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All right So we're going to give you guys the class start out with the VT7, spe fire suppressor for being undetectable by radar recoil control bullet velocity and damage range at the cost of aim down sight speed aim walking. St this and Sprint to fire speed put on the 16.5. MCW Cyclone long barrel for bull of velocity and range aiming out of Sway and firing aim stability at the cost of tax standand spread hip fire spread and aim walking speed put on the broon heavy support grip for gun kick control aiming out of way horizontal recoil and firing aim stability at the cost of aim down sight speed and vertical recoil put on the 60 round drum and last but not least the coral Eagle Eye 2.5.

Times Although it does not have the strongest damage per bullet, this thing is absolutely incredible when it comes to accuracy. This thing basically has no recoil, so this is something that you can very easily put on and use. You barely have to hold down your thumb stick, and you can get the job done from essentially any range.

The only downside, I would also say, is the number of bullets you're limited to. This is an LMG, so just keep that in mind. This is a regular assault rifle. So eventually you're going to run out, so make sure you're choosing your gunfights wisely because this is going to take quite a few bullets to get the job done now.

I do want to show you guys the entire class if you guys want to screenshot it right now. Here you guys go, and this is the best MCW in War Zone

Best MCW Loadout in Warzone 3 Best MCW Class Setup MW3 Warzone 3 Meta Class Setup Loadout. the BEST MCW Loadout in WARZONE 3! Best MCW Class Setup - MW3.
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