News - The Money Glitch That Took Over Call Of Duty Warzone 2

best xp glitch mw2

I'm only going to be posting articles if it's worth it for you guys, such as really good glitches or updates on glitches that currently work. Let's be honest, we all kind of have our Max rank already, and we're all just waiting for the new season, but for the select few of you that don't have your guns loaded, right, this article is for you alright.

So this is the best updated glitch right now to go ahead and get yourself Max rank and guns within the game. So what you want to do is pick a gun that you want to get weapon levels on. So place the weapon you want to level up in your insured weapon slot. So once you're on the DMZ, instead of looking around like a headless chicken, make yourself useful and go ahead and get yourself a vehicle.

Look at that kill man. I'm a pro player. I decided to grab the squad because it's fast, and it's just so much better. Also, I have a very important question to ask you guys. Comment below on what you think of the bots. I love them. They're the best thing that happened to this game, and they're not OP whatsoever.

cod mw2 xp glitch

I'll be fine once you get over to the cemetery location. All you have to do is go ahead and clear out the bots first. This can be a bit difficult. This bot surprised me and came out of nowhere, nearly killing you. You never heard that it was the bot's fault. Hate a little, take a deep breath, and build up the confidence to get back in a gunfight.

As I said, all you have to do is clear out all the bots in this location, and once you have done that, there should be a safe right here. They say if you want to go ahead and drill it, it's literally next to the dead drop location. If you don't know where the dead drop location is, I'll put a map on the screen now that the drone is safe.

I decided to hide like a little shit, but there's no getting away from these foreign, drilled bots. You are now able to do this glitch; I nearly died as soon as I did go ahead and drill this safe; that would have been horrible once. All the bolts are cleared out; all you have to do is go up to the safe, open it, and close it again; straight away, run over to the dead drop; that's literally right next to the safe, which is really useful.

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Try not to die on your way there. From my personal experience, the only two slots that are inside the safe will duplicate and go inside the dead drop. All you have to do is keep running back and forth. This is the easiest updated way to do it right now, and it's the quickest way that I recommend going to the location I'm at right now because, honestly, it is such an easy way of doing it, and the safe and the dead drop are right next to each other.

The safe will not always spawn, so if it doesn't, just go ahead and exfil and go back into the game once you're finished duplicating and have all the money you need. Don't die because I nearly did. Get your ass out of there, get on the nearest vehicle, leave, and head to a gas station. Now you're going to need around 200K to 300K to go ahead and get a good amount of XP from this glitch.

modern warfare 2 glitches

The more money you save, the more XP you're going to get, so what you want to do is head over to the buy station. As I said, I had a bit of an issue while doing this, and yeah, I don't want to talk about it if you get over to the buy station without dying like me. Go ahead and spam armor and plates that will give you XP on any weapon you're holding in your hand.

I just gave up anyway. Yeah, all you have to do is go over to the buy station and spam armor plates. That will give you XP on any weapon that you have in your hand, so that will be the insured weapon that you brought into the game. Once you've got enough XP and leveled it up, just do it over and over again on all your weapons.

I structured the article today and showed you how to do the glitch, and this is the best updated way to go ahead and do it right now. I've shown this glitch on the channel before, but I'm showing it to you in this article—well, I did show you the best way to go ahead and do it, and I never showed that in my last article.

This is a better way, a better place, a better way to get XP, and just a better glitch. In general. I don't even know what to say anymore apart from joining the Discord server if you need help with this glitch; there are tons of people still active in there to this day trying to get people to help them with the DMZ glitch.

modern warfare 2 weapon xp

It's really fun on the server. You can also go ahead and talk to me personally if you like; I'm quite active on there, and I'll answer any questions.

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