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The tombstone duplication glitch is back, and better than ever, everyone in the Modern Warfare 3 Zombie Community is celebrating its comeback with the developers. Not so much. Fill up your large backpack with all your favorite items. Be sure to bring a tombstone can and select the bad signal. Story Mission: If you've completed a bad signal, the portal will be available for you every game you load in without weapons; otherwise, you're going to lose your insured weapon slot load into your game solo.

I forgot to turn off Squad Fill, so I use the leave Squad option. Loot the chest to find weapons and other items to help keep you alive, eliminate zombies, or complete a contract. Get 2, 000 Essence points to purchase a tombstone, drink the tombstone, hop in a vehicle, and head to the bad signal.

If you want the new MW3 Cam's hard-unlocked bot lobbies, all the best schematics, the brand new nuke skin, or even instant delivery on pre-made accounts Head over to {546}. They are 100% legit, with over 10,000 verified reviews on Trustpilot, so be sure to use code dk1 for 5% off. Once you arrive at the bad signal portal, activate the portal, but do not vote.

bad signal

Yes, yet, go underwater. Wait for your breath bar to tick red. Now vote yes, the portal countdown begins. Stay underwater; the red eliminated screen appears, and you die, but the portal animation screen begins. So on the console, you force close the game on PC, wait for the black screen to show, then alt-f4 to dashboard out, restart your game, and unequip all your items except the tombstone.

Let's go pick up our tombstone. Load in the basic items you need to survive. No weapons are needed; you can loot for them if you want to load them into your game. I spawned at the church coordinates I3; anytime you die in water, this is where the game places your tombstone. Loot the church if you like; equip any items you brought to survive; drink the tombstone you brought with you; and empty your tombstone until it crumbles.

Head over to the bad signal. Rinse and repeat. I play on Xbox, so I will show you how the timing looks from my point of view. Load into your next game with the items you need to survive. Remember to include the tombstone that you duplicated. No weapons are needed. Your tombstone will be at three by the church.

duplication glitch

You can now drink from your tombstone. For the purposes of this article, I drank it just before picking up my tombstone items. Make your way to the church, find your tombstone, drink the tombstone you brought in, empty your tombstone, and make sure it crumbles. Rinse and repeat until your stash is full.

You can max it out at about 230. Then play as you want. Xfill schematics Drop items on your friends to complete story missions. We need to complete the bad signal. Story Mission: defeat the purple worm Click here to learn how. Go away now, tick. See, one, two [__] I only have two now. At some point, I was going to have to do it anyway because of the pain in my ass; that was actually how I was getting my inventory.

The Tombstone Duplication Glitch is back and better than ever. Everyone in the Modern Warfare 3 Zombies community is celebrating its comeback. Start every game with a tombstone and complete a legit exfil of ultra rare schematics. GYAT to Dupe.
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