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To do this, head over to my good friend {321}. He has a five-star review rating on Trustpilot, along with some really good reviews. Go to the description. The link is there to check him out. You won't regret it. So everyone is trying their best to go ahead and collect a thousand souls to get their eles the camo.

So now what I want to say is: build this H-shotgun clash right here. This is the attachment. You can go ahead and pause the article you want to build because this is going to help you a ton with the method I'm going to be showing you at the start of this article here using this shotgun. Is going to be the best method at the moment possible for souls, and I'm going to go into 100% detail on why that is as well, so build this class setup right here.

The one-hot shotgun was patched, but this shotgun is one of the most OP ones I was able to find. This is also really OP, so this bit is kind of pay-to-win if you really want to do it. This is also really OP, so you have the Paranormal. Investigator. Pack that comes with a ghost tracker gun screen; if you actually get that and put it on your guns, for example, you can put it on any gun that shreds.

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It will help you get this camo as well, so what you want to do is you want to buy that pack; it's pay-to-win; you don't have to get it, obviously, and once you shred people with it with the shotgun or with any other gun you've got that you like to use and you kill people, it will automatically suck the souls to your weapon.

Look at this. I killed this guy from so far away, and the souls came over and went straight to my body. I've got loads of different methods in this article that I can go ahead and show you on how you can go ahead and get this camel really, really quickly. Now the best one is by doing exactly what I said right there on lockdown quads.

You want to do lockdown quads and kill people at the same time with the shotgun and any other gun you like. Now there was a glitch that was out where you could go ahead and have your friend down themselves and kill them El within this mode, and it would drop souls. And now it says Soul denied it, so they've unfortunately patched that one and never got to upload it in time.

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It's something me and my friends kind of came up with, and I forgot to get it out. I've just been so busy. Now you can go ahead and leave your game once you've gone ahead and got the maximum of 20 souls within that lockdown, and once you leave, it will go ahead and keep the souls, which is an exploit.

It shouldn't actually be that you have to actually wait till the end of the game to get your souls, but for some reason right now, when you leave, you keep the souls. You can also do the decoy XP glitch as well, if you like, while you're in this lockdown game mode, which makes it the best way to go ahead and get XP and this weapon camo at the same time.

Now the other best way to go ahead and do this is to head into battle royale. You want to head over to Mountain Z. Once you have done that, you can go ahead and find golden boxes that will go ahead and get your souls. Watch out for players, though, and the jump scares. You can go ahead and open up these gold supply crates; just never mind the rest of the supply crates; make sure they're actually gold, and when you open them, you will get yourself souls if you find yourself.

modern warfare 2 glitches

Use any kill streaks well, such as air strikes; it'll give you a bit of extra XP. While you're going ahead and getting those souls at the same time, just beware, though, because a lot of YouTubers have uploaded this recently, including myself. At some point, there are a lot of people doing this at the moment, so it's become really hard to do, and that's why I recommend the lockdown method as the best method to get souls at the moment within the game.

Now, make sure you go ahead and kill other players, as that's also a really good way of getting the souls. Honestly, I'm not even joking; it genuinely is now that you can go ahead and leave the game mode on that as well. In Battle Royale, they've upped the amount of souls you can get; it's now 20 souls you can get per game, so that's really good.

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In the next one, you want to go into the new zombie mode, and when you go into the new zombie mode and kill yourself right away, you become a zombie. You now want to head over to the Mount Z location, and once you have done that, you can do the same thing. You can run around with super speed and also have that super jump ability that I'll show you in a second.

And this one is probably one of the hardest, and everyone on YouTube's portraying it as the best, but it's really not because once you go in and the time you get to Mount Z as the zombie, a lot of people are already doing the same thing, and it becomes a big race and you hardly get any souls. The lockdown method is 100% the best method, but you can go ahead and use a super jump to go ahead and help yourself.

Get towards those crates first, and finally, for you multiplayer lovers, you probably already know what I'm going to say: the best way for you guys is to ship 24/7. To go ahead and get these souls, now what I recommend doing is actually putting on a shotgun, because it seems to be the meta right now within shipment 24/7.

modern warfare 2 xp glitch

You can't go anywhere without anybody with a shotgun, so I recommend using it and getting yourself your souls that way, but the only downside is that you can't use the exploit where you leave the game and then go ahead and go into another one when you've got Max Souls; unfortunately, it doesn't work on multiplayer.

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