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cod mw3 zombies solo

Today I'm going to show you how to farm Tier 3 Red Zone missions like a boss. Just head to the boxing gym in the top left corner of F8. All you need to get started are decoy grenades, 1, 000 Essence, and either an empty weapon slot or a melee weapon. Just shoot the three runes at the top of the screen to open a fast-travel portal that takes you to the top of a communications tower in the red.

Doors get that once the zombies are out of the way, you can open up the left garage door and get straight into the LTV, turn right, and then after you've driven under two Stone Bridges, take the first. Left, watch the sky; there's a helicopter on your right. From here, you can just drive the LTV back to the communications tower and repeat the process.

If the escort mission has spawned instead of the cargo mission, you'll need to grab it and then cancel the mission in order to get the cargo mission to spawn again. Once you reach the safety of the top of the communications tower, open up your map and cancel the escort mission. The cargo mission should then spawn within a minute or two to stock up with extra decoys.

Drop one of your decoy grenades and stow it in your backpack. You'll also need to drop and store your lethal grenades. You can now use an ammo dump to replenish the

How to solo farm tier 3 red zone missions in call of duty modern warfare 3 zombies COD MW3 without taking any damage.
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