News - Fastest Killing" Og M4 On Rebirth Island. Warzone

best loadout

We're showcasing the M4 man. This bad boy is a beast on Rebirth Island. I had them boys thinking we were cheating, man. I'm going to get the class at the end of the article. I hope you all enjoy the game. Mark the rest of that on your T map. I'm just going to sit in there. I want to use my M4 and not the Renault.

We're just going to sit in here. I'm another kid who got to come back right away. The away the hostile guardian is active. There's gas moving. Hello! All enemies have been eliminated. That's a job well done. We'll take that. Let's take that. All the rage that we caused, we'll take that. Starting off with the muzzle man, we're using the compensated flash muzzle man.

This is by far one of my favorite muzzles in the game. I rock it on SMGs and AR, so definitely slap this bad boy on the head. Next, we're using the Brewing Heavy Support Grip Man. This is the underbarrel that we're rocking with the M4, and it slaps like no other man. Now yall know we got to rock that 60-round man to slap the 60-round mag on so we get them full kills and their team wipes, so definitely slap this on; it is a must-have.

best m4 class

Now we're rocking the sack, ZX grip man. We're using this for recoil control. You know, Modern War 2 guns are crazy, so we definitely need that, and it helps with recoil a lot, so definitely slap this bad boy on. And last but not least, man, we're using the high tower 20 barrel, and you all know it gives you the maximum billet velocity and maximum recoil control for the M4, so definitely use this, and this build overall is by far one of the best builds in the game, so I hope you all enjoy it.

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