News - New "no Recoil" Taq Eradicator Build Warzone 3. Best Taq Eradicator Class / Loadout - Warzone 2

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In today's article, we have high-kill gameplay in Solo Quads on Fortune. Keep with the tack eradicator; it's like everybody forgot how good this gun is. This is even my go-to gun and rank. Now let's get to the game: moving. For the muzzle, I use the VT spier suppressor; this helps out with recoil control, bullet velocity, and damage range, and you also won't show up on the mini map.

You can also use Cass as Break L; they're both good options; next is the best. The barrel is the Conquer 70 long barrel; this helps out with aiming idle sway, bullet velocity, and range. I use the TAC Bir Core Stock, which helps out with gun kick control, firing aim stability, and recoil control for the underbarrel.

I like to use the Brewing pivot vertical grip; this gun has mostly vertical recoil control, so this controls it the best, and for the final attachment. I use the FSS combat grip, which helps out with the firing aim stability, gun kick control, and recoil control. Here's the complete build. As you can see, we don't have a magazine because it already comes with a 75-round drum.

This is still one of the best long-range weapons.

Best TAQ ERADICATOR Class Setup Warzone 3 Best TAQ ERADICATOR Loadout MW3 Best LMG Class Setup Meta AR Loadout. new NO RECOIL TAQ ERADICATOR build in WARZONE 3! Best TAQ ERADICATOR Class Loadout - MW3. Watch me live.
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