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When you first push in the clutch, that's the moment, and that's when you really notice just how different it feels. It goes way beyond that. This blows me away. I just can't believe you got this for 86. That's amazing yeah, me either. I haven't been this excited in a while. You can leave it up to me to never fail or cease to switch it up.

I'm still smoking plenty of blunts; some are too many. Go catch me out here eating Lun, then after the day go see me. H pulls up at 1, then pops my hood and lets my TR run through the hood. I B the D Tru will shake you up. Pull up to the party. Spk the girl. See me and save a spot. She knows I know what I want.

If she's the one, but I ain't going to start anything, my energy is just a huffle. She said she can deal with that, but she still wants it from the back. I might slide that wacky pack like Sonic wasn't out of those pull-up smoking jumping jacks. The smell of that will bring you back. She drinks just like Ley, but I'm Ricky.

When I smoke a sack, pull it off with their handles, man 240, slide up to the p k a no, sir, and watch me make these, Mad, he pulled off and looked his ass back at me. I feel my glass clowns can't get down with us; no rapper can't come damage us; he comes with that trick. We were quick and first to handle it, so I can't give a [__] for [__].

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It's Hollow Squad or nothing, you, [__]. It almost seems too good to waste on a kid like Taky, doesn't it? When are you going to put him in? I wake up every morning and do what I want, and I don't deal with anybody till I smoke my blood. I take his last mill, and if he assumes I'm a p, you get your ass caught inside my cage, then we do this talking [__] with no metals on their arms, but [__] I'm laid out in a whole suit made of armor.

Captain M suit let blood slam my armor. Let me catch his slipping arm and drag him to his mother. I can't ever fall, boy. I run the whole Tundra; you're in my boot. I've got some ice in his stomach. Now he can't bear the pain. You see blood when he blinks. I told this boy he had time that he didn't even want.

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Now I'll be smoking. There are bloodstains that make me think I'm in Dubai, and I'm still moving forward with my plea on the right. My whole squad helped it look up to the sky, and we got sold forever. We won't ever lose a fight. Now days, labels hit us up, and we know why because we're killing all them.

The sign artist is on site, and [__] we're going to Cline till the situation is right. I let Hollow squat the C Fleet and seek a [__] light. When I'm in Memphis, I'm chilling and smoking plenty of Blunts, and they know I'm juiced up too. I'm hydrated brother, keep switching cities, boy; you out there are cutting up.

I'm confused are you a damn rapper or vacation? You can keep your [__] because I ain't into her, but when she reaches for me, you need a leash for her. Keep the volume at the maximum calling and Maxima, and when he stopped and C These Hoes look at us first and learn that she cannot touch. Unless I give approval, let me only say yes or no.

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I don't want to meet your ass for brunch because [__] is brunch. I don't know why these people thought they were fancy or something. I let her hit the blunt. I see a different woman seeing them as East Memphis boys with some loot around, but hush, we keep that down on the lower level. I know bail is the last word I'm spelling.

I say, These damn police, I just walk up and tell them I got my squad around the yard. I call that, and when I swing, he hits the ground like he is trying to be El. Don't take me for a fool. I leave whoever is clueless. I repeat myself a lot because you [__] need to know it, and I don't give a [__] about what whoever is doing.

I'm going to smoke this weed by myself while I keep it moving, [ __ ]. I pull up three blushes up there and roll some more because I want haters who can't get what they want because they can't come with us, and a little boy can't come near us. The pressure is too furious, she says. I'm too scared of her, but I forgot about who she was all my pulling up so deep you can't do anything.

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Switch it back to me. I'm singing back because they don't bother us. Who can say who I am? I give no [__] about him or anyone. I'm [__] a creep in my emotions. Don't come, Vis. The other hater's going to hate, and A's going to eat one of you for your [__]. Give it back. I don't give a[__]. I don't feel like we're that's, you said there [__].

[__ ]. Feelings going to address some issues.

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