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best lockwood 680 class 3

What's good YouTube In today's article, we're giving you guys one shot. Lockwood 680, in War Zone 3, is not going to lie, man. This thing with two plates on the enemy literally drops a Let's see if we can break 300 likes, man. I know you can do it. Let's get right onto this Banger Lockwood 680 setup for the muzzle.

Man There are a lot of muzzles you can use on this weapon to make it completely broken. The last time I used the muzzle, I did use the x10. Sorry, wait, what was it again? It was the x10 full choke. I did run last time; now I didn't notice this, but when you show the details, this only helps with plus six; okay, it's nothing crazy.

It doesn't really help much, but let me tell you guys, this means absolutely. Nothing; it has to be a glitch because, as you can see on the screen, man, look at the damage that's boosted; it's boosted; it's no damage at all, but then when we go to the brass and choke, ladies and gentlemen, you can see that the green bar on the damage is a tiny bit across, so lads, it has to be glitched.

best lockwood 680 class setup

The brass and choke are the new best muzzles to use. Literally, what's going to help make this thing one-shot? Guys, you need to put on the brass choke. If you do not have this unlocked, man, then I don't really know what you're going to do. This is what helps. One shot, so you need to put this Bryson choke on right now, the B man.

Pretty Simple Man The Bryson Hammer Forge once again, it's glitch man; it says it does the most damage, but as you can see on the screen, it doesn't do as much damage as the Lockal Defender Heavy. Ladies and gentlemen I don't understand why this is the case, honestly, because on the screen it does show there's more damage for the Bryson Hammer Forge, but let me tell you guys, the lockward defender heavy does more damage up close; it's absolutely incredible.

Because the pallet is also shrinking, it is completely broken. Help with that tube ammo capacity, R control aim down, aim idle sway, and bull velocity en rangement. As you can see on the screen, this thing is absolutely goatee. Put this thing on right now, once again. The only attachment, alongside the muzzle, is going to help make this thing one shot, so put this on the laser man.

best lockwood 680 loadout 3

Last time I thought around the VK lzr, this is visible when you add ads. Ladies and gentlemen, this is nowhere near as good as the S, the estal, and Stovl. We're going to say STV L-tack laser man. This thing, hip fire, is absolutely incredible; as you can see on the screen, hit Rec control hip fire and tackan spread, and also, ladies and gentlemen, you're not going to see the laser either.

This thing is absolutely incredible. We're going to show the details really quickly. As you can see on the screen, hip spread, minimum hip fire spread Max and tax stance spread—literally the best laser in the game for this shotgun. Really shrinking it and making it more accurate to one shot to the head, put this on, but without further ado, let's get right onto today's sponsor.

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best shotgun 3

You can literally unlock every camera and every weapon in the game. We did run the sword off mod, which gave us the most sprint-to-five-speed possible aim, UT sway, aim, walking speed, and movement speed. Ladies and gentlemen, you want to put on the sword-off mod; it's really going to help with that mobility.

I know it does decrease the accuracy and recoil control, but ladies and gentlemen, this is what you need to make you run really quick with this thing, and literally on anyone you see, man, it's literally broken. Put the sword off, mod, right now. Finally, for the boltman, this is going to help us with that rechambering speed, so when you shoot the gun, it's going to be really fast, and then you're going to be able to shoot again.

It's going to make it really quick. Express light bolt Put this thing on right now, and we're going to show the details real quick. As you can see on the screen, the rate of fire is plus/minus 80%, which is absolutely incredible, and the rechamber time is -11, so she is going to be FAS to reload, man.


Okay, you get what I'm saying. Literally, put this on. Do not put on the Titanic's heavy bolt. It's literally okay. It's terrible do not put it on. Put in the express light bolt right now, Lockwood 680, that we did run. I hope you guys are ready for today's banging article. Like, subscribe, and let's get right on to it.

My game, we got four right now with 30 up. We need to get this lock with 680 gameplay. Rel my shotgun real quick now I'm with 23 left marking the rest of that squ on your t m go get. You're in the top 10 in the top 10, gas Yeah, the Recoil Control is not really good compared to mine; my build's way better than this guy's build.

I'm going to be honest with you: way better than 10 times better than.

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