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Guys, have a look at this. I've got this for free without purchasing it from the store. This has traces in it as well. It's got the black-sell attachments as well. It's insane i cannot believe it. This actually still works, and glitches like this are coming out with season 3's release. What is Activision doing?

I don't know, but I'm not complaining. Look at this guy; it's not even mine. I just copied it from someone, as you can see right here. I saved it as a custom mod, which you can do now. I'm going to be showing you exactly how to do this and what you can and can't do, and just for a bit of proof, as you can see, it's April 5th right now, and I'm in the war, being able to use it right there equipped as a weapon.

This is War Zone; this is not a private match, but you can still use it in-game. Look at this blueprint that I've unlocked, which you can use now in multiplayer for absolutely free. I've even titled it Free just to make fun of Call of Duty for the mistakes, and this is just one example. There are thousands of ones you can choose from, and I'm going to be showing you exactly how to do it in this article, so please drop a like and subscribe.

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You can check out right now at Dam. Com., use code Jooby for 5% off, check out all the reviews, or join their Discord all right back to the article all righty guys let's get started so I'm going to show you using this example right here so we're going to go back all the way back to multiplayer because that's what I've actually in right now, however the glitch takes place in private match so make sure you got a private match so let's go over to private match and create your own match right there now once you're actually in here guys it's very simple and easy only works in private match so make sure you're in private match but go to options and go to social.

modern warfare 3 glitch

Once you're in Social, you're going to do exactly as I say, so on the top, you're going to go right to groups, and then you're going to go to browse groups and search in exactly what I put, because if you put anything else, it's not going to work. Search up bman just like that. Here's another YouTuber who's the founder of this glitch, from what I know, so shout out to him, but go ahead and press R2 and look for this group right here.

Now he's going to have two groups. There's one that has 5, 000 members, and that one doesn't actually work for me, so make sure you come to this one right here, which is the Bman YT stream. It's another one made by him as well; it's got fewer members, so it's less buggy, and it works 99% of the time now.

As you can see here, guys, you can actually see players that have different weapons as showcases. As you can see there, they've got different weapons and different operators. Now there are a few rules you must know: You can't get blueprints that aren't on base weapons, so if you don't have the base of that weapon you're trying to save unlocked, you're not going to be able to equip it, so that's one.

mw3 blueprint

The second is that you can't save camos-only blueprints. And the third one is that they have to build their base or their weapon off of attachments. After equipping the base, they can't equip their blueprint, and you go ahead and steal their blueprint. What they have to do is create the class of the weapon using attachments.

After they've already equipped the base weapon, they're going to use the skins of the attachments when building the weapon, and if they've done that, you can successfully take their blueprint from them, which is what I've done and what I've shown you just there. So guys, for example, right here this guy's made a base weapon with attachments that have skins; as you can see, it's the base weapon of the MCW.

mw3 blueprint glitch

Let's go ahead and expect that, so we're going to expect him right there. On top, you're going to press Showcase, with R1 coming down to MCW. Inspect the weapon on the bottom. We're going to view the weapon build, and from here, guys, you're going to see that this is actually the base weapon with attachments, which means we can copy this exact same one.

Go back to multiplayer and use it in War Zone Zombies and multiplayer, so go ahead in the bottom left corner and save it as a custom mod. Save it for free. Sav that bad boy, and now if we go back to multiplayer on the private match or in actual multiplayer, you're going to see that you'll be able to use it, so let's go ahead and see that bad boy.

Let's go over here. Where is it? I've got it saved already, so there we go. There we go, ladies and gentlemen. We have it right there, saved for free. Here and here, I've saved it twice by accident. Let's go ahead and delete one of them, but I've tried doing this with another one. By the way, as you can see right here, it was an actual blueprint, and it is locked, so you see how it says locked there.

mw3 blueprint unlock glitch

Those are the rules that I was talking about. It has to be a base weapon like this one. By the way, you'll know it's a blueprint weapon if it has a bottom left corner view battle pass to get the blueprint or view the store. If it doesn't have that, it's a base weapon, and you can save that bad boy.

This one here is a base weapon with skins of attachments, so make sure you're looking for those ones, and if I go into the firing range, guys, you're going to see I have the entire one there just laid out for me to play with. It's so sexy. This is so simple. Please drop a like and subscribe for the good explanation.

I hope this was explained very well.

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