News - Unlock This Free Animated "daymares" Blueprint Warzone 2. Blaze Up Event. Mastery Camos Showcase

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I'll be showing you guys how to unlock the daymares blueprint for the WSP Swarm, so here are the challenges you need to complete: 11 challenges are needed to unlock the day. Bear's blueprint The first challenge is to get 25 operator kills with the Kimbo attachment equipped, which is pretty easy. Just go to the hardcore playlist and use a Kimbo and weapons, especially pistols, so do that and get 25 kills, and you'll be straight.

Next up is getting 10 operator quick scope skills with the stalker boots perk equipped. Use the stalker boots perk and any sniper, and just get the scope skills. Get 10 of those, and after that, get 20 operator direct impact launcher kills. It's pretty easy; just use the RPG to get a direct hit on them with the rocket launcher, and you'll get those done.

I also recommend doing this in the small MK playlist to get this done rather quickly. After that, you need to get 20 operator kills with tear gas and a tactical mask perk equipped, which is pretty easy. Just use tear gas, and just randomly throw tear gas. Do this in shipment; it's way easier, so go to shipment and just throw tear gas and use that tactical mask perk, and you'll be able to get that done.

cod mw3 day mare

After that, use the stem or battle rage tactically 15 times. I found it easier to use the stem, so wait until your screen gets red from getting shot at and use the stem, but make sure you completely heal up so you can get this one to count towards the progress. After that, you need to get four operators killed within 20 seconds in one life two times.

Do this in shipment, or in any small Maps playlist, and just get four kills rapidly in one life, two times, which is pretty easy. After that, get 10 operator-stuck grenade kills with the Demolition Vest equipped. Use the stem tech to throw the grenade at somebody's body and make sure it stays stuck on them, and then get a kill with that with the Demolition Vest equipped, and you'll be straight.

After that, you need to get 20 operator kills while in smoke with the Jack purifier attachment. I recommend doing this one in shipment, but hardcore playlist, so hardcore shipment. And you can just randomly throw smoke everywhere, use the purifier or the Jack purifier under the barrel, and get like 20 kills.

cod mw3 day mares

So next up is to deploy an inflatable decoy field upgrade on the map 15 times with an engineer vest equipped. Pretty easy Just deploy any, or just deploy the inflatable decoy fuel upgrade, and make sure you're using the engineer vest. Next up is getting 25 operator kills with a cooked frag or thermal baric, grenade, Pretty easy Just go to the hardcore shipment and use the thermobaric grenade.

I found it; it's way easier to use that one because once it explodes, there's fire on the ground, and some people tend to die from that, and lastly, you get 40 operator kills with a dragon's B attachment equipped whilst crouched or sliding, which is pretty easy. Just use any shotgun that has dragon's breath, and you can find dragon's breath under ammunition, and then after you get the gun, you get this weapon.

Hello everybody, today i will be showing you guys how to unlock the new daymares blueprint in cod mw3. I will only be focusing on MP, so i wont be getting into zombie or warzone challenges. You need to get 11 challenges completed to unlock this weapon. The blueprint is for the wsp swarm and it is animated.
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