yes, this is a tutorial) think I'll be cheating in

Best PDSW 528 Class Setup Modern Warfare 2 Best PDSW 528 Class Modern Warfare 2. My Streams.
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