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Infected & gun game confirmed for m2

Infected & gun game confirmed for m2

We have a bunch of surprise updates releasing in Modern Warfare 2. A season 2 update is coming very soon. We're going to go through a bunch of stuff in this article, so be sure to subscribe for the list. I'm making a vid. I love that mode, and then Call of Duty quotes this and says anyone got a camera asking for a friend party up February 15th, pretty much confirming here that gun game is returning to Modern Warfare 2.

Of course we talk about this returning in the game; you know about the really fun party mode from previous CODs, and this makes complete sense here. Gun games are tons of fun, and you could have different variations of gun games as well, so this is a solid addition to MW2. And, we got this random tweet as well, from a random person on Twitter: "Playing infected on Call of Duty with friends is the greatest feeling in the world," and fortunately enough.

Call of Duty also tweeted this one as well. I mean, I think getting infected again from MW3 was so much fun. COD: Ghost Infected is just as fun, if not more, than Kygo's Infection. I mean, I would play Kagos multiplayer strictly for the infected for hours and hours with my friends; there are so many great memories going for chem strikes.

I mean, I love Infected, but now, as I said in previous years, it hasn't really felt the same. It was in my Warfare 2019; it was pretty good overall, but for some reason the magic wasn't really there. I'm interested to see how they're going to bring it back; will there be some new variations to it; will it work differently from the mechanics we'll see very soon; but, you know, infected, as is, is really fun, so I'm also excited to see that return to Modern Warfare 2 as well.

Now for season two, you got infected there in the gun game, and that's that exciting off there again, of course. You know, we're going to go in depth with all the information we're getting on the modes, maps, and weapons.

New weapons added in season 2 update

New weapons added in season 2 update

I didn't know about this here, but according to the leagues, the Bruin is returning to MW2 and presumably War Zone 2 as well. The Bruin was definitely a pretty fun LMG to use back during MW19. Previous cards, you know, had similar LMGs to that as well. The Serval is a fully automatic, air-cooled light machine gun, and in five to six rounds, it supports your team and pins down the enemy with its high fire rate and overwhelming power.

Cover fire with a solid gun there to add; I mean, there are no complaints from me. So we're getting an LMG and a shotgun for season two, which is pretty cool. I mean, you know, obviously different types of weapons are good. I mean, most people use ARs and SMGs, so I get that it makes sense to add most of the new DLC weapons for those classes, but give other weapon classes some love here.

Shotgun I wonder if that's going to be, you know, overpowered. I definitely don't want some cheese weapons, especially a cheese shotgun, in this game, but a new shotgun is still cool to see.

Pyro boss revealed

Pyro boss revealed

Overall, there are more updates here. We have our first look at the Pyro boss in DMS Z. Very interesting, of course; just a little headshot of him, you can't really tell too much of what's going on; that's pretty cool.

Overall, we'll see how we actually have to fight him for Building 21. You kind of just found the boss, obviously; he was developing on one of the floors there, and it wasn't too crazy or difficult to kill him, but not that difficult for this one here. It's just going to be some area that we access, of course, on Ishikaga Island; is that going to be a secret underground area?

Or is it just going to be in the middle of the castle, at one of the points on the map? You know, we'll see very soon. I'll definitely make some articles going through how to fight him and what rewards you get when Chica Island comes out next week, but that's pretty cool there.

Plunder returns in warzone 2

Sticking with the topic kind of with War Zone 2 here, where apparently you know you're going to get plunder returning.

I don't know if this is going to be for season two, so that's why I have this towards the end of the article, but Plunder has I've kind of found that people have been able to kind of leak into plunder in War Zone 2 again; I don't know how soon this is going to be added; I mean, it wouldn't be surprising whatsoever if they do add plunder, of course; it's a pretty iconic mode and actually a move that a lot of people played surprisingly to me.

I've been seeing so many people say they missed Plunder. I played it a bunch back in Warzone 1, so I guess it makes sense to bring it back here for Warzone 2. Now again, is it as soon as the launch of season two? not, sure could it be The reloaded update could be season three, which is very possible as well, so don't bank on that being at the launch of this update, but plunder most likely is returning at some point, you know, very soon, for War Zone 2, which is pretty cool to see now that we're back to MW2 here and we're also getting confirmed.

Ranked play mw2

Ranked play mw2

Of course, ranked play is finally something we've talked about on the channel several times before and how it should really be available at the launch of the season. I mean, Black Ops 2's ranked play is one of the best versions of ranked play of all time, right? To qualify for COD Champs in BO2, you have to grind ranked play, and that would directly put you into the official COD Champs land tournament, which is insane.

I imagine if they had something like that where normal players could grind MW2 ranked play and potentially be able to go to an actual event if they're in the top leaderboards, of course you would have to find a way to get rid of the cheaters and stuff like that, but that's what was really, really sick there.

modern warfare

But regardless, ranked play is finally returning to this game. It's a bit late, but it's going to be here for season two. We have some early images of what's going on in ranked play as well, so we have rules and restrictions. Fair Play Fields All unrestricted gameplay items are unlocked for ranked play, so again, if you don't have something leveled up in normal MP, you could hop into ranked play and be able to use those items you know are really sick but restricted.

Some items are restricted; these are just the CDL rules, so certain CDL rules don't allow certain items like tacticals, lethals, etc., so that's what you'll be able to use or not use in this game. Friendly. Fires on, of course, suspension and penalties; you know if you're in active, disconnecting for matches, or a friendly fire that kills your teammates, stuff like that.

SURPRISE Season 2 Updates Releasing in Modern Warfare 2 just Revealed. Check out my most recent video! Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Remastered FINALLY Releasing MW2 Expanded.
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