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acquisition stash is full

Whether you Tombstone dup religiously or play the game as intended, everyone does some sort of stash glitch, so in today's article. I will share my three tips to maximize your stash size in Modern Warfare 3 zombies so you can keep more ultra-rare legendary items. Ray Arch promises to double our stash on May 1st with season 3.

Reloaded from 10 items to. Go ahead i'll wait i've got 24 hours before my next legendary tool comes off. Cool down as intended. I can't wait and want the new MW3 camos hard unlocked bot lobbies, all the best schematics, the brand new nuke skin, or even instant delivery on pre-made accounts. Check out {744}.

They are 100% legit, with over 10,000 reviews on Trustpilot, so be sure to use code dk1 for 5% off. After 72 hours of playing Hell Divers in War Zone, I can finally craft a Flawless Crystal mags of holding, Scorcher, but wait, our rucksack can't hold them all, and our stash is Max over the limit. Guess I'll start deleting crap loot to swap out for new items, but first tip number one: keep your rucksack items at 10 of 10, 20 of 20, not yet.

duplication glitch

May 1st, season 3 is reloaded for now. 10 of the 10 MWZ vets know this already, but let's bring the new players up to speed. In season 2, stash glitching was patched, causing duplicated items to register as actual items. Forcing items into your stash now causes the acquisition. Stash's full message will appear, which will result in the game taking random items from your rucksack.

As a result, always make sure your rucksack items say 10 of 10, 9 of 10, 8 of 10, etc. Test this by clicking unequip in your rucksack if you see 11 of 10 and loading into a game the next fill items. The game will randomly remove one item from your rucksack, and you will still be at 11 out of 10, so you must manage this or lose not only that $20 you spent on that bundle but also your hard-earned loot.

Now that my rucksack stash is 10 out of 10, I can load into a game, use my rucksack items, and play the game as intended. Tip number two: fill trash it items easy to do right It's Call of Duty. Swap trash items in your rucksack for legendary items in your stash. Yes, stash your trash; we'll need it later.


Think of it as recycling. Save the Earth, do some endgame content, and Mags, instead of holding golden armor plates or infinite ether blades, swap them into your stash and take out the trash in the circle of life. Baby Hakuna Matara [__] Now you can delete trash items because your craftable loot has cooled down or you expelled a ton of essence to reduce your cooldowns.

That's season 3. Reloaded May 1st; not yet new schematics dropping; yes, season 3 is reloaded. What's important now is to swap lesser-value items for your loot, the loot that you actually want to use, and remember to still follow rule number one: rucksack items unequipped must read 10 of 10, which brings us to tip number three: use your stash.

Yes, spend it like round bas zombies will drop tomorrow and your loot will be obsolete, and your partner gave you an unlimited wh pass. I mean Hall Pass. Personally, my stash is currently glitched at 13 out of 10. I was at 240 out of 10 in season 1, but I don't find the Tombstone glitch fun anymore, and now I play as intended.


I have been all the way down to 6 of 10 recently, and my stash stays low these days, but you know what? It's way easier to manage that dreadful acquisition of Stash's full message. Stash glitch in it's a spectrum Some of us do it more or less than others; regardless, we all do it. If not, you're just in the closet, and well, that's included on the Spectrum 2.

Go away now.

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