News - Cod3 Warzone 2 Caught Cheating I Have Proof Oneshot Kill Has Been Removed #activision #warzone 2 #cod3


If you guys just saw that and understand what's going on, now let's get into it. I'm glad you're watching. I appreciate it. I want you to know right off the bat that I am Noob. I'm a newbie to Call of Duty. I haven't played Call of Duty since Black Ops 2 okay, so like what 2012 give or take I don't know long time okay, and I've been trying my hardest.

Not to blame sbmm and the em whatever; they're not going to do it, but there's a YouTuber who explained that it's like a slot machine. I'm like, That's interesting, and then I saw some articles, but I don't know these guys, so I was like, You know what? I'm going to stay out of it because I'm playing for fun, and I'm not going to be a sweaty player.

But then I saw a article of this Dr. Disrespect complaining about the same thing now that he's got a production team, and he shows it. He zooms in, which is why I just wanted to show you what I showed you, so I'm going to show you what I just got done playing, and the better I get because I'm a noob.

I don't know how to play potato player; whatever potato aim you name it. I don't care. Okay, so, but I'm improving. And the more kills I get in a game, the harder the next kill is. I find that kind of weird, and I wasn't a believer until now. You're going to see the progression. The more kills I got, the harder and harder it was, and I'm going to replay it.


You're going to see it again, and I'm going to show it again in slow motion. I'm going to highlight things to make this extra clear because this is the hardest and best evidence, and I'm new; I'm not a big YouTuber. I'm just someone who played the game and thought it'd be fun when the game came out for free.

I told a couple friends about it, and one of them actually got the game, so I'm a little bit upset that I got a friend to buy the game and spend some money I spent some money on the game, and not only are we getting ripped off as noobs because that's what they're getting, they're scamming the noobs, and they're also scamming the veteran players.

Look. I'm new. I appreciate it. I appreciate it because without that information, when what happened today happened. You know, I'm really grateful for that. I just had to bear with me, so let's watch the article. You're going to see what I'm talking about, and I don't like it. Share it get it out there, because they're ripping us off.


Activision cannot, and other games are doing this too, but anyway, I digress. See, I'm emotional, I'm upset; check it out, Weapons; watch proof this game cheats. Okay, here watch, here we'll zoom in and shoot him in the chest boom, dead, right cuz they didn't have plates; there are no plates, see, so watch.

I just found out you could do this today too, three plates, three plates, guy all the way back right in the chest, dead. Cheats, so there you have it. What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree in the middle? Tell me your thoughts. Leave some comments because I was hitting my target when Dr.

Disrespect was hitting his target. The hit marks weren't coming up, but for me, the hit marks were coming up, so why weren't they dying? It's a 50-cal explosive, three plates, and a shot to the chest will kill you, so if we're not wearing any plates, a head shot, especially a head shot, a chest shot, or a leg shot anywhere you shoot them, we'll kill them, so why are they not dying?


And then you saw a shot, and I showed it twice, where I hit the guy from close, and then the player died. Okay, for the AI, this is all talk of the game, so don't you know to demonetize this? Then I showed again from roughly the same distance, and that player wouldn't die. What's going on? I appreciate it.

I'm a noob. Thanks for coming by. Thanks for making it here. If I've called this a rant, I don't know.

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