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He looks like a freaking giga. Chad, which is already a plus for me, but this skin also comes with a nice little Easter egg, so this charm right here was actually the charm used for the Modern Warfare 2019 Valentine's Day bundle that only lasted for roughly 24 hours and then never came back, let's suppose it is a nice little Easter egg anyway, on to the side there's also a tactical that says Love Potion plus distraction device, which is pretty cool I guess, now onto the weapons, we have the lava make it crossbow with the pink tracers and a love potion death effect, so the Mastery camo looks about as normal as you expect it to be, or the blueprint is basically covered up.

Now onto the heartbreaker: the MX9 submachine gun blueprint. This bad boy has a very nice-looking design. I believe that the shiny stuff around the back in the middle of the gun is marble material, and the cool thing about this is the Mastery camos; some of them that you put on there will change color, and it just looks really nice.

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Tech gold for example nothing is too crazy in that one but you put platinum on and boom look at that it's just just. Beautiful It doesn't stop there polyatomically; it changes to a nice little blue, which is just, It's good; I can't complain; it's good, and I like the little differences that those things can make.

Anyway, one last thing I want to mention for this gun is the top of the gun. It's called tactical verte in French, which translates to tactical green. I don't really know what's going on there, but I assume it's because of the green on the marble material; there's like a slight, tiny bit of it on there, so maybe it's referencing that.

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I don't know. Anyway, going back to two things, you got the roses and Riptide's jet-black skin, which, in my opinion, is just great. No complaints we got the crush weapon charm, the cupid weapon charm, the Cupid's upgrade weapon sticker, the lovers and fighters loading screens, and the B mine emblem, so let's get into the weapons now.

For the crossbow, the weapon inspection actually has a unique sound that plays when inspecting it, and that would technically make it a Mastercraft weapon. Now getting into specifics, the death effect replaces the gas grenade effect with a nice little pink smoke instead of a green smoke, and getting a kill turns the enemy into love hearts and leaves a nice little message on the bottom saying XOXO, but that's not all this gun does.


If you check out your site, you'll notice this nice little love heart thing. Get a kill with it, and the heart on the side grows a little bit bigger. If you miss a shot, the harder will be broken. It does work on other guns that can support that optic, but when I tried to use it, it was a little buggy, and the heart cracked on the second missed shot instead of the first, so I imagine that is a bug, and the heart grew on my second kill rather than my first kill.

If you die, the counter does reset, but regardless, it's an awesome addition to the pack. Using the ACOG on another weapon didn't seem to work; the hard counter just wasn't present during the game, but it did show up in the firing range for some reason, so I'll assume it's just a bug for now. Wrapping up this bundle is fantastic; in my opinion, the designs are beautiful and the weapons come with unique features that just make this stand out from any other packs we've gotten so far, so developers, bravo! You did well.

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I love it. If I had to give it a rating, I would give the bundle a 9 out of 10. If you'd gotten a vehicle skin instead of two charms, it would have been an easy 10 out of 10, but hey, that's just my opinion. I think it's great, and I'm looking forward to showcasing more great bundles like this in the future.

Tracer Pack Ballistic Blast Bundle. Included Items. - Operator Skin Snack Reyes. - Love Maker Crossbow.
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