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best mtz 762 build

I dropped 31 kills on Fortune's keep using this meta MTZ 762 class setup, so I'm going to break down every single attachment that I was using to make the MTZ 762, one of the most broken guns in War Zone 3, so jumping straight into the first attachment for the Meta MTZ 762, build after the update, we do want to start with the MTZ Precision Blackthorn Barrel, which is going to increase our damage range accuracy and recoil control, as you can see in the more detailed stats by 25%.

To both the effective and minimum damage range of 30% of the bullet velocity, and then even though the green does go up in the Recoil control era, it doesn't actually increase the stats for some reason, but you can for sure tell the difference in the Recoil control with this barrel on now. For the second attachment.

I do have two separate options for you guys depending on your preference, and the first one is going to be the Eagle Eye 2.5, times optic, which is the best long-distance optic in all of War Zone 3; it gives very little added visual recoil, is super clean, and is very easy to use. For the second option.

I do know people actually like to use the iron sights on this build, so if you want to use the iron sights instead, you can throw on the close quarters of salt stock, which is going to give us a 15% reduction. Decrease the recoil gun kick by 14% of the horizontal and vertical recoil, and this will obviously minimize that recoil as much as possible.

best mtz 762 class setup

Next up, we definitely want to go ahead and throw a magazon. Because this gun does only start with 20 bullets, we're going to go ahead and throw on the 30-round mag. This is one of the biggest downsides of this weapon, but the time to kill is so fast that it's really not a big deal before I finish off the rest of the build.

best mtz 762 class setup mw3

These next two attachments are going to be to minimize that recoil as much as we possibly can, so with that being said, we want to throw on the best recoil control under Barrel in all of War Zone 3, and that is the heavy support grip, which is going to give us another 10% decrease to the recoil gun kick along with 12% to the horizontal recoil, which is going to make this build a lot easier to use, and then for the fifth and final attachment to complete this MTZ 762, we are going to be throwing on a muzzle and we're going to be using the Cassis break L This is super important because it gives us an 18% decrease in horizontal recoil, and if you guys have used the MTZ 762, before you know it, the recoil on the gun is mainly horizontal, but with this muzzle on, it's going to almost entirely eliminate that, making it so we can focus more on pulling down on the right stick instead of left, and right here's the full meta of the MTZ 762.

Load out for War Zone 3 season 2, the fastest-killing primary weapon in the entire game right now, and using this build, I drop a crazy 30+ kill game on Fortune. Hey, so without further ado, let's get into it. The Rog signal detected an encrypted

BROKEN MTZ 762 Loadout in MODERN WARFARE 3 new MTZ 762 Class Setup in MW3.
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