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Season five reloaded dropped on August 30th, and now the Lochman Silver MP5 has another variant in the Latin shroud that might be the best SMG in Warzone statistically, but the only thing is that it's a three-round burst. What I'm going to be doing is I'm gonna be dropping into a Bondale solo game.

I'm going to pick up the Lochman Shroud, put it to the test, and see if this gun is actually even good. Because, I'm not gonna lie, this was my exact experience earlier today in shipment trying to unlock this gun. What the [__]? Probably just a skill issue, right? just a skill issue. I'm going to be honest with you: this kind of action was pretty good in multiplayer.

When you were close enough to somebody, as well as if you literally hit one headshot, it was generally a single burst, but just because it was good in multiplayer, it doesn't really mean anything for War Zone. There's been plenty of guns that have been good and multiplayer that have absolutely been atrocious in Warzone.

To be honest with you, I'm not very optimistic about the Lochman Shroud. A submachine gun that's a burst just doesn't sound that great to me, and what I know from Warzone's past is that SMGs have been burst guns. They're generally pretty horrible. You just don't know your call of duty because I have some recency bias.

best lachmann shroud build warzone 2

I'm obviously thinking about the KSP from Warzone 1, which, when you put a three-time optic on it and made it kind of an AR, was okay, but, as an SMG, it was horrible. But, you know, who knows, this gun might be a little different. I don't really know what to expect. I mean, I just found a quick 22, 000.

I'm going to ruin this guy's night. That's really tough. I mean, that was so rude of me. I'm not even going to lie. I feel very bad about that one. I won't do it at all soon. I just have to do it, man. I don't know; it's just within me right now. You know how angry I would be if someone did that to me.

best lachmann shroud class warzone 2

Do you know how angry I would be if you guys were new here, man? The Lochman Shroud. Season five reloaded war zone two, albertus. SMG Let's kind of test this guy out. Which means that no matter if you want to put a muzzle on it or not, you're not going to be able to because there's always going to be a suppressor on it, so depending on how you look at that, that can be a good thing or a bad thing.

You could be someone who likes a suppressor, and that's going to work out well for you. You could be someone who doesn't want a suppressor on your gun, and you want to put a muzzle on it, but you're not going to be able to, so it's obviously not going to work out well for you. I'm off here. I really don't like this guy right now.

It's actually super interesting to look at this graphic right here from Send. If you don't know what Cinder Gigi is, it's basically the gold standard for loadout builds and intermission hold-ons. Pardon me, pardon me. Put your different attachments in the different guns, and you can compare them and kind of see how the builds match up against each other statistically.

best lachmann shroud loadout warzone 2

This graphic was actually posted on my Twitter feed today by Sim Dot GG, showing that the Lochman Shroud is actually the fastest-killing SMG in Warzone 2 right now after the season reloaded update when compared to the other meta close range builds that people are using. The biggest thing that this doesn't take into account, as you can kind of see as I'm working through this gameplay, is that this doesn't take into account the movement; it's only how you're literally killing the other player now for an SMG.

It's very important to have good movement. If you don't have good movement, you're not going to have a good SMG. It's just how it is, and it's not that this has bad movement. It's just the burst effect; you can kind of tell I feel stuck in the mud when I'm trying to get some of my shots off, compared to someone like this.

Not that I don't have that ability to, but it's just that much more challenging with a gun that's not an automatic. That scared me. I didn't know where he went, so to build the Lochman Shroud, I chose the Dark Star Barrel; this was going to help with our ads as well as some of our movement speed.

burst mp5 war

This gun really doesn't have good hip recoil and control from the start, so I didn't want to build it for that. This kind of assistant has overall mobility, which helps it move a tiny bit quicker. I also use the VLK laser, and that was to help with our ads as well as our sprint to fire speed. I toyed around with the different stocks, but the one that I found myself enjoying the most was the mirror recoil factory stock.

I was using the stockless mod, and, you know. I kind of felt like I was moving a little quicker on the map, but then when I started to stop and shoot at people. I kind of felt that I was stuck in the mud type of feeling. Shots were going all over the place, so I went back to the recoil factory stock, which is actually what I use on my lockman, and that's what I found helps me a lot better.

It still does help with your sprint speed, which is very good, but it also helps with your recoil and aiming stability, mainly the rear grip. I tuned the laser for aim-down sight speed and Sprint for fire speed. I took the stock for aim walking speed as well as ads, and I tuned the rear grab for Sprint to fire as well as ads.

chase no face

If you're thinking of chasing, this gun doesn't look fun. I hate burst SMGs. I didn't like how it looked when you were using it. Whatever you may be thinking at this point, one thing I will say about this gun that you might want to unlock and do some of the challenges for are some of these camos.

I haven't done them yet, but if you look at some of these, I mean, these are actually pretty cool-looking. The main one, no, that one I don't like, but this germinate one that, one looks pretty fire, this acid drift one that looks pretty far, and I think the coolest one by far is the good night. Vibes.

I mean, look at that camo that looks pretty sick just for a baseline camo that you can unlock just by doing some gun challenges in multiplayer, so if you ever think so if you think there might be a reason for you to want to grind this gun and unlock it, the cameras might just be that for you. I'm really excited for Modern Warfare 3, and I'm going to be locked in for the rest of the year.


Season 5 Reloaded dropped on August 30th unveiling 3 new weapons, one being the new Lachman Shroud. A Mp5 variant that is a 3 round burst.
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