News - First Look At The Warzone 2 Season 2 Battle Pass: All New Weapons, Rewards & Limited-time Items

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We just got our first look at the season 2 battle pass for MW2 and Warzone, which has a hundred tiers of new content. We're going to go through the new operators, new weapons, limited-time items, and much more, and we're going to go through exactly when you unlock them. Some images of it This is what the battle pass looks like in this article.

Be sure to subscribe for the latest MW2 and Warzone 2 updates; we're on the road to 110,000 subscribers. I appreciate all the support recently; it means so much to me. Let's go through here to the blog post itself. Breaking down the battle pass, here's our first look at the battle pass. Here we have our first tier, our sector, or, I should say, B zero, where you're getting the bass.

Ronin Skin has some pretty cool stuff here; you're getting a charm and weapon blueprints. It's kind of hard to tell, but the camos look pretty solid overall. You're getting a watch as well, which is pretty sick, and they give you previews of what you're getting for all these different tiers. Now later on in the blog post, they go through exactly when you're unlocking these weapons.

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Very important stuff there, so I'll break that down in a second, but you can see here some other operators, some COD points, and other weapon blueprints. The camo looks pretty cool again in line with this, you know, Japanese theme for season two and also with the Chica Island, so I like those camo overall.

It seems like the Dual Kadachis are at B13 Other. Cosmetics there, and of course if you fully complete this you'll get your final, you know, tier 100 skin. I guess, for the ball pass here, but let's go through some stuff they go through some description on. Ronin not too important there; let's go through sectors B4, B11, and B13.

Are the sectors in which you'll unlock the free new weapons here? So the first one is the KV broadside shotgun cast off platform sector B4 HVT. For a free-precept weapon, overall bringing the power of the 12 gauge to the cast-off platform, the KV broadside is the fastest-firing semi-auto firearm in the shotgun class and destroys targets at close range with impunity.

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Cool stuff there if the KV broadside uses just 15 battle token tiers and skips heading from the start and working through sectors B2 to B4. If room clearing is your calling, you want to head straight for this new shotgun, so that's the cool new thing about this battle pass here. You know you could get weapons faster than before.

When it was tier zero through 100, you had to go all the way through those tiers. Get the content as it arrives, but for this year, you could kind of choose what content you want first, which I think is pretty cool. Overall, the next one here is the ISO Hemlock assault rifle. ISO platform sector {134}, and it's free there again.

This powerful and enhanced rifle from expedite Firearms is designed to take both 556 and subsonic 300 BLK ammunition, providing battlefield advantage. In any situation, located again in sector B11 on the other side of the map, the ISO Hemlock is a powerful mid-range contender that's positioned three sectors to the east of your starting position on your way to collect the ISO Hemlock head through sectors B3 and B7 to earn a Koenigsegg Expedition operator skim and the universal Taurus SUV vehicle skin.

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Cool stuff there over I'm not going to go through all that there, but basic weapons and obviously the Dual Kadachi and melee weapons went through Sector B13. HVT and again, for free, these look super, super cool. They're powerful melee weapons that could quickly move toward a target with a longer-range attack.

Each swipe has an impressive range and a faster forward motion toward enemies compared to the knife melee weapon, though this comes at a slight cost of a slower strafe and a sprint speed, which makes complete sense. These short swords, located centrally in sector B13, make quick work of enemy operators.

There are two main paths from B1 to B13; whichever one you take, you can't miss Hutch's vengeful dragon operator skin as you near your destination. So that's that. Now for some HVT operator skins, those are at sectors B3, B8, and B10. So, cool stuff there. Overall, this middle skin looks pretty sick, kind of like a gilly vibe a little bit, not really a gilly vibe, but you know it's a cool, safari-type vibe.

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I don't know, but I like that skin. Overall, new sectors mean new tactical kits for several operators, all prepared to drop in and make their mark on Ashika Island in MW2. They just go through the maps there, so the first one is the Expedition Koenig, operator skin B3. Cool, there's the Gozen Clio operator skin at sector B8.

And then you have the sheath blade Rose operator skin at level 10, so that's there if you want to go for those in particular. Of course, you have to complete the map for victory sector rewards. So that's obviously pretty sick, so of course you have to conquer all 20 sectors to get 100 percent map completion and access to the final Victory sector, which features the following items: of course you have the you know Peak Ronin operator skin little, stuff there Unchained.

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Fury assault rifle weapon and blueprint, and you also get 300 cop points as well, so that's that, and again, season one battle was in your script reminder because at the end of each season, any unspent battle tokens in your skips will be automatically spent on the remaining battle pass rewards along with a preset path to complete the battle map.

Any extra battle tokens added to your skips that are not auto-spent will carry over to the next season, so pretty much it's going to make sure you completely fill up the season one battle pass, complete the battle, and then if you have any left, you can use them for season two. Now for some new bundles here coming very soon, the first one is the MW2 PRO Pack 2 Urban, veteran.

It looks pretty cool. You're going to get an urban recon operator skin for Troy, plus two weapon blueprints: the town guard marksman rifle and the SMG, through their urban militia. You're also going to get a sticker loading screen weapon, charm, and emblem, as well as also getting 2 400 cop points, and that's enough to get you through the season to the next one.

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Here we have the ballistic love. Tracer. Pack it. It looks kind of crazy; it features the snack operator skin for Reyes' two weapon blueprints, the heartbreaker SMG and the lovemaker Marksman rifle, so a little bit of a Valentine's theme update. Bundle! Here we have a rose and riptides personal watercraft vehicle skin Crush weapon charm.

Cupid's weapon charm lovers and fighters loading screen Upgrade sticker beating Hearts gun screen and a b mine animated, emblem funny stuff There are additional bundle highlights. We're getting some more bundles throughout season two. This one looks crazy—almost like some cold war vibes here. Tracer Pack: Purple Joe almost looks like Samantha Max's skin, which is actually very interesting.

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