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20 kills while in smoke mw3

All right YouTube Welcome back to another how-to article. Usually, I do weekly challenges, but today I'm going to do a blaze-up challenge specifically. I'm going to show you how to get 20 operator kills while in smoke with the Jack Purifier attachment. Now I have 11 out of 20. Usually, I'd say you can do this in one game, and yes, you can do it in one game.

I got an 11 in half a game. I joined the session late, but the point still stands. I'm going to help you. In order to do this, we're actually going to play Smallmap Moshbit in the core playlist. Okay, play Core and also search for a game until you only get Shipment, and it can only be Shipment Kill, Confirm Domination, or Hardpoint.

If you want a game that lasts very long, don't get TDM. Okay, now it is very important. We do talk about the collaboration setup, so you guys aren't confused about what you need to do. First of all, you need to equip a jack purifier under the barrel attachment. Now you can only equip this attachment to assault rifles or battle rifles; it can be any weapon.

blaze up mw3 challenges

Within these subclasses, there is no Jack Purifier attachment for SMGs, shotguns, LMGS, etc.; it can only be used for a battle rifle or an assault rifle. Okay, now if you do not, if you have the Jack Purifier under Barrel, you would go to your challenges, go to Armory, go to aftermarket parts, scroll down, and then right here you can unlock the Jack Purifier by completing five daily challenges, or just scan the five you know Armory has unlocked.

Medals, whatever you want to call them now, if you want to figure out how to do that as fast as possible. I will link a article somewhere on screen, okay, so follow that if you need this part regardless of whether we go back to the class. Yes, you must have the Jack purifier, equi. I don't really think the other attachments actually matter, but if you want to copy my class, go ahead with the rest of this.

This is important, okay? I highly recommend the engineer vest so you can have to smoke grenades right because we need to be in smoke, so do that, please. Also, this field upgrade The smoke airdrop is actually very useful. It covers a large area with smoke that you can get maybe a few times a game, which would be very useful.

get 20 kills while in smoke jak purifier equipped in mw3

With the rest of these gloves, you can actually throw your equipment and field upgrades. Use your field upgrade faster so you can throw your smoke faster. That's really good. The rest of these covert sneakers ghost EOD, that's up to you, but ordinance glove smoke grenade, and then Jack purifier under Barrel equipped all right Let's get into some gameplay.

All right, everyone, let's talk strategy. Really, really focus on these clips where I'm throwing the smoke and how I'm playing with them. Naturally, you just throw the smoke toward the middle. I highly recommend playing dominance, Pun. Just because everyone goes towards the B flag in the middle, it's the best way to get these, so as you watch these clips, just keep throwing the smokes towards the middle, and of course I have two smokes, so that helps a lot people run to the middle, and I get behind them.

jak purifier smoke kills

I hit them with the flamethrower. Watch this clip again. There's one, and then I just start spraying till I get hit markers, and then me and this guy could have another flamethrower battle, and I eventually get him, so that's good, and remember. I joined this game late. I joined this game when they had 150 points, so just putting that out there, I throw some smokes, and I notice he's on C.

I get in my smoke, I kill him, and this other could have another flamethrower battle; he's thinking the same idea as I am. I eventually get him, so you know what throws some smoke on their flags in their spawn? You know that should help you a lot too, and then if we look at the next one, I'm actually using that field upgrade.

I dropped the smoke on B itself. I missed some shots. Don't look at that, okay, and then I try and get some flamethrower kills. Unfortunately, it gets way too hectic. You're going to die. It's not perfect, right? It's not perfect, but we're going to do our best. We can see all the smoke on the ground now because of that field upgrade.

mw3 20 kills in smoke with jak purifier attachment equipped

I start spraying. I get two kills right there, and then I think this counts. I think it counts for a third one right there. Now that the game's almost over, I'm throwing smoke again. I get another one. I'm still fishing for another one. I don't even remember if I got it, but the game's about to end, and maybe I did get it.

I did get it, so I literally got 11 of these in one game. With half the game left, I literally got 13 kills; 11 of them were Jack Purifier kills in smoke, so hopefully this helped watch those clips back. Play shipment dominance. I'm sure you'll get this ton pretty quickly. Bye-bye.

MW3 SEASON 3 Blaze Up Event IS HERE! This video is a How To guide for getting 20 Operator Kills While In Smoke JAK Purifier Attachmen Equipped in MW3.
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