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These are all the working glitches in Modern Warfare 2 right now. The time stamp is shown on the screen. Now let's begin my XP flow. My weapon is glowing. I'm hiding under the map without your knowledge, just so that I can level up fast. If it doesn't like how I play, then kiss my ass. But the glitches Sorry, all we're going to do is go to armored royale 2.0.

And we're going to go to the weapon section. You're going to put on a stem, then you're going to go to the lethal, and you're going to put on either a thermite or a molto. I'm going to use a thermometer and then go to the perk packages and make sure you've got resupply. As part of your perk package, you can now start the game and enter the match, and just before we continue, let's take a word from my sponsor, Mitch Cactus.

He has a lot of services to offer. You can get the nuke skin; you can get bot lobbies for pre-made accounts. You can get any camo in the game, even ones that haven't come out yet or have never been released. You can get raid rewards and much, much more, and you can check out over 7, 000 festival reviews on his page.

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So once you're in the game, you're going to go find yourself a stem and find as many stems as you can remember. You have an armored truck, and you can buy munition boxes from here for $2, 000. So go ahead and buy as many as you can now make your way to the nearest Amo cache and this is where the party gets started so what you're going to do is throw some Therma on the ground make sure you've got no Shield left and then once you take damage into your actual skin then you're going to steam yourself and you're going to see you're going to get 500 XP and as a circle gets smaller you're going to get more and more XP, as you can see here I've got 600 XP now every time I Ste myself with double XP tokens is now 1200 XP every single stem now the ammo cache has a 30 second cool down so while it's cooling down use your ammunition boxes to throw down refill your stems and thermite and just keep on going and do this for the entire, game my X flowing my weapon is glowing I'm hiding under the map without knowing the only thing you want to do is go to the weapon section and create a class that has some decoys.

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And then you go to the perk section and it's got the resupply perk that's basically all you need, so yes, as I said, you drop into the match and you just straight away throw decoys, and then you try and find as much more as you can, and to get web, for sake of trying to say you can land at ammo cachets, obviously not when it's hot because people are going to destroy you, like what's happening to me now, you can land there and keep refilling your decoys, or you can just land at any single box like this one, open it up, and you'll find the ammunition box right there, refill your decoys.

Okay, there's a lot of people around me right now, so I want to try and do this as fast as I can, so there we go, weapon level up. As I showed you, you get weapon levels for doing this XP glitch. I'm going to keep throwing this bad boy. I want to keep throwing these around. Look at the XP. Absolutely raking in, guys; it's ridiculous.

dmz glitches

Another chest i'm going to get another ammunition box. It's another 2, 000 XP. Another ammunition box I can keep going for, like the next. I'm going to do this for the entire game: another 500 XP, which is actually 10,000, or, as I said, double XP. Another ammunition box that I'm always on top of.

I'm the Lord of these games. I never fall behind. I mean, just let her tell you herself. I'm one of a kind. I love plays. I love moves. Finally, guys, we have multiple gamers in Modern Warfare 2 working to go AFK and get heaps and heaps and heaps of battle pass tokens to reach that tier 100 spawn skin.

Look at it, beautiful guys. I'm going to give you so many game modes that you won't get kicked for activity in any of these game modes, and some of them you can keep them on all night long going AFK, some of them every 20 minutes to an hour you got to restart the match and keep going, so I'm going to give you a lot of options to go through in this article.

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Let's begin the first one I'm going to start with is Resurgence Squads, which always works. Go to Resurgence Squads and make sure you have squad fill-on, and then go to the settings. Go to controller settings, go to advance, and turn on auto-parachute deployment. Make sure parachute deployment is on, then you can go AFK and go AFK all night long.

This is going to get you AFK tokens overnight, multiple times. The more games you put in, the longer your teammate survives, and the more tokens you're going to get instantly, so you can do that AFK overnight. And let's go to the next method. The next one I'm going to show you is actually armor royale, and this is going to give you the most tokens out of any of the glitches I'm showing you right now.

All you're going to do is start a match in armor royale, and that's it. You can literally just go AFK from there, come back next morning, and you're going to have more tokens than you've ever seen before in season 6. This is going to give you the most tokens, but just because it gives you the most tokens per game doesn't mean you're going to get the most tokens per night if you go AFK.

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So you can see right here that it takes me ages to get a match in Armored Royale, which means you're going to get fewer matches than you do if you get Resurgence Squads or any of the other methods. I'm going to show you in a minute, so if you have a good internet connection and you live in America or somewhere where Call of Duty has played a lot with Armad Royale, this is going to be the best method for you, but if you're in Australia like me or somewhere where Armad Royale takes a long time to find them out.

I suggest not to do that one. You can do the Resurgence Squads, or you can go to multiplayer, and then head over to Gunfight Blueprints and leave your gun on AFK. That's it go there, not the gun. I mean, game, go there and go AFK. That's all you have to do—leave on AFK or at night if you want.

You can actually put on Battle Pass tokens to get XP, but you probably won't need to since your teammate's probably going to lose every single round because you're AFK, which is very annoying for him, but it's good for you, and then last but not least, we're going to go to DMZ. So here we go; just over there, we got DMZ.

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You can go for AFK for about 20 to 30 minutes, but you have to restart the game every single time, so turn off Squad Fi, go into V AIK island, or alra doesn't really matter, anyone will confirm, going with no weapons, no weapons equipped is better, and then you're going to confirm that confirmed. Bang, come back in around 20 to 30 minutes, and you'll have about one whole battle pass token—literally, a whole battle pass token—for every single match.

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