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We ended up getting a brand new update in Modern Warfare 2 and War Zone 2 that fixed some pretty big things, to say the least—a big stability update, if you will. We've also now got even more confirmed updates and confirmed changes coming to the game in the very near future. Keep in mind that this patch was not a title update or anything major like that.

This was just your standard hotfix, update, or playlist update, if you will, so if you go to jump onto the game next and you haven't played since last night, you might get the whole update requires restart screen, or you might not. It seems kind of random to me, and I didn't have to, but it might be different for you if you're on a different platform or whatever the case may be.

The update did get pushed live across all platforms, but it was specifically meant to fix issues on PC. Mostly, it seemed like this was actually stemming from Bnox over on Twitter. The bigger of these two updates is the most important one here. You'll be glad to hear, especially for PC players, that this update fixed multiple crashing issues.

cod warzone 2

There are still a lot of stability problems with the game, even after this update. I mean, if you go and look at the comments over on that bnoxious tweet, there are still several replies saying, Hey, just a heads up. I downloaded the update and it's still crashing here, and they're still getting some dev errors here and there, however, it does fix some of the crashing problems at the least. There were a lot of in-game specific crashing errors, whether it was with a bomb drone or whether it was with an airstrike hitting certain places; all sorts of random stuff could crash your game at any given time, and you could even crash on the menu, and you were just there minding your own business in your loadout right then.

It's a lot easier if they just say, "We fixed an issue causing crashing on the menu in your loadout," or "We fixed an issue causing crashing if you went through, you know, this glass window with an airstrike." Whatever the exact cause may be. I really hope the communication starts to get more in-depth, transparent, and detailed as we go on, regardless.

We do finally have a new stability update in the game, focusing on PC, and this should help improve the overall quality of life and stability going forward. We're going to have plenty of other stability updates coming up, and I imagine here with season one reloaded we're going to see a lot of stability fixes implemented across.

PC and console, and it should also be obvious, but this update specifically targets those PC crashes if you're still seeing some game crashes or some game errors on console. Playstation Xbox doesn't really matter; nothing specifically was addressed with this update in particular again, though we should see more updates to address that here in the near future, whether that's in smaller hot fixes later on this week or ultimately with Season One reloaded here in a couple weeks time whenever we do see some new updates.

We're around 5, 000 subscribers away from hitting 900,000, so it'd be insane if we could hit that milestone this week. I really do appreciate all the support and all the love on the channel so far. Let's try and aim for 3000 likes.

New changes and updates coming soon for modern warfare 2 & warzone 2.0

New changes and updates coming soon for modern warfare 2 & warzone 2.0

On this one, in addition to last night's stability update, we've also got some new communication from Infinity Ward and Raven on some other big updates and big fixes coming here very soon. However, that mode was ultimately delayed because Treyarch, which manages all of the competitive aspects of Modern Warfare 2.

Yes, you heard that right: Treyarch is working specifically on the multiplayer aspect of this game. For the CDL and competitive sides of things, they said just before launch they ran into issues with that, so they couldn't launch it on time, and we really haven't heard much since overnight. We also saw a new update from Treyarch, though, saying we updated our CDO Mash pet Trello card to include today's notes that we're currently testing fixes and also performing some additional tests; we hope to have some updates soon.

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Larger updates will be shared via Treyarch in the future, and, well, it turns out that "soon" actually means "today." Yeah. CDO Mosh Pit is now live in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer as one of the main featured playlists. It's kind of odd that they gave us that update overnight and then it ended up launching the next morning, but yeah, if you're looking to play MW2 in a bit more of a competitive setting, obviously skill-based matchmaking is still going to be in play here just like it is in normal games, but you have the competitive rules set with different modes and different maps in place specifically for this that is now available.

We don't know if it's going to be something that's always live or if it's an LTM for maybe the next two or three weeks; we'll have to wait and see for that, but CDO, Mosh Pit, is officially here. The remainder of these new updates and these new changes that are coming stem from the Trello boards, which have been updated by Infinity Ward and Raven over the past few days, so we got several new issues for, specifically.


War Zone 2. There's a glitch going on with the airstrike kill streak. They're investigating an issue where attempting to use the airstrike kill streak just as the player finishes reloading will cause your entire HUD to disappear for the remainder of the game, so it's like you're playing hardcore.

You get no information on your mini-map, your ammo count, or your teammates' health—nothing like that—so they are aware of that issue. I imagine that one is relatively easy to fix. Keep in mind I'm incredibly ignorant to game development, so I could be very wrong there, but they are aware of the HUD disappearing when you use the airstrike, so that should be fixed here pretty soon.

also investigating an issue with the nuke. They are investigating an issue that is causing players to get stuck when attempting to activate the nuke, crash the game, and ruin the game entirely, so that's a huge problem because that's probably the most difficult challenge in all of Warzone history right now, and there's a lot of issues with crashing and freezing going on when attempting that actual nuke game where you have all those specific challenges.

Also updated a new issue for DMZ with the radiation blocker; they are investigating an issue where using a radiation blocker and plating at the same time is going to disable the ability to interact throughout an entire match, so that's something you definitely want to be aware of if you're using a radiation blocker; do not use that while you're plating because it will literally ruin your ability to do basically anything for the rest of the game interacting, obviously you need to have that feature as you're playing DMZ.

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