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best xbox audio settings

Welcome back, YouTube. In today's article, I'm going to show you the best audio settings for sound EQ on the Xbox wireless headset for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3/War Zone. Now a back story about the headset. I purchased this because it's wireless, you have access to sound EQ, and it's affordable.

Let me tell you right now that the Xbox wireless headset is the best bang for your buck. When it comes to sound EQ and game audio for the Xbox Series X, Previously, I owned the Razer Black Shark V2. I had that headset probably since day one, Dan, so it's been a while since I upgraded, and yeah, this is 10 out of 10 comfortability, game audio, everything.

When I play War Zone, which I do most of the time, I can hear directional audio. I can hear footstep audio. I can distinguish it for enemies above or below me in a high-rise building, and yeah, trust me, these settings are going to change the game for you if you're a first-person shooter, not necessarily Just Call of Duty, but Pubg, which I do play occasionally from time to time, then works there too, so these settings pretty much will cover all first-person shooters but have been catered to and mastered for Modern Warfare 3War Zone.

It's just worth noting that these audio settings will work for me. You may need to tweak one or two things for yourself because game audio hearing is not the same for everybody; everybody is different, so just make note of that. But without further ado, let's get into the Xbox sound EQ settings.

Accessing the xbox accessories app

Accessing the xbox accessories app

So here we are, guys. We're in the Xbox Accessories app. You can access this via the Xbox main menu. So here, you will see all your connected devices. You can see I've got the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. I posted an in-depth detail around the rotational aim to assist the analogs.

ETC covers all of the war zone settings again, but you're here for the Xbox wireless headset, so let's get into the sound EQ settings.

Xbox wireless headset settings

So on here, you will see a few different menus. You've got your equalizer, which is your sound EQ, and that's how you can you know that's how you can edit your close range, midrange, and long range audio.

You've got your auto-mute mic, light mic, and monitoring incoming calls. I'm just going to cover these menus first, and then we'll go into the customization of Soundy Cube because I want to talk to you just about the different sliders that are accessible under the customization. Firstly Auto-mute: I set it to low, to be honest.

I only really use my headset to talk to fellow friends if I'm in a Discord call, and when I'm in Discord. I'll just adjust the volume of the person I'm in the call with higher or lower depending on the mic quality. They've got mic lights set to low just because sometimes the mic will lift up, and if it's bright, it will just get in the way of my eye.

You know, it's a distraction, so I set that to low. It also says battery life because it is wireless; however, don't worry, the battery life is fantastic. Mic BS, we are in. I set off incoming Bluetooth calls. I haven't changed the settings to default. I don't, you know, sync my iPhone, my laptop, or anything like that to the headset; this is purely for gaming on the Xbox only.

Explaining sound eq (125hz, 250hz.)

Explaining sound eq (125hz, 250hz.)

Now, customization for the sound EQ is what you're here for, but listen, I need to talk to you about a few things first. First, the base boost setting is to amplify low-end sound. I'm going to talk about the reasons why I set all of these in due course, but firstly, I just really wanted to pinpoint what each means, so 125 can be described best as your base setting.

If you're not familiar with audio, it's very hard to just give you an overall description and talk through it. You've got to do your research, which is what I've done, so I'm just trying to talk to you as if you know you're a complete noob and you need to learn, so 125 is your base audio. I'm having to read my notes because I don't want to.

best xbox headset

I don't want to miss anything. 250 Hz prevents audio from feeling empty; SL is too shallow and will impact the audio negatively. 1K Herz is your midrange sound, so in war zones, you know, if you're looking at a building, let's say 50, 60, or 70 meters away, and you're using the flex perk, which we'll talk about later, you will be able to distinguish the audio perfectly.

The Xbox wireless headset is worth noting. This headset works; it's just completely flawless when it comes to low-end frequency, so your dynamic EQ when you're in close proximity to the headset is just 10 out of 10 mid-range long range because, because of Call of Duty and how the limitations are in place for customization of the EQ, audio can still feel a bit muffled.

I'll be honest, it's not going to be 10 out of 10 flawlessly perfect; there are going to be ways that you can improve EG. Moving to a PC and using the out-of-war sound EQ, the audio is not going to be on the level of a PC player, but for the console experience on Xbox. I believe this is the best we can get, and that's why I'm trying to push the content out for you guys.

Now the 4K Herz and the 8K Herz It is worth noting that this is your long-range, high-end frequency. And like I was just speaking about, the Xbox wireless headset just works well in that close proximity. Look, you're still going to pick out audio from a distance, and the game will help you with the tweak in game audio using Sound B, which I'll show you, but.

Best mw3/warzone sound eq settings

Best mw3/warzone sound eq settings

Yeah, these are the best settings, so we use base boost plus two. You can place it anywhere as high as +9 or +10, but I advise plus two.

I did play on Plus 4, probably for about a week. I felt low in the base, which actually helped me distinguish CL low-end frequencies a lot better, so plus two, Then I'm just going to refer to these as slider dials. Whatever you want to call them, I'm going to call them sliders, so 125 HZ is set to two, and 250 HZ is set to 1.5.

Then 1K Hertz is set to five; I believe 1 2 3 4 5; and then 4K Herz is set to 6; and 8K Herz is set to S. No, if you look to the right. Hopefully, the game will improve so much for you. Now I'm going to quickly move over to Modern Warfare 3 so you can see the audio settings in the game.

Best mw3/warzone audio settings

So here we are, guys.

fix eq for xbox wireless headset

We're back at the Call of Duty War Zone menu, so just press Start. Go to your settings, and then you want to access your audio. Now audio mixes what I changed when I was using my old headset, which was the Razer Black Shark V2. I was using headphone base boost, but with the Xbox wireless headset and having access now to the SQ and allowing you to base boost plus, which we've set to two.

In this video I show you the BEST settingscustomisation for the Xbox Wireless Headset for the Xbox Series XS. I give comprehensive reasons why certain audio settings, sound EQ settings should be used and share my own personal review of the headset and discuss my NEW season audio settings for MW3 and Warzone 3.
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